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He was seven when he first saw the Aes Sidhe.

He had been living with his grandparents ever since his parents’ “death”.

I say death in inverted commas because no-one stritcly knows what happened to them. The family had been driving by Lough Gur in County Limerick, whilst holidaying in Ireland, when disaster struck and fate elected to be exceptionally cruel.

The car, for reasons unbeknownst to the investigating police, careered off the road, ending up upside down in the freezing waters of the lake.

Marley alone survived.

When the police questioned him he spoke feverishly of things that sprang from the water and danced in the air. When further questioned, he described the “things” as “like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan!”

The investigation was closed shortly thereafter on account of the only witness having suffered greatly from shock.

In the two years since, Marley grew increasingly absent-minded, and forgot all about the things he saw swarm around his father’s car.

But they didn’t forget him.


His grandparents had quite the expansive garden. Perfect for a seven year old boy to run and play. Ideal for letting imaginations and emotions run wild.

At the bottom of the garden, hidden by a close thicket of brambles and gooseberries, stood an old gnarled willow tree.

The tree was tall for it’s species, and stood unusually straight. The branches hung as would be expected, but they intertwined with each other so much that they resembled clasped fingers. The enormous outstretched hand that seemed to beckon the young boy to climb. And climb he did.

His grandparents, Abigail and Gerrod were always warning him to be careful. But he was nine, and certainly his father’s son. So he ignored their warnings and would climb day after day, ever higher, ever daring himself to breach the knobbled, warty canopy.


He was twelve when he first spoke to them.

The old willow sat as always, looking a little more withered and weak in the past three years. But still its rustling branches and creaking bark asked his feet to rest upon its solidity. And he so loved to oblige the old sentinel.

He had long since defeated the topmost branches and regularly sat there, looking out across his grandparents’ fence over the adjacent field. There he would sit, after school, just dreaming and wondering.

[i:cc9911b972]“You know Raven of the Quiet Meadow. Your head will float off if you dream too much.”[/i:cc9911b972]

He looked round. He looked down, half expecting his grandma to be looking up at him with her big brown eyes, squinting through her broken eyeglasses.

[i:cc9911b972]“No, not there. Here.”[/i:cc9911b972] The voice, now sounding more like a chirrup than any sound Grandma could make, rang out from his left.

His eyes quickly found the speaker. Though his mind refused to accept what he saw.

Perched on a thin, swaying branch-let was a fairy. A fairy that looked exactly like those found in books and child’s stories. With a petal for a cap, and bee fur for trousers. And it was talking to him.

[i:cc9911b972]“I am real, Raven of the Quiet Meadow....”

“Uhhh why do you keep calling me that? What are you? Did I fall already and do my brain some harm?”[/i:cc9911b972]

The fairy coughed before grinning beamishly.

[i:cc9911b972]“I am of the Tuatha De Danaan. The Sidhe to you and me,” The fairy giggled then.

“You can call me Mallyan Spout. And I be calling you that because, you big dumb human, it’s your name. Marley <----- Quiet Meadow, Brennan <----- Raven.”

“Well that answers that. I [b:cc9911b972]have[/b:cc9911b972] damaged my brain....”[/i:cc9911b972] Marley massaged his head.

Mallyan chortled.

[i:cc9911b972]“You call that lump of jelly brains? Seen more in a pig trough!”

“You don’t remember us do you? You saw us five years ago when your parents died. Hell you even flew with us while their car sank.”[/i:cc9911b972]

Marley wasn’t going to accept this any time soon.

[i:cc9911b972]“Flew? Yeah right! Your just my imagination running around my head stirring up old memories.”

“Yes flew! It’s easy once you know how. You just step out and take yourself lightly.”

“Go on! Be a sport! I’ll catch you....”[/i:cc9911b972]

Marley had had enough.

[i:cc9911b972]“Forget it! I’m going down, and then I’m going to have a lie down. You’re not even real so just buzz off!”[/i:cc9911b972]

At that he whipped his legs over the lower branch and started the descent. Two branches snapped, sending him plunging feet first. He caught another in his panic, breaking his arm in the process.

When he landed, the Sidhe had gone. He had a broken forearm, a broken ankle and two bruised ribs. And an even more bruised ego.

He looked back at the tree and snorted through clenched teeth, trying not to start bubbling from the pain....

[i:cc9911b972]“Should call you the Injury Tree.”[/i:cc9911b972]


The alarm clock rang out, waking Marley from a deep but disturbed sleep.

[i:cc9911b972]“The Injury Tree? What made me think of that?”[/i:cc9911b972]

His first lesson of the day was less than ten minutes away.

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Cassandra Wade, by nature, was a creature of ritual habit as a mortal. Being a Tremere wasn't all that much different and, she suspected, was likely one of the reasons she'd been Embraced by her absent Sire. Or maybe it was sheer bad luck. She hadn't decided yet and diligently refused to even consider it. Which made avoiding Haven all that much more difficult. She was doing the opposite of her nature by leaving her rooms only to attend classes, late, and then leave as early as she could get away with. That worked, but barely.

She'd spent the last two days in a sort of self-imposed solitary confinement, answering neither phone nor door. The fear of meeting Lucien sent a frisson of dread up her spine, let alone the thought of running into [b:a68c8f9e52]that woman[/b:a68c8f9e52] accidentally. And then there was the all-too-perceptive Haven. To combat her spiraling depression of black thoughts, she dived into her own studies with an unheeding regard for her own well being.

It was one thing to bone up on the basics, peruse the manuals, compare the theories between one idea and another, and then to turn around and apply all that logic! And, unlike Marley and Haven, there was no one on the school's staff to teach her what she needed to learn and that certainly left Headmaster Darrant out of the picture. As far as she could see, he was primarily fire based. She had no idea what Mistress Mortisha was versed in but, surely, she would have been assigned to her by now!

From what she knew, most vampiric magic called for the use of blood in creation, manipulation and the amount of power one could use in a particular path. Obviously, [i:a68c8f9e52]she[/i:a68c8f9e52] had a natural affinity for elctrical properties and would likely require slightly less effort to call it up, which left only the amount of power she put into it and the control of it. Control being what the mind could handle and not really needing any expediture of precious life fluids.

Control was what she needed to attain first. No, that wasn't quite the right way to put it. It was more a matter [i:a68c8f9e52]holding[/i:a68c8f9e52] back the charges until she could direct them to her satisfaction. Assuming a meditative pose on the carpet of her livingroom, she turned her mental sight inward to see if she could sense anything and was surprised to feel a distant tingle that started at the soles of her feet, upward through the spine and then seemed to dissipate through her scalp. She could almost feel the shower of sparks that leapt from each hair, as if attracted back downward again. Rather like Nyoko's fountain from the gardens.

It gave her a bit of a creepy feeling and she rubbed her hands against the fibrous material of her skirt, as if the palms were itching. And was literally [i:a68c8f9e52]"shocked"[/i:a68c8f9e52] to experience a massive increase in the sensation of power flowing up her arms and into the back of her neck, where it connected with the already established path in her backbone. The glitter from her hair intensified. Cassie grinned. [b:a68c8f9e52]THAT[/b:a68c8f9e52] was interesting!

Now, how to dam it up? Hmmm...dam. She went back to examining the phenomenon on a purely mind level and then tried imagining a dam blocking the flow. This produced a feeling of bloating, exactly like that of having eaten too much at the dinner table, but it only slowed the outpouring. She even tried the analogy of filling a jug with a stopper to it, only to get the same results. The container filled, but the plug refused it's cradle, no matter how much she [i:a68c8f9e52]pushed[/i:a68c8f9e52] on it.

With an exasperated movement, she sprang up from the floor, gathering up the entire mass of hair as she strode into her bedroom, twisted it into a bundle atop her head, then reached for a pair of "chopstick" place holders lying on her nightstand beside the bed. And froze in place as the trickle, she'd just become aware of, [b:a68c8f9e52]stopped[/b:a68c8f9e52]. Slowly, ever so slowly, she began to experience a buildup that was like water filling up a balloon and expanding it. It reached it's capactiy and then, once again, began spilling out through her scalp, in a nearly imperceptable display of dancing motes.

Oddly enough, though it was an uncomfortable feeling, it wasn't painful. But now that she was conscious of it, she couldn't understand why it had never been obvious when she'd put her hair up before! She shrugged. Oh, well, she was aware of it now!! Cass settled down to some serious work of arranging and re-arranging her hair, as well as further studies of flow paths. The time sped by, broken only with quick dashes to lessons, blood bag breaks and some unavoidable down time in Kindred fashion. With proper protections in place.

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The next rising brought more frustration as the young woman came to the conclusion that she needed something that would cap her entire head, just to keep the power from seeping out and, quite frankly, anything she envisioned using left her with the shuddering thought of what Lucien would think. Shower caps, or their equivalent, were [b:719e94dd4f]not[/b:719e94dd4f] haute couture! What she needed was something that would sheath each and every strand, something like a tar coating, something.....................

Bounding into the bathroom, she frantically pawed through a cabinet for one of the two bottles she'd managed to successfully shoplift from a drug store, back when she had first been brought to the chantry. Not that she'd ever done it before and she'd been terrified of getting caught, but her new found powers had gotten her through the ordeal successfully. The irony was, she'd chosen to use the other bottle but hadn't quite gotten around to throwing this one out. She was grateful because now she needed it!

A short time later, Cass was no longer a silvery blond. She was now an auburn-haired, blue eyed siren in a cloud of satin waves and her spirits had taken a leap off the mountain top of Self Esteem, directly into the valley below, fantasizingly called, Lucien's Pursuit. No one was going to recognize the old Cassandra Wade in this new person that she now viewed in her mirrors.

And a quick, cautious test had proven that her idea had more than merit to it, [b:719e94dd4f]IT WORKED[/b:719e94dd4f]!!! It dammed up the whole stream, created a reservoir of power and, best of all, there wasn't a smidge of a spark!! Of course, she was going to have to get a steady supply of hair dye from now on. Maybe by the case load. She sighed and added up the money she currently had. It was enough, but barely. She was going to have to really economize from now on. No more splurges.

Another glance in her looking glass had the clock in her bedroom catching her eye and she gasped at the time. She was going to be [b:719e94dd4f]very[/b:719e94dd4f] late for her new class, Kindred-Kine Interactions, and this was a brand new instructor!! It wouldn't do to be really late, although she'd skate in there just a few minutes over so as to avoid having to talk with Haven. She grimaced. She and he shared too many classes, for her current peace of mind. Even if he was a mortal.

Cassie gulped down a quick meal and then tore down the emptied hallways at a dead run. As she ran, she became aware of the friction of air against her skin and could feel the tingle of electricity as if she were flowing against a stream of liquid. Funny how she'd never even be aware of that either!! The reservoir from earlier remained but now it began to top itself off in a slow and leisurely manner. By the time she rounded the corner of the hallway that hosted the classroom she was heading for, her little [i:719e94dd4f]"battery pack"[/i:719e94dd4f] was completely full.

Ten feet away from her goal, the door swung open and there, framed in the doorway, his head swinging around in her direction, was an older, more mature (and definitely taller!) version of Haven. Eyes wider than she would have believed she could have gotten them, the young lady came to a staggering halt and her jaw dropped open with a squeek of confusion.

Several things happened simultaneously. It dawned on Cassandra that this was the ancestor, larger then unlife, that Haven had boasted of. Wren. Wren, the Brujah. Wren, the guardian of Haven. Wren the......Oh_my_god! Haven's Wren!! At which point, the fledgling magus became aware that her blood, in all the emotional turmoil she'd been experiencing, had become another conduit of even [b:719e94dd4f]more[/b:719e94dd4f] electrical activity and that her reservoir wasn't going to be able to hold it all. As a matter of fact, the back of her head felt like it was going to explode! Any minute now!!

Which is exactly what it did.

When the flash and crackle settled down, Haven's thoroughly astonished guardian beheld a modestly dressed young woman who's hair was now a mottled, brown and silver that stood out from her head like a bottle brush. An expression of mixed dismay and embarassment was plastered there, much to Wren's private amusement. Given what he'd seen and heard, so far, he wondered if this place could get any weirder than this. He smiled at his pupil, which seemed to make the young woman nervous.

[i:719e94dd4f]"Welcome to my class, Miss Wade. It [b:719e94dd4f]is[/b:719e94dd4f] Miss Wade, isn't it?"[/i:719e94dd4f] he drawled the question out. At Cass's barely given nod, he stepped back from the door to give her room to enter, and continued, [i:719e94dd4f]"Well, in that case, you'd best come and find a seat. You're late."[/i:719e94dd4f] The young lady swallowed hard, brushed her now uniquely colored hair down to a semblance of order and then stepped reluctantly into his new domain.

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Wren waited patiently while Cassie took her seat, pausing a moment. All eyes were on him as he passed out books, silently expending some of what was in his stomach to make good and sure that all eyes, and all attention remained with him.

He might not be the most powerful user of the discipline of presence, but in terms of timing, few had the talent that Wren had for it.

Long moments of silence seemed to pass before he spoke, [i:45a03e1dea]"Good evening, I am Wren Ashley. To you vampires, I will be your teacher in the fine art of NOT eating your mortal associates. To you mortals, I will be your teacher in the fine art of NOT being eaten."[/i:45a03e1dea]

Wren paced, trying to think of where to begin. In spite of very good memories of who he was, and had been, it was always difficult trying to remember that a young vampire did not think in the same terms as he did.

[i:45a03e1dea]Keep it simple stupid.[/i:45a03e1dea]

He almost smiled, but kept his face virtually expressionless, as that would have literally destroyed the effect that his stern tone and forceful personality were putting on.

[i:45a03e1dea]"The dillemma of being a kindred, is that kindred are very much instinctual beings, and thus, the mortals we associate with, even those who know who we are, even those we value, must fear us. However, there are things that both a Kindred and a Kine may do to lessen the inherent risks,"[/i:45a03e1dea] He said, watching with very minor satisfaction as people began scribbling notes.

"[i:45a03e1dea]First and foremost is the vampire's responsibility. Unless you intend to kill the mortal that you are going to be associating with, do not come into any manner of contact with the mortal while hungry, that is common sense. The second point however, lay in the hands of the kine," [/i:45a03e1dea]He said, looking directly at Haven, [i:45a03e1dea]"That being, to watch your tongue. It can be said that Brujah have a bad temper, and not without justification. However, that temperament is merely relative, for all kindred have potentially destructive temperaments."[/i:45a03e1dea]

Wren finally stopped pacing, [i:45a03e1dea]"That being said, there are certain things that may not be immediately obvious. The first of these things, is how to remain well fed, yet refrain from killing your mortal associates in the process. The most obvious, is the practice known as banking, to get one's supply of vitae from bloodbanks. Although chilled blood loses much of its flavor, it will still sustain you as well as though it were fresh from the vein. There are however, other, sometimes better ways," [/i:45a03e1dea]He said, and, at long last, seemed to relax a little, [i:45a03e1dea]"Firstly, there are the morgues. I have known more than a few coroners who were a touch long in the tooth, and not only did they not run the risk of such blood diseases as HIV, as they were quite able to test, they often were able to get the blood in a remarkably fresh, often still warm state."[/i:45a03e1dea]

One of the students, he wasn't sure which one, as he did not recognize the kindred, raised a hand, and he nodded to listen to the question, [i:45a03e1dea]"Sir, not all of us can be coroners,"[/i:45a03e1dea] The vampire said, and Wren sighed, rubbing his eyebrows.

[i:45a03e1dea]Were all young vampires this simple in their thought patterns?[/i:45a03e1dea]

[i:45a03e1dea]"Yes, but almost anyone can work for a coroner as an assistant, and almost anyone, unless they have a mind roughly equivalent to that of a common domesticated animal, can run a blood test on the machines they often have there. Humans delight in making things idiot proof," [/i:45a03e1dea]He said, trying, and failing, to prevent himself from sounding irritated. [i:45a03e1dea]"This method however gruesome, is effective. Pragmatism at its best. Another method, is to feed from animals, however, while animal blood does sustain us, it also has a repulsive taste, and leaves one with something of an ache inside, thus doing nothing to alleviate the risk of feeding off a mortal... UNLESS you chase the animal blood with some actual human blood, such as from a blood packet... this not only prevents the unpleasantness of animal vitae, but it also tends to save on your supply of kine blood."[/i:45a03e1dea]

[i:45a03e1dea]"Then of course, there is yet another method of obtaining vitae, but it is becoming more and more uncommon, as many countries now do away entirely with the death penalty. The method is to work on death row, specifically in the movements of the corpses after they are either electrocuted or gassed... you NEVER want to feed off a corpse that has been killed by lethal injection, because however peaceful lethal injection may seem to the bystander, I assure you, it is not. The toxins used in a lethal injection cause the peaceful look by causing the muscles in the body to seize up, then complete paralysis of the lungs. It is an excruciating way to die, and a kindred who feeds on such a corpse can expect many hours rediscovering the feeling of pain," [/i:45a03e1dea]He said, watching the expressions on faces, vampiric and mortal alike, all were aghast, while Haven seemed to be dumbstruck at just how much Wren seemed to know. This was a side of Wren that he wasn't used to seeing, and by the look on his face, Wren suspected that it was one that Haven did not particularly enjoy seeing.

[i:45a03e1dea]"And now for some finer points to those who still have a pulse. Rule one, is if you smoke, quit. Fire is anathema to vampires, even a small fire can set a vampire off... as some of you were supposed to know prior to this, though as I understand it, you seem to have elected to not listen, much to my displeasure," [/i:45a03e1dea]He said, looking squarely at Haven, who was by now squirming in his seat... this was definitely a remark aimed at him.

[i:45a03e1dea]"The next rule of thumb, is never underestimate the value of an apology, especially a heartfelt, sincere one, even if sincerity is generated only by abject terror, an apology can, at times, turn aside a frenzy. Also, never enter a vampire's home unbidden, this can set off territorial instincts and survival instincts as well, and no amount of apologizing can prevent a vampire from tearing your head off at that point. Should you find yourself in said situation, you, as maguses, will first try your spells. If those fail, the second thing you must do, is place your head firmly between your knees, and kiss your bum goodbye," [/i:45a03e1dea]He said, then added, [i:45a03e1dea]"Of course, if a Vampire considers you a very close ally or even friend, you may find them far more hospitable.... note the word 'may' as in maybe... and [b:45a03e1dea]maybe[/b:45a03e1dea] the vampire will suddenly turn mortal, without knowing why, too. The chances are roughly the same."[/i:45a03e1dea]

This last, was said with more than a small hint of sarcasm, bringing more than one chuckle, albeit a nervous one, before he went on, [i:45a03e1dea]"And children, you are young, yet you have a heavy burden placed on your shoulders. You are guardians of knowledge and power once lost, and that could get you killed,"[/i:45a03e1dea] He said before slamming the flat of his hand into the desk as he said [i:45a03e1dea]"CONSTANT VIGILANCE. It will be up to you to learn, and recognize the signs of a starved vampire, of a vampire near frenzy, and of a hunting vampire. Mortals, read pages 120-130, I will wish to see a report, not less than one page long, on my desk the day after tomorrow. Vampires, read pages 230-235, and read the excerpts on pages 30, 116, and 132. I will expect a similar report on my desk, the day after tomorrow... Cassie, Haven, I would speak with you. The rest of you may go,"[/i:45a03e1dea] He said, and began scratching with a metal pen on a piece of parchment.

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Elzbet sat back in the luxurious limo, sipping her vitae. The flight had been relatively quick. It was the getting off the ground that had been hard. Shaundra became despondant when she was told that she would be staying behind to watch over the mansion. That was, until Elzbet pointed out that pediatricians didn't recommend taking newborns on airplane rides if it wasn't necessary. There was no job too important that she was willing to risk her daughter.

Elzbet sighed and made a note on the open laptop next to her on the seat, to ask Julius for an assistant for the duration of her "tenure". All the signs she was getting were saying that trouble was ahead for the new Schoolmaster. Of course, these were jumbled and very confusing. She'd seen a tall man with almost white-blonde hair and seperately, something to do with electricity, but they weren't the same problem. Or were they?

The driver had said that it would be a few hours until they reached Touraine, Elzbet settled further into the plush interior and pulled the computer into her lap. Although it was midnight in France, the NYSE would still be open, and there were a number of stocks that were worth a second glance.


The black stretch pulled up to the front entrance of the rather demure-looked office building. Interesting, Elzbet thought, hide it in plain sight. The chauffer came around and opened the door for her. She exited the car and swept up to the secured entry. A strong voice issued from the intercom next to it. [i:ed0bf99793]"Please state your name and reason for your visit?"[/i:ed0bf99793]

[i:ed0bf99793]"Lady Elzbet, here to see Mister Darrant."[/i:ed0bf99793]

There was a buzzing sound and the door swung open. [i:ed0bf99793]"You will be met in the lobby."[/i:ed0bf99793]

Elzbet pulled out a hundred dollar bill and gave it to the waiting driver, then grabbed her two bags and laptop case and entered the school.

There was an older gentleman awaiting her in the large foyer. [i:ed0bf99793]"Madam, I regret to inform you that Master Darrant had some important matters away from the school. He is due to return any moment. In the meantime, he gave instructions to see to your comfort until his arrival."[/i:ed0bf99793]

[i:ed0bf99793]"That won't be a problem. I would like to freshen up before I see the rest of the school."[/i:ed0bf99793] she said, following him down the halls. There were quite a few students up and about at this time of night, coincidentally, mostly Kindred. Go figure! They reached her room and the staff member waved her in.

[i:ed0bf99793]"Someone will be along to show you around. The Headmaster has given you an office in the teacher's wing and a secretary to assist with paperwork. Further, he has left a list of students he thinks you should begin with."[/i:ed0bf99793] With that, he left, closing the door and as Elzbet began unpacking, she sighed once again. Sometimes, it was easier to deal with stocks than people. At least their ups and downs were predictable.

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Wren nodded as each of the students left, then sat a moment, regarding Cassie and Haven, before turning his head to Haven and saying, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"Haven, please wait outside for a few moments, I would speak to Miss Wade." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]Haven, with a guilty look of having to abandon his new friend to his ancestor's mercies, stepped quietly out the door, leaving Wren's attention focused on a very nervous Cassie.

Wren drummed his fingers for a few moments before speaking, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"You can stop looking as though I am about to eat you, Cassandra," [/i:8b2aca1aa2]He said before continuing, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"I have many questions, so I will get directly to the point. Haven likes you, and even, from what I've been told, seems to trust you."[/i:8b2aca1aa2] A brief silence fell while Cass nodded, then Wren continued.

[i:8b2aca1aa2]"While I am inclined to have faith in my descendant's judgement, I must be cautious, as he is a fourteen year old boy, and you [b:8b2aca1aa2]are[/b:8b2aca1aa2] a pretty young lady." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]Haven's avatus raked the young woman from head to toe with an appreciative stare, then completely dumbfounded her with a highly unothodox question. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"I would know your intentions regarding him." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]

Cassie blinked at the sudden question, her face taking on an expression that was at once a confused frown and an embarrassed flush. [i:8b2aca1aa2]" intentions!!??" [/i:8b2aca1aa2]

Wren waved his hand, and his dry tone seemed to rocked her, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"It is not uncommon for a vampiress to beguile a lad to her advantage. Haven is in such position that he would be a very big advantage to anyone that managed to befriend him. As you may have noted, he is more than generous with what he has."[/i:8b2aca1aa2]

At this, Cassie's expression turned from confusion to anger, the blood rush draining from her skin, her eyes flashing, as her hair rose to a crackling nimbus around her face. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"I have [b:8b2aca1aa2]never[/b:8b2aca1aa2] taken advantage of anyone!"[/i:8b2aca1aa2] She bit off the words in a controlled yell, with not even a hint of hesitation, before realizing the position she was in and plastering both hands to her lips.

Wren smiled inwardly at the instantaneous denial, it told him more than she would have voluntarily given out. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"Miss Wade, I am very glad to hear that. I suspected that Haven's judgement was not in error, as he is rather perceptive, but I could not be sure. A fourteen year old boy's intuition tends to be very different from normal when a pretty young girl is involved,"[/i:8b2aca1aa2] He said, pausing a moment before moving on, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"And what are your feelings towards Haven?" [/i:8b2aca1aa2]

[i:8b2aca1aa2]"I like him.... but only as a friend," [/i:8b2aca1aa2]she said, and looked down, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"I think he wants more than that... and I.."[/i:8b2aca1aa2] Cassandra stammered further but was cut off by a wave of Wren's hand. With a shrewd look, the perceptive Brujah shot a direct query at her, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"You haven't really talked with him about your own feelings, have you?"[/i:8b2aca1aa2] The young woman's start, then conscience-stricken look gave him the answer he needed.

[i:8b2aca1aa2]"Cassandra, Haven is kind, and I doubt he would press the issue, though you should tell him how you see what lays between you two. If you find you start to feel differently later, you can always change it. That is what is good about such solutions... none of them is permanent." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]Cassie's new instructor watched bemusedly as the corona of hair settled gently onto too thin shoulders that had seen more burdens then one her age should have.

The young girl turned frightened and saddened eyes on him when she glanced up, "[i:8b2aca1aa2]I like him as a friend. Just a friend. But he....he seems to want more, and I can't give him that!" [/i:8b2aca1aa2]There was a hint of desperation in that tone, if he wasn't mistaken.

[i:8b2aca1aa2]"Whoa!! I am glad to see then, that he has found a friend, though I would suspect, from what you're not saying, that he confuses you. On top of that, I infer there are many things bothering you, other than my descendent, who, I think you should know, would not ask more than you are willing to impart nor press the issue." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]He smiled warmly and was delighted to see the tension flow out of her frame.

Cassandra heaved a big, almost-relieved sigh and gave a nod. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"Yes, you're right. I do have......issues.....that I've not told anyone about. I can't. I have to work them out for myself."[/i:8b2aca1aa2] She looked away, then turned back, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"I'm not even sure why I'm here, as a friend of mine insisted I should be, but sometimes, I'm glad I am." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]The strain eased from the eyes with her own tentative grin and then took on a wondering and shy look. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"You're not as...scary as I thought you'd be." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]

Wren turned a mock growl on her and then chuckled at the giggle that escaped from her. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"And I'd imagine you were thinking I'd be a bit taller too... I get that a lot. All of us have problems, but they should be shared, especially with friends. Friends lessen the pain by spreading it out and they increase the joy by the same token. As to why you're here..." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]he cocked his head at her while his eyes took on the glaze of the past.

He came back with a start and continued, "[i:8b2aca1aa2]When I was first embraced, I was horrified at what I was. I was terrified that I would bring harm to Anaya, my mortal lover, I was revolted at what I had to do to survive, and were it not for the child that was growing in Anaya's belly, I most likely would have embraced the sun."[/i:8b2aca1aa2] Cassie's countenance took on the misty look of a young girl in the throes of a tragic story and she finally relaxed enough to spill more of herself into his ears.

[i:8b2aca1aa2]"There are times I can't even think about what........" [/i:8b2aca1aa2]the neonate choked on her words, while the body went rigid and the face blanked. Then the struggles chased across her expressive face as she fought with, and won, the demons from her own, short, past. A hard swallow followed and she looked back with widened orbs and hair literally standing on end, sparks showering wildly.

Her whisper was barely heard, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"I have to admit, there are times when I wish I could just........die."[/i:8b2aca1aa2] Then the tone changed to something profoundly joyless, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"But I'm too much a coward to put myself in the daylight's arms and just let go." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]Another sigh. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"I find a lot of comfort in my mage studies."[/i:8b2aca1aa2] Her gentle smile was watery.

[i:8b2aca1aa2]"Um....Mr. Ashley?" [/i:8b2aca1aa2]the question was a delicate touch for someone expecting a rebuff, so he bided his time with a short reply rather than snapping that he still had much to do, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"Yes?" [/i:8b2aca1aa2]Embarrassment caused that human bloom in her cheeks, again. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"Would you," [/i:8b2aca1aa2]she cleared her throat nervously,[i:8b2aca1aa2] "would you mind if...if I were to come and talk with you? I mean, if things get to be......hard to handle sometimes? You are awfully easy to talk to. For me that is." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]She stared at him bewilderedly, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"I wonder why?" [/i:8b2aca1aa2]The Brujah detected a tough of awe there and winced, hoping there'd be no heroworship there.

He switched subjects rapidly, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"Tell me, for I am curious, who is your sire?"[/i:8b2aca1aa2] Then watched as she hung her head, her shoulders slumped as if awaiting abuse of some kind. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"I don't know. They tell me he was more than likely Sabbat."[/i:8b2aca1aa2] The soft voice trembled.

[i:8b2aca1aa2]"SO, Lucien is not your sire? I was mistaken then, on what I thought I'd heard. How did you two meet?" [/i:8b2aca1aa2]The question was couched in neutral tones and she replied in a stiff monotone. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"Um, no. Lucien is just a..a friend."[/i:8b2aca1aa2] Wren heard the lie for what is was. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"He's Julius's...I mean, Headmaster Darrant's childe. He's quite brilliant. And he saved my life when my..Sire...left me to fend for myself. Brought me to the chantry so that I wouldn't starve and could learn."[/i:8b2aca1aa2] Her voice fell silent.

"Ah, I see." Another neutral answer and he let the rest of it go. He was going to have to speak with Julius about this but he didn't want to probe this wound of hers any wider at this time.

A larger sigh interrupted his inner thoughts, "[i:8b2aca1aa2]I suppose I'd best go. I imagine Haven's going to want to have a talk with me too. I can't avoid it now."[/i:8b2aca1aa2] She looked tired and deflated, like a worn out balloon, circles of darkness appearing even through her magically sustained looks.

Wren reached out and took Cassie's hand, startling her. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"You've been avoiding him? I must say.... I feel for him. He has been lonely for quite some time, and to have a [b:8b2aca1aa2]friend[/b:8b2aca1aa2] outright avoid him, well... you can probably imagine how he must be feeling right now."[/i:8b2aca1aa2] he chided softly.

The grin was a touch quirky on that sweet young face, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"Yeah, I guess I can. But, how can Haven be feeling lonely? He's always so full so cheerful. Always doing something!"[/i:8b2aca1aa2] Puzzlement grew as the Brujah remained quiet and introspective. He spoke up again.

[i:8b2aca1aa2]"Cheerful and busy? Yes, that does describe Haven's personality rather well. He is also very intelligent. He is a college graduate, much to Mr. Darrant's displeasure at finding out the hard way. Imagine being an eight year old in the same class as eighteen year olds. Or perhaps, a ten year old in the same class as people who are twenty one!" [/i:8b2aca1aa2]He watched a quiver of compassionate understanding run down her spine, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"Yeah, I can see how that would make him feel left out." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]she whispered and there was a quick look at the closed door, outside of which, Haven waited.

Wren sighed as the wisdom of his age prompted him to try giving her a hard learned piece of advice, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"Cassie, Vampires live a very long time. I have watched friends and lovers taken from me by time. A moment of hesitation for you, may be a decade. A century. A moment of hesitation for you, and Haven can grow old and die... so find happiness where you can, and when you can."[/i:8b2aca1aa2] He smiled again, warmly, and she nodded absently, a thoughtful expression in her eyes.

[i:8b2aca1aa2]"May I go now, Mr. Ashley? I think I need to do something....with my hair."[/i:8b2aca1aa2] She ruefully pulled a striated strand around to the front and looked at it woefully. Wren grinned inwardly and decided enough had been said, time would take care of the rest. He nodded dismal at her then retained her with a quick hand to her shoulder.

[i:8b2aca1aa2]"Fair enough, and err.... here," [/i:8b2aca1aa2]he pulled out his wallet and took some bills out of it [i:8b2aca1aa2]"this should help to defray the costs of a[/i:8b2aca1aa2] (he chuckled) [i:8b2aca1aa2]makeover,"[/i:8b2aca1aa2] But the vehement shake of hair, with an extra shower of sparks, had him retracting the cash. Haven had been right about her all along. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"No, thank you, you and Haven have done enough for me. Besides, my chantry gives me plenty to live on." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]Her somewhat shabby appearance gave proof to the almost-lie her pride forced her to use.

Again he stopped her swing towards the exit. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"Cassie, when you go, be sure you take someone with you when do. If it happens to be Haven, I'll be tagging along somewhere behind to ensure that he stays out of the kind of trouble that the headmaster wouldn't like." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]Cass's blue eye's twinkled, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"Haven's been confined to the school by the Headmaster for now but I would like to get some shopping done when the ban is lifted." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]

Cassandra got an odd look on her countenance, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"You mean you'd be, like, well,[/i:8b2aca1aa2] "chaperoning" [i:8b2aca1aa2]us??" [/i:8b2aca1aa2]At Wren's wary nod, and his reply of [i:8b2aca1aa2]"In effect, yes," [/i:8b2aca1aa2]her whole aspect lit up like a christmas tree and a huge grin spread across her lips. [b:8b2aca1aa2][i:8b2aca1aa2]"KEWL!"[/i:8b2aca1aa2][/b:8b2aca1aa2] Wren shook his head in confusion. There were times like this when he wasn't so sure he understood kids as much as he thought he did.

All of a sudden, Cassandra swooped him up in a hard hug and then turned a pleading look on him. [i:8b2aca1aa2]"Please don't yell at Haven too hard. A lot of what he's done, since he's been here, has been on my behalf." [/i:8b2aca1aa2]The Brujah ancestor stared at her sternly and replied, [i:8b2aca1aa2]"I will take that into consideration when handing out his punishment."[/i:8b2aca1aa2] Then he spoiled it by winking at her.

With a polite little nod and a murmur of [i:8b2aca1aa2]"Thank you,"[/i:8b2aca1aa2]she hugged him again and then bolted for the door. On the threshhold, she stopped and looked back over her shoulder before giving him a bright smile, then exited. There was a short conversation in the hall and then Haven poked his head around the doors edges.

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Julius had found Carlie an apartment in Touraine, at least for the moment. Her initial joy at him having rescued her had faded rapidly. Not only was he sworn to Eveshka, but apparently had become a millenia old antediluvian. She needed time, she had said, to decide what to do. It made little difference to Julius. He had better things to do with his life than cater to one skittish Tremere.

The school seemed somehow larger, upon his return. The students were much the same, but the staff had expanded. Wren and Elzbet had arrived, falling much into their places without him. Julius himself had a number of tutorials and lectures to catch up on, but Mortisha and Lucien had covered him fairly well during his short absence.

It had been nearly a year since he had first opened the doors of the school, which still held only a smattering of students, mixture of both kindred and kine. Even so, with the small numbers, there seemed a lack of unity of purpose. The idea of this endeavour was to bring magic back into the world at large, yet already, the cult of the individual seemed to flourish. This was not unexpected. The kind of persons who become Magi are the kinds of persons who seek knowledge for it's own sake, or for the power they think they can wield. It was nothing serious at the school, yet he could envisage, in a century or so, another Windgraven[1], full of ancient magi jealously guarding knowledge until it died with them. Not again. This time it would be different. Activities were required which would include the whole school.

Julius would start with something simple. The ritual of the Aegis of the Hearth was a standard classic. A magical protection invented in the middle ages to protect a covenant from invasion, could just as well be used to protect the school. Traditionally the ritual included all the mages of the covenant, but Julius would vary it to include not only all the students, but equally the non-magic using staff members. Everyone here would unite in the casting of a single spell.

Julius smiled slightly and headed to his study to prepare.


[1] Windgraven - A "Winter Covenant" near Mistridge during "Mythic Europe" times.

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[b:6b0421f465]Wren sighed as Haven came into the room, drumming his fingers on the desk before he began to speak, the normally energetic and outgoing fourteen year old looking as though he were a kicked puppy.

Unfortunately for Haven, the kicked puppy look meant absolutely nothing to Wren at the moment. [i:6b0421f465]"You know, I sometimes wonder about you. You seem to have quite the penchant for placing yourself in life threatening situations. For example, I would imagine that venturing into the quarters of a vampire, just because someone was crying inside, would mean nothing to you,"[/i:6b0421f465] Wren said, looking directly at Haven, though he was maintaining remarkable composure.

[i:6b0421f465]"Nor for that matter, I imagine, would lying to a very powerful Tremere vampire, who is teaching you the fundamentals of magic, and I would even venture to say that you would go out on a night time stroll with a young vampiress, and then use fire directly in front of her, even though you know how badly vampires can react to fire," [/i:6b0421f465]he said, his gaze becoming more intense as the drumming on the desk stopped, [i:6b0421f465]"Over nine centuries, I have watched over and protected my family. In all that time, I have never, not even once, had one of mine so blatantly disregard my counsel as you have."[/i:6b0421f465]

[i:6b0421f465]"So, here I am, placed in a situation where I must rectify your self imposed ignorance, in spite of all that I attempted, and apparently failed to teach you," [/i:6b0421f465]he said, and stood abruptly, then began to pace, [i:6b0421f465]"I see that I must have in some way been remiss, and will take steps to see that this does not happen again. I shall, in spite of having business elsewhere that must now be put on hold, teach here, instructing you and your classmates on the raw basics of survival."[/i:6b0421f465]

Haven winced, he wanted to flee, but stood his ground, [i:6b0421f465]"Umm, Wren may I say something?" [/i:6b0421f465]he asked, every muscle in his body tensing with the conflict of instinctive fear and the desire to hold his place.

[i:6b0421f465]"No," [/i:6b0421f465]Wren said, his gaze once again fixing on his descendant. [i:6b0421f465]"Your judgement on Cassie was, I believe, correct. Heaven help you if the both of us are wrong, but that matters very little, as I will personally chaperone you until such time as I believe that I can trust you to not get yourself torn limb from limb. I suspect that will be quite a while."[/i:6b0421f465]

Haven winced, but this wasn't fair, he wasn't a child that needed babysitting,[i:6b0421f465] "Thats not..." [/i:6b0421f465]he started to say, but was cut off by Wren, who finished for him, [i:6b0421f465]"Not fair? I know. It isn't fair. It isn't fair, that I should be sitting in my office, and find my secretary bringing a letter from one headmaster Darrant outlining the idiocy you've managed to involve yourself in. It is not fair that I should immediately have to drop everything to come here and look after my erring descendant. No, it isn't fair, but thats the real world. Thats life, and its something you might not see a lot of unless you learn, and quickly."[/i:6b0421f465]

Wren turned away from Haven, and looked at a picture, a black and white of himself, another man in a tuxedo with a strong family resemblance to both himself and Haven, and a beautiful young woman in a wedding dress, who stood happily at her new husband's side. If Haven had been able to see Wren's face, he might have seen a small blood tear begin to form in his eye.

[i:6b0421f465]"So here is how it is going to be, you will pass my class, the first time around, with nothing less than the one hundred percent that anyone who knows you expects of you, and if you do not, you will be in a remedial class, and I will make sure all your other lessons are put on hold until you pass that one," [/i:6b0421f465]Wren said, continuing to stare at the photograph, his hands coming together behind his back. [i:6b0421f465]"That is all, now get out," [/i:6b0421f465]he finished.

Haven blinked, then turned tail, and practically fell out the door.[/b:6b0421f465]

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Haven practically fell out the door of the classroom, and closed it fast, though the click was soft. His face was rather pale, and looking around, he sighed in relief to be away from the disappointed anger of his Atavus

Cassie stood to the blind side of the door's peek-a-boo window and by the paleness of her face, Haven was aware she'd heard nearly every single word. Without a sound, she gestured him to follow until they reached a far side of the school's secluded grounds. Where upon she let go of her treasured books and threw her arms around Haven's neck, causing him to be belatedly aware of Wren's lessons on vampires and vulnerable necks.

The young woman pressed his head to her chest, making him suddenly aware of the presence of feminine differences and she rocked him as she ran her hands up and down the back of his shoulders and his head, often caressing his hair in a frantic heedlessness. [i:737f9bfb94]"Oh, Haven! I thought for sure he was going to make you into chopped liver, right then and there!!"[/i:737f9bfb94]

Haven blinked at this, an unexpected turn of events, since the last thing he'd been expecting was for Cassie to be troubled about him and his ancestor. [i:737f9bfb94]"I'm glad you were worried about me,"[/i:737f9bfb94] he said and blushed a little, [i:737f9bfb94]"But I don't think it is really Wren's style to kill the people he wants to keep alive."[/i:737f9bfb94]

However, Cass wailed on, oblivious to the young man's attempt to pacify her fears, [i:737f9bfb94]"I was....I was,"[/i:737f9bfb94] red tears spilled over and ran down her even more palid cheeks, [i:737f9bfb94]"just starting to really like him, too!!"[/i:737f9bfb94] She burrowed into the comfort of his body and muffled out the rest of her rant, [i:737f9bfb94]"And I specifically asked him not to be so harsh with you. That it was because of me, that you did such foolish things!! It's_just_not_fair!"[/i:737f9bfb94] The echo of his own words, to Wren earlier, reverberated in his ears.

Haven blinked, [i:737f9bfb94]"Yeah, it is kinda rough, but he probably was holding back. And as unfair as it is, I think he mostly has my welfare at heart,"[/i:737f9bfb94] he said, wrapping his arms around Cassie in a warm hug. Though he didn't know quite how to handle it, the thought of how unjust it was to all involved, passed through his head.

She pulled her ravaged face away from her refuge, leaving a spreading red stain behind, and reached up to wipe at her tracks. [i:737f9bfb94]"Well, he didn't have to bite your head off doing it!"[/i:737f9bfb94] Her championship of his misdeeds put a warm glow in the boy's heart. No one had ever done anything like that before. It was kind of nice!

Cassandra shuddered in his arms. [i:737f9bfb94]"Remedial class? I don't think I'd want to find out what kind of material he'd come up with for that one! You ARE going to pass the class, aren't you?"'[/i:737f9bfb94] She peered into his eyes, her own drying up at last.

[i:737f9bfb94]"Well, yeah. I'm not real keen on having to deal with Wren in a remedial class... besides, can you imagine how angry he'd be if he had to come up with such a thing because of me?"[/i:737f9bfb94] Haven replied, and was glad that Cassandra was being so supportive, as he couldn't repress an involuntary quiver of his own, [i:737f9bfb94]"I mean, I know he means well and all, but..."[/i:737f9bfb94]

[i:737f9bfb94]"True,"[/i:737f9bfb94] she sniffled a bit, and changed gears on him, [i:737f9bfb94]"but I still need to figure out a way to build myself a reservoir of charges. Hmmm.....maybe between the two of us we can figure out a way to use tin foil. You know, I've been considering how to make a kind of helmet out of it......."[/i:737f9bfb94] With a thoughtful look on her face, Cassie began absently picking up the discarded tomes and started leafing through them. Haven raised an eyebrow and thought about it, [i:737f9bfb94]"Aluminum foil? Uh, Cassie, you'll have to enlighten me here,"[/i:737f9bfb94] he said, scratching the back of his head, [i:737f9bfb94]"because I'm somewhere between confused and clueless."[/i:737f9bfb94]

She frowned at his obtuseness. [i:737f9bfb94]"Well, I've been trying to run some rather abortive attempts on learning how to control my elemental skills and the only thing that seemed to work was to....."[/i:737f9bfb94] She launched into a discertation on electricity and it's properties and then the methods she'd used trying to harness it. She sighed and gazed intently at Haven. [i:737f9bfb94]"I figured, with what I know and your inventive brain, we could come up with a workable solution...."[/i:737f9bfb94] She trailed off slowly at his look of bemusement.

[i:737f9bfb94]"... You're trying to contain magic with chemistry,"[/i:737f9bfb94] he said, his eyes wide, [i:737f9bfb94]"A good idea, but Cass, you're practically a generator! You'll blow things up!! Have you thought about rerouting the energy instead? Like make yourself into a circuit?"[/i:737f9bfb94] he queried, and then saw she didn't understand. Exasperation colored his tone. [i:737f9bfb94]"Its like this, Vampire's have more control over their body processes than humans. Try rerouting the electricity back into the blood, mentally."[/i:737f9bfb94]

[i:737f9bfb94]"OOO!"[/i:737f9bfb94] Her eyes got huge! [i:737f9bfb94]"I hadn't thought of it that way! [b:737f9bfb94]see[/b:737f9bfb94]!," she leaned down and laid a light kiss on his cheek, "I knew you'd come through for me!"[/i:737f9bfb94] She beamed like an owner of a new car, just dying to take it out for a spin.

Again Haven reddened, and rubbed at his nape, [i:737f9bfb94]"Uh, anytime Cassie,"[/i:737f9bfb94] he wobbled slightly, his eyes going unfocused, [i:737f9bfb94]"I can't promise it will work though, since I'm not in position to completely know, nor do I want to be. I'd imagine you can do it by envisioning an electrical circuit, using a battery, and your blood as the battery... the electricity circles around back to source, as I understand it."[/i:737f9bfb94]

Puzzlement became uppermost in her blue eyes as she tried to think it out, [i:737f9bfb94]"Well, I can't go around in a ball all the time. How would I.........[b:737f9bfb94]OH[/b:737f9bfb94]!"[/i:737f9bfb94] The light had finally dawned, so to speak, as her motley hair lifted outward and sparks began to shower more profusely. Tentatively reaching up to smooth her hair, she suddenly pressed the damaged tresses to her head and shot out a hand, all five fingers pointing at the nearest tree.

A stunning display of thin tendrils lanced from the neonate Tremere's hand to the nearest branch of a tree. With a ::[i:737f9bfb94]hissing-krackle[/i:737f9bfb94]::, the unsuspecting branch was immediately denuded of all greenery and the still growing bark was blackened instantly. There was a small [b:737f9bfb94]*KRACKA-BOOM*[/b:737f9bfb94] as her fist closed, shutting off the flow of energy. Her mouth was a rounded "[b:737f9bfb94]O[/b:737f9bfb94]" of astonishment and shock.

There was a smell of burning ozone in the air.

Haven blinked and stared, [i:737f9bfb94]"Not precisely what I was thinking,"[/i:737f9bfb94] he said, staring at the destroyed branch, then scratching his chin, and looking at Cassie, [i:737f9bfb94]"Have you tried -changing- the electricity to something else? Temporarily?"[/i:737f9bfb94] She blinked quickly in the aftermath of the current's blinding flash and stared at Haven as if he was speaking a foreign language. [i:737f9bfb94]" what?"[/i:737f9bfb94]

Haven sighed, [i:737f9bfb94]"Well, lets say you studied up a bit; you could change it into heat, and use it to help with disguising your your lack of....body heat."[/i:737f9bfb94] He offered. [i:737f9bfb94]"That might reduce the charge enough for you to control it. Might be a matter of balance between use and saving smaller amounts."[/i:737f9bfb94] He shrugged as if the information was common place but she knew it for the gem of widsom that it was.

This time, Cass's hug made Haven squeak and his eyes bulged like a frog's! [i:737f9bfb94]"Oh, Haven, I just [b:737f9bfb94]knew[/b:737f9bfb94] you were such an Einstein!!"[/i:737f9bfb94] The buss he received, this time on his mouth, was enough to make up for the lingering soreness. [i:737f9bfb94]"I'll have to practice with it, but I do think it will work!"[/i:737f9bfb94] She hugged him again a third time, but less exuberantly and no kiss. That was a bit of a letdown.

He may not have gotten a peck the second time, but he was still sort of recovering from the first one, afterall, that had been pretty much the first smooch a girl had ever given him. Now, with his heart trying to climb up his throat and butterflies doing the willies in his stomach, he desperately dragged in a big gulp of breath to calm his wayward nerves, [i:737f9bfb94]"I hope so, and you know, thats the first time I've ever been called a brain and found it enjoyable,"[/i:737f9bfb94] he grinned.

She laughed softly and grabbed his hand. [i:737f9bfb94]"I'm feeling up to a good stroll around the place and maybe some more conversation with a real thinker. How about you?"[/i:737f9bfb94] she asked ingenuously. Then, like a switch being flipped, she intoned, [i:737f9bfb94]"Besides, you and I need to do some talking. Some [b:737f9bfb94]serious[/b:737f9bfb94] talking. You need to understand about me, Haven, and, frankly, it's about time I told you. Come on,"[/i:737f9bfb94] she tugged at his hand, [i:737f9bfb94]"let's leave the scene of this crime before Headmaster Darrant hears of my latest folly."[/i:737f9bfb94]

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Haven put his hands on his pockets as he listened to Cassandra, the pair of them walking in the moonlight, they had strayed onto a part of the grounds Haven hadn't seen before, a bridge over a good twenty foot drop, and a shallow bit of water flowing under it. He leaned against the railing as she finally looked at him seriously.

Cassie looked away, momentarily, then cleared her throat nervously before parting her lips, licked them and then spurted out the first thing that came to mind, [i:2f67545264]"I like you, Haven. A lot!"[/i:2f67545264] Then, her suddendly clenched hands shot a suffused ruddy color into her cheeks which, in turn, washed out as she grabbed his shoulders for an anchor and planted a quick buss to his lips as his eyes slowly widened, then glazed over.

Releasing him about as abruptly, she whirled and waked a few paces away before turning back to the railing and grabbing hold as if it were a lifeline. The stunned young man almost missed what she was saying [i:2f67545264]".....but the truth is, I'm just not ready yet for anything other than a casual friendship. I'm still getting used to being vampire, let alone Tremere. I want to finish my schooling and......and....."[/i:2f67545264] she faltered, then plunged on, [i:2f67545264]"....and I've never dated, and........."[/i:2f67545264] Grinding to a halt, she stared at him with a hungry look.

[i:2f67545264]"You don't know what to expect, right?"[/i:2f67545264] Haven said and grinned, even though the hungry look made him acutely nervous for a moment as his eyes cleared, shaking his head, [i:2f67545264]"Although that kiss earlier was far from casual, Cassie,"[/i:2f67545264] he said, but then hopped up onto the railing, taking silly, balanced steps along it, [i:2f67545264]"But you need to sort out what you want, and thats alright,"[/i:2f67545264] he said as he managed a sly smile at Cassie, [i:2f67545264]"Afterall, what fun is it if you're not sure its fun?"[/i:2f67545264]

Cass eyed his precarious perch and watched pinwheels of fright explode in her head, her hair mirroring her emotional state. Then she shook it off and decided that he probably knew the effect it would have on her and she wasn't about to let it effect her..........or let HIM know it did.

[i:2f67545264]"Well,"[/i:2f67545264] she looked down and brushed at her skirt, [i:2f67545264]"that's some of it. But mostly it's the fact that things are happening to fast for me. I feel like I've been on a nightmarish merry-go-round and it has yet to stop and let me off, Haven."[/i:2f67545264] She glanced up. [i:2f67545264]"Your avatus, Wren, told me to stop worrying so much about things and to just live life as I should. To stop letting my fears get in my way. And, frankly, YOU are one of my fears."[/i:2f67545264]

She walked over to stare up at his face, doing a search as if trying to find an answer there, her hand resting lightly on the wood, beside his foot. [i:2f67545264]"Truthfully, Haven? I don't like you at all."[/i:2f67545264] She watched his face begin to fall and then grinned to herself, but kept her eyes on his. [i:2f67545264]"I think I love you. And THAT frightens me almost as much as............"[/i:2f67545264] The words failed and a haunted look invaded those blue depths.

Haven hopped off the railing, and then leaned on it again, [i:2f67545264]"Cassie, I really don't know what to say, honestly, except you should try snowboarding. You're terrified the whole way through, but by the time you get to the bottom of the hill, you want to go back up and do it all over again,"[/i:2f67545264] he said, and stretched out, his lithe form momentarily seeming almost catlike. [i:2f67545264]"As to what it frightens you almost as much as, well, I won't pry, because you're having a hard time talking. But if you're ever feeling you want to talk, then do so. If not, don't. Its like this Cassie... it all comes down to you either, do, or you don't."[/i:2f67545264]

Cassie suddenly grinned in an about-face of her earlier demeanor, realizing belatedly what Haven was up to. If he wanted to divert her, she was all for it! [i:2f67545264]"I'm willing to try something once,"[/i:2f67545264] she declared (over the idea of scooting down a slippery slope of flakes and slamming into the first tree she came to), [i:2f67545264]"but where are you going to find snow this time of year?"[/i:2f67545264] She gestured at the last of summer's heat waves as they shimmered off of the school's carefully tended walkways in the moonlight.

Then the young woman sobered up again. [i:2f67545264]"Truly, I want a chance to finish being a teenager before I have to be an adult. Before I'm bound up in the life and research of a Tremere. Before my brain becomes so stratified, that I only know one way to live, Haven."[/i:2f67545264] She frowned with a touch of bleakness to the corners of her mouth.

[i:2f67545264]"I want to have just ONE friend I can talk over anything with. I want to see movies, eat popcorn, go out on dates, have sleep overs. I want to never have to need blood to survive, see the sun again, see my parents........"[/i:2f67545264] A choked whisper was the last part as she whirled away and her shoulders shook. A wail rent the evening air like the cry of a cat in heat or a peacock's cry. [i:2f67545264][b:2f67545264]"I WANT A FRIEND!!"[/i:2f67545264][/b:2f67545264] A single blood red tear coursed to the end of her chin and fell away in a slow motion free-fall, to splash against the wooden planks as a dark stain there.

Haven sighed, and reached an arm out, and hugged Cassie close to him, [i:2f67545264]"Then I'll be that friend, and I'll see what I can do, maybe there is a cure out there,"[/i:2f67545264] he said, not for the first time suppressing the urge to stroke Cassie's hair, for it sparked warningly as his hand got too near, [i:2f67545264]"I mean, we're in a school of magic, and if thats possible, who is to say anything else is impossible?"[/i:2f67545264]

Haven sighed, wondering if he'd ever be able to understand the girl in front of him entirely, truth be told, he wasn't sure trying to completely understand was a good idea, [i:2f67545264]"As for learning only one way to live? C'mon now, you're around me. Do you honestly think things'll ever get routine, I mean jeez, if I stopped to think about half of the stupid things I do, I'd never be able to move!"[/i:2f67545264] And then, he suddenly switched gears, [i:2f67545264]"As to snow, well... I can do more with heat than just make light and fire. I can make it cold too, I'm sure we can figure something out."[/i:2f67545264]

Cassandra hugged him back and then clung to him as she let the last of her dread wash itself out in the knowledge that he wasn't going to rush things. That suited her to a tea and gave her time to sort out her own needs and desires. Despite what Wren had told her, she wasn't in any rush to savor life any faster than she was going to!

She pulled away with a watery chuckle. [i:2f67545264]"Given your ancestor and what little I know of you, you goofball, if anyone could find a way to do something, it would be you."[/i:2f67545264] Another quick hug and she hooked an arm through his. [i:2f67545264]"As for the snow, why not just save all that energy for something that counts and just wait for winter? It's right around the corner and will be here sooner than you'd like. Next thing you know,"[/i:2f67545264] she snapped a finger, [i:2f67545264]"you'll be complaining because you want the heat again."[/i:2f67545264] She smirked knowingly at him, all teasing and sparkling delight. Haven knew it for the front that it was but let it go. Time enough later to get back to serious stuff.

There was a sudden rush of heat around them, a feeling of heat so intense they both felt as though standing in a volcano, and then, a voice behind them, [i:2f67545264]"Now isn't this just so sweet."[/i:2f67545264] the voice said in a horrible mockery of a touched voice as Haven turned to see what looked like a slender man dressed in orange looking armor, a battle axe in one hand and a decidedly norse looking helmet on his head. [i:2f67545264]"Who the devil are you,"[/i:2f67545264] Haven said, raising an eyebrow.

Cassie stared hard at the personage in front of them, then suddenly burst out laughing! And couldn't stop!! She sank to her knees as she hauled in enough air to keep the tightness of her hilarity from squeezing her further, the tension she'd been bound up in disipating itself through the ridiculousness of the clownish-looking figure confronting them.

Her laughter dissipated as the armor changed to black clothing and the helmet vanished, though the overlarge axe remained, though now it was propped on a shoulder, [i:2f67545264]"Elegantly put. Who the devil,"[/i:2f67545264] the axe weilder said, and grinned.

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Wren blinked, looking over the papers that had been handed in, giving a nod as the class shifted nervously in their seats. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Dismissed, Nyoko, please stay after,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] he said, starting with Haven's paper, raising an eyebrow to note that Haven had actually managed to do what looked almost flawless so far. And it wasn't even plagarism

Nyoko strolled casually up to the front of the room, her elegant dress barely swaying at the motion. A scaled head poked out of her collar, but a small whisper sent the young dragon scampering out the door headed for the gardens.

Wren raised an eyebrow and watched as the dragon scampered off, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Interesting creature, that one,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] he said, strumming his fingers on the desk, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Tell me, how is it he lives in a tattoo on your back, for I am curious."[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

[i:d1fb1a4b21]"Iku-san, my master, wanted Tameko to have a broader education, but a dragon would cause much panic among the population. So, he devised a spell to give Tameko freedom to learn and move about without upseting normal people."[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

Wren blinked, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Iku-san?"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] he said, trying to think, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Not a name I am familiar with,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] he said, then pondered, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"quite mischevious, isn't he?"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] Wren finished, finally putting his pen down and propping up his feet on his desk.

[i:d1fb1a4b21]"You wouldn't have heard of Master Iku, as he lives high in the mountains of Japan. Tameko is his son."[/i:d1fb1a4b21] Nyoko smiled and paused, letting that information sink in. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"As for Tameko's behavior, it can be explained as youth, as he is only 50 years old."[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

Wren blinked a bit them smirked, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"I wouldn't consider fifty to be youth, Miss Nyoko,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] he said, then scratched his chin, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"How is it you came to befriend a dragon then? I've never met a dragon, and I had been of the assumption that they preferred to eat pretty young ladies, rather than put their children on their backs in tattoos"[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

[i:d1fb1a4b21]"Perhaps, then, you have met the wrong dragons,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] she replied, eyebrow quirking up, smile fading. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"1 hour is youth for a mosquito, but 50 years is youth for a tree. Age is relative."[/i:d1fb1a4b21] She stood there, calm and serene with a peculiar light in her eyes. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"As to how Master Iku "adopted" me, my mother's family forced her to give me up and so I was left on a hillside, my cries disturbing my mentor. Rather than let me die and, obviously unwilling to eat an infant,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] she huffed, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"he took me in as a playmate for Tameko, who was just newly hatched."[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

At this, Wren realizes he made an offensive statement, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"My apologies, Miss Nyoko, I was born in medevil times, and as such, had certain preconceived notions,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] he explained, putting his hands up mock defensively.

[i:d1fb1a4b21]"Oriental dragons may be different from European dragons, as they are given to introspection and serenity. Also, your people reviled dragons as evil and bloodthirsty, whereas my culture respects and idolizes dragons."[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

Wren could only shrug, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Evil and bloodthirsty? Miss, I think you're mistaken. That's vampires. Dragons were reviled as devious and greedy,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] Wren said with a bit of a smirk, letting a fang show. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"I am afterall, technically an expert on bloodthirsty you know."[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

[i:d1fb1a4b21]"I am aware of that. It's hard to avoid that fact when the headmaster is one of the "living dead","[/i:d1fb1a4b21] Nyoko grinned sassily.

[i:d1fb1a4b21]"I hate that term, frankly,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] Wren said, crossing his arms, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"The living dead... there isn't anything living about us. Living implies a pulse, an ability to feel emotion in its full death. We have neither."[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

It was her turn to offer apologies. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"i spoke too hasty. I was thinking more of the old horror movies than of the reality of the situation."[/i:d1fb1a4b21] Nyoko hesitated briefly, then continued. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"What made you chose this unlife?"[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

[i:d1fb1a4b21]"Choose? I wasn't given a choice. My sire forced the embrace, and the reason I didn't embrace the sun was because I found out that my mortal love was pregnant with my child. Haven is one of my distant descendants,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] Wren said, wondering to himself why anyone would choose an unlife. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"I keep existing to take care of my family."[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

[i:d1fb1a4b21]"But that itself is a choice. You continue your existance to provide for your family, regardless of how many generations come after this one. There are humans that do not value their lives and chose to end it before they see their second decade. I have seen six decades already and there are times when I wish for the longevity of my master, to be able to see the wonders not yet discovered."[/i:d1fb1a4b21] A sad smile teased the corner of her mouth. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Maybe instead of thinking that you had no choice for this life, you should think that you chose to live for those wonders. Is there not wonder in holding a newborn? In knowing that this is something that you had a part in creating?"[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

Wren looked at Nyoko at this, raising an eyebrow, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Here is a secret about vampires. very few vampires -truly- feel anything. We can remember emotions, but they are essentially a dead thing for us. I am closer to living emotions than the majority of vampires, but none the less. You should never wish for such a long life, because you may watch friends and lovers die around you,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] Wren said, closing his eyes, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Take me for instance. When my mortal love died, even years after I left for her sake and the sake of our child, I was devastated."[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

Nyoko tilted her head and stared at him. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Is that not feeling? The devastation caused by the death of a loved one not to mention the love you still felt despite your "dead" state? You say that vampires can't feel. Then why do you continue your involvement with Haven? Misguided sense of duty?"[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

Wren blinked a touch, then strummed his fingers, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"I am a bit of an exception. I knew then, how I would feel, though now, I continue looking after Haven, in part, for the sake of the fact that, regardless of emotion or not, family is still family. And... to a point, I see myself, when I was young, in Haven,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] he said, propping his feet on the desk, then leaning his head back. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Another part, is that I failed his parents... they are dead because of that failure."[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

[i:d1fb1a4b21]"Ah."[/i:d1fb1a4b21] Nyoko breathed and rounded the desk to sit beside the boots on the polished desktop. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Then you admit that you are different, as am I. I have seen almost a quarter of a century, lived with dragons and count them as friends. I now find myself in a school for magic, mingling with humans, where the headmaster and many of the instructors are "night dwellers". To me, this is an adventure."[/i:d1fb1a4b21] She leaned forward, and the supple silk gaped slightly offering a teasing glimpse of the top of her breasts.

Wren blinked as this happened, then decided that it must not have been intentional, and even if it was, it was extraordinarily improper, as a result, he made a very stong effort to avoid looking at her breasts, but then sighed, and pulled his boots off the desk, standing and turning as if to move and stretch himself out before turning to look at Nyoko again. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Perhaps, though I must admit, I've found the school refreshing... constant new things keep happening,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] he said, scratching the back of his head, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"For instance, a young lady with a dragon tattooed on her back."[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

A sly look came into her eyes. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Perhaps you would care to see it's full splendor?"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] A moue of disappointment crossed her lips. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"But I forget....Tameko is off "communing" with the goldfish."[/i:d1fb1a4b21] She sighed. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Some other time then?"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] She straightened up, eyes dancing with mischief and asked, [i:d1fb1a4b21]"What that all you wished from me? If not, I am willing to please in any way necessary."[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

Were Wren anyone else, his jaw would have dropped. Even he couldn't dismiss the look in her eyes as anything other than what it was... and it wasn't as though it were not tempting, afterall, Nyoko was an attractive girl. However, Wren realized that it might be crossing the line to give into that moment's temptation. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"No actually, I was merely interested in hearing more about you... even the staff here know relatively little, and you strike me as an intriguing individual."[/i:d1fb1a4b21]

Nyoko shrugged, nonchalantly. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"I'm more than happy to converse with you further on any subject you might have. Perhaps we can set up a time to get together. I, too, am interested in learning more about your culture."[/i:d1fb1a4b21] There was a shout of frustration from the open window and a splash. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"But for now, I have to go rescue Tameko from the wrath of the gardeners."[/i:d1fb1a4b21] She sighed heavily. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Just because the fish are gold colored...."[/i:d1fb1a4b21] and with that, she swept aroung the desk and sauntered out to save her companion.

Wren blinked a bit at this, then sighed in relief, shaking his head at the sudden hilarity of the situation. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Seems that dragons do have some of the same vices all around,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] he whispered, and sat back in his chair before reaching into his desk and pulling out book with vellum pages, bound in leather. [i:d1fb1a4b21]"Interesting girl though,"[/i:d1fb1a4b21] he said thoughtfully, then gave a quick shrug before dipping the steel tipped pen in an inkpot, and placing pen to paper to record the day's events and feelings.

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Cassandra sighed. It never failed that all educational institutions had their bullies and jerks that felt they could only achieve greatness through intimidation and exhibitionism. Or through sheer gall. This one had it in spades and it was time for a lesson in humility. She'd had enough to being squashed down and it was time for Wren's lessons to come to roost

[i:10abe559cc]"You know, you really DON'T have to dress like a superhero to attend classes here. You just need talent."[/i:10abe559cc] She smiled sweetly, her eyes dancing with suppressed mischief, [i:10abe559cc]"You DO know what talent is, don't you?"[/i:10abe559cc] Her victim's face slowly melted into a grimness that seemed in opposition to the gag show schtick.

[i:10abe559cc]"Well then, since you find me funny,"[/i:10abe559cc] the voice became a menacing whisper, [i:10abe559cc]"laugh it up then!"[/i:10abe559cc] Snarling, his right hand shot up, palm outward, and, without uttering so much as a solitary word or the making of a single gesture, a blade of intense fire shot at Cassie's face. It never reached her. A quick shout of [i:10abe559cc][b:10abe559cc]"Perdo Ignem!"[/b:10abe559cc][/i:10abe559cc] from Haven had the flame vanishing from existence. Accompanied, seconds later, by a flash of silver, a manifest signature of Haven's abilities. The boy breathed a premature sigh of relief.

The young mage turned with a grin to see Cass's reaction and watched, stunned, as all pretenses of humanity seemed to drop away from her facade of unlife. The beast had risen swiftly to take control. Canines lengthened, the body gained in wiry strength and a touch of height. Human-seeming eyes rolled back into the head revealing black orbs which, surprisingly, flashed with forks of lightning.

Strands of hair lengthened and sparks flew in an aura around the head. Fingers elongated into deadly talons not born of protean but, rather, from the truth of undeath. [i:10abe559cc]"Dare to threaten ME, will you?!"[/i:10abe559cc] the voice that barely got the words past rictus lips wasn't that of the frightened girl any longer. It had come up from the depths of hell.

Haven's earlier delight drained away upon seeing the tranformation, yet he remained unphased by it. Somewhere in the back of his mind was the knowledge that he'd probably faint later, when all of this was over. For now, things had become serious and required all of his attention. Deadly serious.

With feigned nonchalance, he quipped, [i:10abe559cc]"[b:10abe559cc]You[/b:10abe559cc] just tossed a fireball at a close friend of mine, so I tell you what,"[/i:10abe559cc] his eyes narrowed a moment as his hands began to make arcane passes and he stepped forward to hide the flame from the creature at his back, [i:10abe559cc][b:10abe559cc]"Creo Validus Ignem!,"[/b:10abe559cc][/i:10abe559cc] Silver touched fire burst from Haven's hand, and shot towards the black clad stranger. And Haven, with his typically flippant nature, raised his middle finger at the their adversary.

Grinning, as the flame struck and enveloped his frame, their enemy jeered, [i:10abe559cc]"Is that all you've got, for poor Loki?"[/i:10abe559cc] which, upon hearing the name, brought a sudden stricken look to the young Ashley face. As the flames died, he blurred forward, axe in hand, lithe limbs swinging the double-bladed axe toward the top of Haven's head, his vulnerable flank turning to present itself to the growling beast behind the boy, as he did so.

With the reflexes of a natural snowboarder, Haven awoke from his lapse, yipped and dropped, his haircut ruined as the weapon only sliced off a few hairs. This Loki person made two very bad mistakes, where Cassandra's beast was concerned. One was leaving himself open like that and the other was taking a shot at Haven.

Like a cowboy mounting a moving horse from the side, she launched at his back and wrapped long limbs around his neck and torso. Clinging like a burr, she struck, fangs sinking deep into Loki's neck, who for his part, showed himself still vulnerable as he let out a shriek of pain. Foul ichor ran through his veins, bleeding into Cassandra's mouth, as he turned and threw the both of them towards the bridge's railing in an attempt to dislodge his burden.

Snarling with revulsion, Cass dropped away from Loki after the impact, spitting the vile blood from her mouth as she reached up and wiped it off her lips. Only to suddenly lunged forward in a full body tackle to try and bring him down to the decking where she could rip out his throat. For her efforts, she was rewarded with a few splinters of wood in her flesh as she landed, Loki easily sidestepping the animalistic manuever.

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Nyoko sighed, distracted, and walked the garden paths while pondering her own burgeoning feelings for the new instructor, Wren. Tameko, unknowing and uncaring, trotted playfully alongside of her. He shot ahead to snap, unsuccessfully, at a careless moth only to stiffen up and cock his head to one side. [i:644268080a]"Sssssissster, lisssten!"[/i:644268080a] he caroled, then twisted his head again, trying for better hearing.

Nyoko did the same and decided that the sounds filtering to her were that of a fight in progress, off to her left. Angry shouts and growls, followed by flares of light and fire seemed to give credence to her conclusions. [i:644268080a]"Run, get Master Julius,"[/i:644268080a] she ordered as she changed direction and ran towards the sound of battle, a grim look crossing her exquiste features.

What she found, was something she'd never seen before, lying on it's back on the ground, a dark male figure looming over it and Haven making what appeared to be arcane gestures. For which of the two, as the target of his spell, he faced, she couldn't guess at. Beginning the process of her own spell to back up her classmate, just in case, she hoped her bond-brother would reach the headmaster, and quickly!!

The reclined creature, on a bridge she couldn't remember having seen on the grounds before, shook itself and then flowed upright as streaks of lightning shot out only grazing their intended target. Wren's protege tossed another fire ball, that shot into space as well. [b:644268080a]THAT[/b:644268080a] set the seal on who was friend and who was foe.

[i:644268080a]"Need a hand, Haven?"[/i:644268080a] came Nyoko's calm offer of assistance. Sensing a threat to her prey, the beast within Cassandra screamed, causing her to turn and growl menacingly, her fangs bared at the dragon-woman, and alarming Haven even more than it seemed to bother the elemental mage. With no time for explanations, Haven needed to soothe Cassie's beast and quickly.

[i:644268080a]"It's alright, Cass! Nyoko is a friend. She came to help us with him,"[/i:644268080a] he gestured in Loki's directions. The feral woman turned and gave a long, low growl, eyeing him up and down. Nyoko finally knew [b:644268080a]who[/b:644268080a] the beastial thing was and to realize that this was one of those situations Wren had lectured so intensively on.

Loki used the distraction to begin his recovery and next assault.

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Wren snatched Tameko out of the air before Tameko could reach the headmaster, and eyed the little dragonling. "Where are you headed?" Wren asked softly, wondering what manner of mischeif the little creature was up to.

"To ssseeee the headmasssster," Tameko replied, and Wren sighed, "I'd imagine Julius is very busy... perhaps I can solve whatever problem it may be?"

It was at this point that Tameko nodded, then wormed out of Wren's grasp, setting off on a bounding path, leading Wren towards the scene of the battle, neither one knowing entirely what they might find there.

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Cassie took a sinister step in Haven's direction but a quick look of confusion jumped behind those terrifying eyes, as her anger began to dissipate in the face of Haven's obvious good health. The Tremere beast stopped in puzzlement as it tried to figure out why it was so bewildered. Cass began to fight her way up from where she'd buried her "self", struggling to prevent the disaster she knew was hovering within reach of Haven. Her worst nightmare set to explode within her at any moment.

Nyoko for her part, maintained her calm, not sure at this point, which was ally or which was foe again. "Not impressed, save it for the battle," she threw in the vampire's direction, then blinked as Haven noticed a suddenly mobile Loki, and, turning towards the demi-god, gave a powerful shout of "PERDO IGNEM!".

Loki hit a wall of the deepest cold Haven could conjure. In the same moment, Nyoko condensed several parts of water vapor and, for lack of a better word, tossed the droplets through the deadly cold, right at the axe-wielding godlet.

Loki's eyes widened and he screamed as the water, passing through the zone of frigid air, suddenly froze and hardened, deadly sharp points materializing as the heat in the water stretched it out into deadly points in its attempt to reach the colder point. The icy fragments rained into Loki, puncturing flesh and piercing vital organs.

The shriek brought Cassie's atttention back to him and the beast snatched control back and buried her under for the second time. Caution was tossed out the window as the monster burned vast amounts of vitae, hands glowing intensely with even more pent up electrical force. A solid spear of incandescent light shot out, striking Loki in the chest, throwing him backwards off the bridge, causing him, momentarily, to regret putting in an appearance and marking his eradication with an explosion of frost, fire and force.

Haven swayed from the expenditure of stamina in his magical works as Cassie dropped, completely unconcious, like a marrionette sundered from its strings. Legs folding beneath him, the boy sat heavily, and cradled the her now human head in his lap, stroking the quieted hair and praying that she wasn't going to go and turn to ash on him.

Many minutes later, as he became aware she was only in a kind of torpor, did one of Wren's approbations, about the dangers of the vampiric need for blood after a battle, shake it's way down Haven's spine and he stood on trembling legs, before scooping Cassandra up in a fireman's carry and starting at a stumbling run towards her room. He began to pray anew that she'd not awaken until he could get her to sustenance.

"HEY!", Nyoko's shout of astonishment rang out behind him, "This bridge isn't real!!!"

When people have power, they seek to use it.
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