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She sat on the luxurious couch. Italian leather. A gift from her sire in Venice. She flicked an imaginary piece of lint off her immaculate grey dress suit. She stood, and her ghoul Heather was instantly at her side. Liya turned her steel grey eyes on the girl. "Heather, get Jared and Jacob. Have them get my car ready. I believe I'm going out tonight."

"Your car madam?" Heather tentavly asked, unable to hide her surprise.

"Did I stutter?" She asked coldly.

"No madam." Heather turned and rushed off. Liya sat back down on couch, gazing out the palor windows. Cascadia lay out before her. She idly wondered what changes had occured in her absense. She had people to see tonight, though, so she didn't think to hard. No, tonight must be about stratagy...


She pulled up infront of the Elysium, the Rolls rolling to a perfect stop under her guidance. She climbed out, leaving her weapons in the car. She stood before it, wondering if she should go see Caine first. Undoublty he would have word from the Elders about why she had been called her. She walked to the door of the Elysium, against her better judgment. The Elders had waited a year for her return, they could wait a little longer. She wanted rationalize that she had not been here due to the fact she had been settling in for the past month, but allowed herself no such dellusion. She didn't want to come here. It wasn't fear, per say. She hadn't been here since shortly after Kiara's death. She'd come, seeking revenge and found it taken from her. She left without saying goodbye to anyone. She wondered how she would be greeted back. She fingered the small mark on her shoulder that no one could see through her clothes. Caine would know it was there, for the Assasins had marked her well with the blood of the Elders. She was theirs now. Would anyone else know? Her hand hoovered above the doorknob while all these thoughts rushed through her mind. She squared her shoulders, grabbed the doorknob and thrust it open. She stepped inside to the unknown, without fear in her heart.

Such was the way of her new masters, the Assamites.....


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((Uhm...I forgot to add, please feel free to reply to this on how your charactor would react to her being back...

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