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Karl busted out the front doors of the building feet tracked down each step as he tried to catch himself into a safe plan to avoid these hunters. They had been chasing him since he was after the Manacle in New England and it was getting quite annoying. His pale blue orbs gazed upon the motorcycles on the curb, some had bags of stakes and baseball bats with sharp edges on them. Obviously these belonged to his stalkers. He walked over to one and placed his leg over the seat sitting down on the Dark crimson Red RZ 350 Yamaha. It looked nice, then again he was never into bikes, that was more of a Brujah trait. Finally the hunters busted out of the building rushing down towards him, He started the cycle up and hit the gas slamming the rubber wheels to the street as he took off like a bolt from a crossbow. His attackers jumped on their bikes and followed. He could hear the noise of them approaching him from behind, engines roaring loudly. A hunter pulled up beside him, Karl pulled both his legs over to the left side, He looked back to the hunter right behind him. A sly grin brushed across temperate lips as he leaped towards the up coming street sign, shoving off the bike with enough strength that it plowed into the hunter riding behind him. The shock and impact hurled the hunter into a nearby car. Karl's fingers wrapped around the steel sign and whipped his body around just in time to leap down on the back of the bike that was behind him. The hunter was stunned by the action and yelled, only to be silenced by the crack of his neck in Karl's hands. He tossed the bike into a paused gear and tossed the dead hunter's body into the ground. Before he could take off again three hunters surrounded him with their bikes circling like sharks on their prey. "All right I guess I give up" those words were uttered slowly and were surely just a ploy to gain Karl access to a weak moment in the flawed mortals. All three hunters stopped at different angles. One of them placed his leg over the bike and walked toward Karl, and broke his shotgun over the back of Karl's head knocking him down and off the bike, his cold body hit the ground and his eye lids slowly shut. He placed the shotgun over his own knee and broke it in half so that the wooden parts would create a stake-like shape. The hunter then held the stake high in the air and hurled it down towards Karl's heart.

[ anyone can just jump in, I don't have a set plan as to where to take the story. ]

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A long black limo pulled up to the Augustus Hotel entrance. Syd slowly strolled out across the red carpet as his other ghoul Jack climbed out the back seat and held the door open for Veronica and Sandy. Maxwell slowly folled accompanied by Jessica.

Jack got in last and closed the door. They made their way to the moderately rich side of town, not where Sorenti, Gabe, and himself faired, but still by mortal standards a decent living quarters. All three young ladies lived within three blocks of one another making it an easy task, despite all this Syd leaned his against the window looking out into space with utter boredom. Finally they were all dropped off, now they could head back to the Casino where some excitement could be put into play.

They made their way through the industrial side of town waying closer to the commercial district where his casino lay.

As made his way past Cherry st. He noticed 3 motorcycles circling he thought nothing of it, likely a local street gang controlled by a known brujah. But has he looked closer he noticed the face of Karl, a local Torreador he had seen at a few of the meetings. "Take a right here and stop at the corner there and wait for us," Jack and Max sat in confusion wondering what was going on.

Karl stood in the middle of the circling group. Syd began walking closer he wasnt too far off yet, but still was unnoticed, the motorcycle gang had been focusing too hard on Karl, Syd wondered if what he was about to do was right, what had this kindred done to have gotten himself in so much trouble, but he was a torreador and Syd had always favored that clan over most others aside his own.

Maxwell and Jack stood close watching Syd, Syd had pondered a moment in sending the ghoul to do the job completey, as he wasnt sure such a task was worth his time, but he knew they would finish their task using their dual .45's and understoof this wasnt a great task at hand.

Syd walked up right beside them now, one was off the bike and struck Karl upon his head making him collapse to the ground bleeding, he then brandished a stake high in the air.

Syd cast awe thrice for each of the kinde, starting with the one pushing for torpor. All three began to walk towards Syd and his ghouls. Syd looked at them knowing his effects would be lasting some time. Go home all of you. They stood there expressionless momentarily then began walking like zombies in the same direction. Syd picked up two of the bats and handed one to Jack and Maxwell, they both took into hand. Syd pointed at their bikes and they nodded and began bashing the bikes. Syd turned around and began heading back towards the limo "dont forget the Torrie," he said. The ghouls through down their bats, Jack headed walking alongside Syd, whist Maxwell picked the torreador and walked back to the limo with him upon his shoulder. As they all got into the car, Karl began to awake. Syd looked at him with a frown. So then, what did you do to deserve all this?

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Karl awoke, feeling a tingling feeling from the back of his head, his jaw was quite sore, His eyes glanced about, obviously he wasn't dead. Then he took in the kindred's words and thought for a second trying to remember. "They were hunters, about a month ago I was in search of a Greek manacle. A group of wealthy relic hunters were on the same mission. I camped outside their grounds and waited for them to uncover it. One night they were lucky and found it deep inside the tomb, the whole group celebrated, and after each member was drunk I ran through the camp killing them left and right. I pulled the manacle from one of their cold dead hands but when I left one of the victims recovered. He hired these men to hunt me down and bring back the manacle, they have been following me ever since." He brushed his hand across the back of his neck the pain slowly beginning to lessen as his body regenerated with blood healing. Fingers curled through his blonde locks as he brushed his hand through his hair. "Thank you for saving me, I figured I could take them but I wasn't aware of the numbers they were tracking me in. I killed four in New England, and two here. I waited the bodies in New England in the local river and then left them there for fish food, I doubt there are anymore then the ones we encountered tonight, When I killed one of them on their bike I noticed a matches in his front pocket with the club logo of Gerald Van Lerance on the cover. He's an Art collector, I figured he might have something to do with the manacle but he wasn't at the campsite. You know those mortal artsy types, afraid to get their feet dirty. I'll admit my kind is like that too but when you crawl out of the dirt six feet in the ground you kinda get use to it." He's face turned towards the window as he noticed the road, it led to the mental hospital, It reminded him of Mark. "You can drop me off here, I have a place to go. I'm sure I've already been enough of an inconvenience. I thank you it's great to know the cascadia ventrue's haven't lost their enormous gratitude."

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Syd Nodded to the driver and the brakes slowly eased onto stop. "Very well it?"

Maxwell opened the door.

"Always be sure to uphold the masquerade, and if ever aid should be needed do not hesitate to reach me. Stay safe, and do keep me to date on these hunters"

Karl nodded respectfully and made his way down the road. The limo flew past him as if in a great hurry.

((maybe a chron then, I or maybe another could throw one together, im sure, mail me

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