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It felt as if it had been forever as Ivy walked into the city of Cascadia. It had been years since she had set foot here. She heard of the tragedy that had struck and also of the survivors who had rebuilt. Instinct told her to stay away and never return, but her heart pulled her back, back to where she knew she belonged. As she entered the city, memorise filled her mind, both good and bad. She adjusted her backpack flung her hair over her shoulder and set off in search of those she left behind so long ago....

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Ivy wandered around Cascadia most of the night until she found herself infront of the old abandoned church. She looked up at the large door and it was as if for a moment she was back in time. She closed her eyes to savor the memorise this place held. It was here that she laughed, cried, loved and poured out her heart. As if in a trance, she climed the steps to the door. She ran her fingers down the old wood before reaching for the handel and pushing it slowly open. As she steped inside she was overcome with emotion. Her hand reached up to the pendant around her neck, holding it tight, feeling the few drops of blood it contained grow warm. She walked up the aisle as a tear made its way down her cheek.

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Ivy reached the front of the church and slowly moved to the stairs. She sat down as if stuck in a trance. Her hand reaching and feeling the spot next to her as once again the memorise flooded her mind. She looked down at her hand...seeing the braclet that eveshka had given her so long ago.She then began thinking of Rhiannon, Tromador, Porter and then of Sorenti. She lowered her head into her palms. Would they want me here? Should I turn and lleave now? She raked her fingers through her hair. Whay did I come back here? Very tired but not wanting to move from the stairs, she laid down right where she was. Placing her backpack under her head, she fell into an instant restless sleep.

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Ivy awoke as the sun was going down and decided it was time to go and look for those she had left behind. She changed her road dusted clothes and spent quite some time on her makeup and hair. Making sure everything was perfect, less than perfect just wouldnt do. Once she was satisfied with herself, she hid her backpack and set off. she opened the doors to the night air of Cascadia and headed for the main street.

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((come meet the Seneschal!!! Gabriel O'Brien of Clan Ventrue at your service mum! :smile:

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(( Cool posts :smile: ))

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