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[i:93570b51a4]"I bet you Blue Bloods are ROYALLY pissed! Ole Gabey must be shittin' himself with all these mutts runnin' around undoin' everything!"[/i:93570b51a4] Drain's ebony eye glimmered playfully in the rearview. From his spot in the rear seat of the Oldsmobile, the frantic turns, abrupt braking, and overpowering stench of decay and waste had turned Tyler a more ashen hue of cream then usual. He managed a nod and the car's interior was filled with Drain's uneven cackle. [i:93570b51a4]"Shittin' himself! I'll bet he's shittin' himself!"[/i:93570b51a4]

He let out a few more corroded chortles and then took another long pull from his cigar. The brakish smoke jettisoned from his nostrils and masked his natural stench, offering small relief to Tyler, who had apparently forgotten to stop breathing.

[i:93570b51a4]"Well, he's definitely interested in figuring out a way to stop it!"[/i:93570b51a4] Tyler nearly had to shout over the deafening roar of the wind that poured in through the car's open windows. Drain drove absurdly fast through the rain dampened streets and he wondered if the old Nosferatu was crazy, reckless or a mixture of both.

[i:93570b51a4]"Do the Nosferatu have any ideas on who or what may be causing the Gangrel to do this?"[/i:93570b51a4] Jade asked from the passenger seat.

[i:93570b51a4]"Ideas? Sure, we got ideas. They're probably sick of being used as muscle by a bunch of Camarilla suits. Shit, it was inevitable! Xavier and the rest of the mutts left years ago, Cascadian Gangrel apparently didn't get the memo. Wouldn't you get tired of..."[/i:93570b51a4]

Tyler's face appeared over the bench seatback that separated the front from the back.

[i:93570b51a4]"Leaving the Camarilla is one thing, rioting through the streets is another. They can't hope to take on every Cammie in town!"[/i:93570b51a4]

In the distance, a siren wailed in the evening.

[i:93570b51a4]"Seems like they're not havin' any problems so far."[/i:93570b51a4] Drain cackled, punching the gas a bit, causing Tyler to be jerked backward into his seat. [i:93570b51a4]"Anyway, I might have an idea or two as to what's behind all this. Lets talk price."[/i:93570b51a4]

[i:93570b51a4]"Price?!"[/i:93570b51a4] both Ventrue said in unison.

[i:93570b51a4]"This city's burning down around your ears,"[/i:93570b51a4] Tyler said, noting with a twinge of guilt that Drain had no visible ears, [i:93570b51a4]"and you want to haggle over this?"[/i:93570b51a4]

The old Nosferatu's accusatory eye reappeared in the rierview.

[i:93570b51a4]"Well fuck. If the Ventrue are so concerned about the city burnin' down, why the fuck would they choose right then to get cheap. I never gave Gabe nothin' for free. Why wouldn't I charge his brood?"[/i:93570b51a4] he clenched the glistening, wet cigar between his rotten teeth and grinned, [i:93570b51a4]"But I'll tell ya what. I'll cut you a deal. You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours."[/i:93570b51a4]

Imagery of Drain's lesion covered backside flashed before Tyler's eyes and he felt more certain than ever he was going to be sick.

((sorry it's so short

Money can't buy you friends, but it can buy you a better class of enemies.
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[b:103cb71935]Do I take everybody else down with me?[/b:103cb71935]

Chaos reigns,

Nothing could have prepared us to face this delicate matter, the existence of such a rebellion defied the very roots of our sacred masquerade. Deliberately exposing ourself to the kine was an act of pure madness or a well calculated plan, either way something had to be done to prevent the bleeding to progress furthermore.

Truth be told, the random hits amongst the Camarilla were hard to predict and therefore nearly impossible to prevent without any source of reliable informations. Surely the Ventrue's were already at work to shed some light upon the darkness we were all plunged in.

Meanwhile some of us took advantage of the situation, personal vendetta's were carried out by one too many of us. While most of them were of no significant repercussion, my own would drasticaly alter the course of evolution of this war.

In these dark times our leaders were looking for anwsers, something that would help them return the fire as soon as possible. I of course seeked council with the Malkavian Primogen, my victory against Nameless, one of the resistance's general, granted me a VIP pass in an heartbeat.

My plan was simple and would be carried out to perfection, little did they know that appearances can be deceiving, my reasons for this sudden behavior?

I was blind but now I see...

As children, we all had fears. But for a few of us, the nightmares never go away.
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