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All around the small group cobwebs were seemingly draped, their creators either long gone or dead. The crude stone wall held a variety of long since rusted weapons, while ancient were deadly none the less. Gabriel removed his long tattered, and now filthy, overcoat and draped it over one of the coffins, being careful to avoid contact with the decrepped corpse within.

He watched as the faint red glow flickered from Valek's eyes and he cast his gaze towards the house far above. His sleeves rolled back, he began removing several pikes from the wall, placing them side by side on the dirt floor.

"Valek, take the others and feed," he said quietly, "I'll see what I can do here." Valek gave him a questioning look. "There's no virgin blood up there, I can smell it from here."

The dark Cappadocian nodded and motioned for the other two to follow...

((shitty and short i know, but i'll post more when i get back from school tonight :/

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Valek and Thorp followed the dark Cappadocian up the narrow stairwell. She was tired and this was evident in her stance. Silently Batty hoped that their visitors would be ill prepared for their meeting with the coterie.

"They will pay dearly for this intrusion" Valek ran his hand through his jet black hair, his thick long nails looked very yellowed against his pale translucent skin.

Batty pressed herself against the wall keeping in the shadows. Expertly, she willed her psychic image into the room and watched the mortals moving slowly around the dusty and dark room. She raised her hand to the others, motioning that she saw only four in the room.

"Ready?" She whispered to Thorp, his yellow eyes glowed bright anticipating the blood lust that was soon to follow.

"Let's do it!" The City Gangrel pushed past the shorter Cappadocian, bursting into the room.

"Now what da fuck do ya think ya doin'??" The intruders jumped startled at his bellowing rough voice. He threw his head back and laughed.

"HOLY SHIT!!!!!!" One of the guys shouted, running towards the door. Valek's black frame moved like lightning to block the door. His appearance from 'nowhere' caused the girl to scream and snatch up the child into her arms. She backed herself up to the cold fireplace.

"Good evening," Batty bowed dramatically and approached the girl. "I'll take that." Her cold hands grasped the child, pulling him effortlessly from her clutches. The child cried out as Batty threw him across the room towards the stairs.

Valek's cold hands closed around the first guy's throat, he spun him around and sunk his fangs deep into his throat. Thorp grinned at the second guy. "You're mine!"

"Wha... nooooo!!" The pitiful mortal scrambled across the room, tripping and falling at the girl's feet.

"She's quite pretty, wouldn't you agree Thorp?" Batty stood back, smiling. "Such a lovely neck..."

Thorp laughed at Batty as she stepped back, her hand sweeping the air, inviting him to take the girl.

"She's alright... for a fuckin' juice bag." The City Gangrel stepped up to her, sniffing her hair. The guy jumped to his feet and lunged at Thorp. "Don't you fucking touch her!"

Thorp shoved him effortlessly away and walked to the girl. Batty took a fist of the young guy's long hair and yanked him into the middle of the room. "There's been a slight change of plans, dear... you're mine." Her voice was calm and almost soothing. Batty pushed him to the floor, carefully falling with him. With his arms pinned to the floor, she straddled him and drank from his neck.

The girl sobbed as death took her away. She didn't fight Thorp, not even when his hand tore her shirt and cupped her breast.

"I see you have the situation under control" It was Gabriel, he looked at Valek and the corpse that now lay at his feet, then to Batty who was still straddling her dead prey but was now searching his pockets and finally to Thorp and the girl, her shirt gaping open.

"Look behind you Gabriel." Batty didn't look up, she was looking at the dead man's keys that hung from a ring, adorned with a pewter bat.

The child still lay on the floor against the wall, too frightened to speak or move. His eyes looked pleadingly up at Gabriel....

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((Gab do you want to post next? I wasn't sure how your char would react to the child...


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Tears welled up in the child's soft defeated eyes. Their brown pupils were large, staring fearfully at his attacker. Gabriel's relaxed demeanor broke slightly as he listened to the pathetic moans and sobs that hung heavy in the air.

Behind him, the coterie feasted on the living, the sound of fluid passing over supple lips the only real noise to be heard. The Ventrue hiked up his mud caked slacks and knelt down next to the small figure.

"Do not be afraid young one." he said softly, watching the boys reaction. The child gasped in fear and held himself tighter, curling into a small ball and pressing himself harder against the dusty wooden wall of the cabin. He extended a filthy hand and laid it on the boys shoulder.

The child spasmed and quickly slid away, moaning woefully as he did so. His terrified eyes shot from Gabriel to his mother's lifeless form.

"M..mommy...." there was the sound of swallowing and then shifting weight.

"Hey! Either drain him or kill that little f*cker!" the rough Gangrel voice rasped.

Gabriel ignored the apparent "order" and simply took the boy in his arms. He thrashed and kicked vainly, but Gabriel held him easily enough, carrying him across the room towards the door.

((sorry for the abrupt end, i have to write a report for school blech! i'll finish this afternoon, but if anyone just HAS to post before then, Gabe will erase the boy's mind without feeding and send him out.

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- Gabriel went to the other room with the child while the others all looked at their dead prey's (sp) . The child was scared to death , " Shh do not be afraid " Gabriel said , " everything ill be alright " he said again , the little child now to afraid to move lat Gabriel put his hand on the head of the child , closing his eyes Gabriel erased the littly child of the events that just took place , Gabriel then took him in his arms and led him out right outside the house and told him to wait there ..

Gabriel looked around , the sky was of a bloody red , quite unusual ... he then came back inside , as he looked at Valek putting the corpse in the fireplace , Valek than lit the fireplace , strangely the smoke was not grey , but red , faces of demons appearing in it , the souls of the humans were now going to where seemed obvious judging by the demon faces in the fire , Valek smiled evily ...

-Thorp- " Well those little fucka's came with a car , only one thing left to do and THAT is to drive our damn way back to that fuckin place we were so we can return to Cascadia ... "

Gabriel and Batgirl noded in agreement , but Valek remained silent , not stating his opinion ...

The coterie then got out of the house , as Valek got out he noticed the little child standing right next the door they came out ..
Valek smirked as he approached him while looking at Gabriel ... Gabriel sighed as Thorp opened the door of the car and sat in the drivers seat .. Gabriel sat in the back of the car as Batgirl sat in the front passager seat ...

-Thorp- " Hey Valek ya comin !? "

Valek noded as he said " Start the engine "

As soon as Thorp did , Valek took the child by its throat and went right in front of the car and lifted the car a little , as Thorp stomped the pedal for the car to advance Valek pressed the little Child's face against the tire , making it rip off the skin to the bones , blood spreading everywhere , the little child screamed in pain and passed out ... Valek lat go his grip off the car and ripped off the spine of the young child and drank the blood dripping from it ... Gabriel frowned as he seen it ...

Valek then threw the spine on the windshield window ... and he then got in the back of the car as well ..

-Thorp- " Were in yer turf Valek , where the fuck to now ? "

- Valek - " we have little time if we want to take the portal back into Cascadia ... "

-Thorp- " Yeah so ? where the fuck to go at now ? "

- Valek - " Straight in the wood , theres only one way ... "

Thorp stomped the pedal again , pushing the car at its max speed ... quickly driving into the woods as all of the coterie kept their hands on their weapon ... [/i:481ea366a5]

We live to die...and die to live...And whom so ever beleiveth in me...shall never die...and shall live in eternal life as the undead..


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((whatta bastard!!!

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Graventhorp hit the brakes as soon as he felt the car being lifted...too late.
"Valek! Yer one sick mother fucka' ya know that!?" Valek shone his trademark demonic smile through the bloodstained windshield at the City Gangrel and proceeded to board the vehicle. Gabe's eyes were closed.

The car's windshield wipers were no use wiping the blood, no matter how hard Thorp tried to rinse them. "Aw, fuck it." The Deputy Sheriff, driving at about 124 mi/hr (200 km/hr), drove a fist through the crimsomed glass, shaterring it completely. Mortal shards of glass shot inwards, making the coterie bloody. Batgirl shielded her eyes from the tornado like wind with the flying glass that entered through the void, muttering angrily.
"Turn Right now!" Valek's angry voice rose over the howling wind.
"Aye, aye." Thorp shouted with a smile and swerved right without slowing down. The car violently left the main road and entered a thin trail in the forest, the centrifugal force driving Batgirl into Graventhorp with an angry, surprised yelp. The car glanced off a tree trunk at too high a speed, causing the vehicle to give 3 180° turns.
"Thorp!" Gabe spat.
Graventhorp hit the gas pedal again when the car skidded to its original position. Tree trunks flew past the vehicle's windows like vertical arrows shot by thousands of archers with lousy aim. The driver swerved hard right or left to avoid trees once in a while, but the trail seemed wide enough for the vehicle...barely.
The coterie shot forward suddenly as the tires gave a screeching wail, and the car suddenly halted before a fork in the trail. Batgirl turned to Thorp and punched him hard across the face.
"Ow!" Thorp rubbed his now bloodstained face, healing it. "What was that for!?"
Batgirl looked at him bewildered.
"Left or right, Valek?" Gabriel asked cooly, staring ahead.

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((we should update this when the coterie gets back to Cascadia, we should make it start up again like 3 months later. cuz i wanna mention some of Gabe's new powers and the fact that he's Seneschal now, all kinds of stuff :smile:

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(( Yep i agree ...

- Ill post the next part with the update of the " 3 months " later stuff , so we can all be what we really are now lol ))

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