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Maximilian was in his confortable chair, near an immense window of his dark mansion. Overwhelmed by the shadows, Maximilian was thinking, while drinking a glass of rich blood when Igor entered in the room.
- Sir, there's someone at the door... said the deformed ghoul
-D'accord, I'm coming. replyed the poet
Maximilian descended down the stairs and arrived in the main hall where he saw a woman with long black hairs and a beautyfull dark dress. Her face was white like the snow, her eyes like shadows and her lips were like the blood.
- What can I do for you, gente dame ? asked Maximilian
- Your mansion is fabulous and I wanted to know who habited in it ... it's so mysterious... and dark... can we talk a little ?
- Of course ! Come on, enter. He smiled at her.
They went at the dining room. This room was gigantic, full of statues in the corners and with a very long table in the center. They come and sat at the table.
- Wanna read a poem I wrote ? asked Max
-Of course ! she read and looked at Max with her beautyfull eyes... It's fantastic !
- Merci beaucoup ! I always been fascinated by the gothic culture, the most fascinating light is the one burning in the center of the darkness.
The woman looked at the poet and was amazed by what he said.
- I totally agree with you ... can I ask you what's your name ?
- Maximilian, and you ?
- Isabelle
- Enchanté ! he smiled
- Will I have the pleasure to meet you again in the future ? asked the beautyfull goth woman
- I hope so ... I'm often go out at night and party. he smiled
- "Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire !" he stared laughing
Maximilian didn't knew how to take what she said ...
-What do you mean ? he said
- That's the tagline of "The Lost Boys" movie. she looked at Maximilian like he was her object of desire. You look so much like a vampire ! I'm in paradise ... I'll tell you the truth ... I'm seduced by you...
Maximilian looked at Isabelle with passion...
-Come with me ... he said
They went in the chamber
There was an immense bed in the room with decoration everywhere in the room. The sat on the bed. Maximilian took the woman in his arms and kissed her. They kissed each other. She laid in the bed and Maximilian covered her body with kisses. In the middle of the night, when Isabella slept, the vampire kissed her in the neck and took some her blood.After, he licked the scar with his tongue and it diseapeared.
The Morning.
Isabelle woke up, Maximilian was not there. She asked Igor where the poet was and he said that he had to leave for the day. And so, the woman leaved with her memories, wondering if she'll ever see him again...

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