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All but the light in the back room where out, there was no need she did not need light to see the keyboard, looking over the books for her business, why is it called red tape she told here self, and whats wrong with all this people don’t they know that there are people out there that chould rape there business if they wanted to, her included she could get in to most computers and leave a little gift that could wipe out every thing in less time then it takes to smoke a cigarette. With just a little time I could make a saint in to the monster for the newpaper and it would get printed befor any one know what happened. But she does not do things like that any more, hmmm one more time could not hurt any thing or could it….

It only took 20 mins and she was getting the power to the court house shout off, along with the water and phones, and when Monday showed up there would be a team from the irs comeing to look in to the citys books.. hmm whats next YES the police chef is now a wanted man in louisvile KY, for sex with a 15 little boy, don’t think he will be in offic for long…. I need a bite to eat hmm wonder if that computer store down the block is still open theres a tasty little one down there I just might ask out for dinner.. turns off her computer and removes the harddrive and puts in in the vault…

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