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She sat down on the left side of her bed, the golden champagne silken locks fell over her shoulders, and ended in small curls at the end. Her body was covered in only a crimson colored bra and matching stain lingerie skirt, the straps clung tightly over her smooth shoulders. Her eyes narrowed down to her lap, she was fiddling around with the hilt of her silver brush. Warm breaths rolled over her wet lips as he pulled her left leg up, bending it as the knee as she leaned back against her soft pillows. Her delicate fingers grasped a large amount of hair before she ran it through those velvety strains with ease. A slight yawn curled through her throat before she placed the brush down on the bed side table and turned off the small glass lamp.

A tapping noise began to grow from outside the small glass window, She moved alittle turning towards the right side as she clutched onto the sheets. Eye lids opened slightly her sight was blurry and with all the lights off it was hard to make out the room, she sensed someone inside with her, He moved closer it was still too dark to see him, his features were hidden under the shroud of the night, like a dark mask. She pulled her body up to the headboard sitting up, her body leaned towards the lamp, her face turned towards it as she tried to find the switch with the tips of her fingers, finally a second later the room was filled with a glow and she could make out everything in the range of the brilliant lamp, but only in sheer outlines, She pulled her body back against the pillow only to be startled by the figure of a male beside her, He placed his hand over her stomach, She grunted softly and pulled his hand away, but he placed it back on the edge of her skirt and then pulled the flimsy garment from her frame, She kicked her body about struggling to free herself but the strength of this man was too much for even her. Maybe if she was fighting harder she would have a chance, but some of her was drawn to him, He moved down to her legs and spread them with his hands. He opened his mouth and leaned down lapping his wet pinkish organ across her bared sex, like a cat thoroughly wetting it's palette in a bowl full of milk. She gripped the sheets with her hands, slender fingers curled as she strained to remain calm. He curved his tongue down around the opening of her slit and brushed his cold fangs against her hot flesh, sending chills up her spine. She realized he was a vampire and sat up, but his form disappeared, she looked down as her skirt was still on, and untouched, Was it a dream? She pulled her legs behind her as palms planted themselves on the soft bed, body leaning in as she looked around for any sign of him.

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((Well i'll be the first to say it, heh, good post whoever this is, very.....vivid :cool:

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((nice post:) proves the saying I live by :P :P
never.....ever.....disturb a vampire when he's busy ! :wiggle: :lol: :P

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[ I was hoping for in character replys lol ] :smile:

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((i'd love to reply, but i can't really think of a way Gabe could be involved in this particular event? suggestion?

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[Well Kaylee threatened your driver and ruined your limo in kathy's story so you can seek her out.]

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Kaylee moved through the crowd, red and blue spot lights flickered across the crowd in the exact beat of the music. A flashing strobe light casted arrogant shadows on the walls like growing demons, but everyone in the place was dancing completely naive to the darkness. She looked passed some dancers catching a short glimpse of the man from her dream. He was standing there without a movement staring at her like an owl preying on a small field mouse. She was neither weak nor a mouse, her face went somewhat emotionless. There was no way she'd fall for a vampire no matter what sexual games he played. Before she could reach him a woman walked between them, and as her eye lids fell and rose in a blink that would last only a brief second his form was gone. delicate fingers raised as she placed her hand over her forehead, what the heck was going on. Her body moved back towards the exit. Opening it as her body passed through the door slowly shut on it's own, the music was dimly silent out there. She placed her hands over each other folding them below her beasts, keeping warm with that tight blue sweater, skin tight black leather pants adorned her lower form, She tilted her head up only to find the vampire again, this time sucking on a poor raver chick with purple hair. "Vampires should have their own sexuality they think they can suck on everyone's neck and not enter a committed relationship .. well handsome I think it's my turn to cut in." He looked up at her the blood running down his chin, the poor girl was in a silent slumber no doubt passed out in terror. He dropped her down and stood infront of her holding his hand out to her. Kaylee lifted her arms slowly as an unnatural glow connected within her palms. Pink lights poured out as a pair of daggers took form inside her hands, ribbon light fingers stretched around the hilt as she took a firm grip. "I noticed you like daggers, so I brought a pair." The vampire uttered through wet lips dripping small amounts of blood from his cold mouth. She held her stance still not to attack yet, there was no point killing him when she had questions he could answer. "I'll have a look after I pry them from your dust, now before I destroy you why have you been playing with my mind?" He nodded slightly with a big red grin, somewhat like the grinch grin, but with enough capacity of arrogance that you just wanted to slap that smirk right off him. "Truthfully .. it tickles me, watching you suffer not sure what's real and what isn't, plus it keeps you off my Ventrue friends." Slowly she walked towards him her lips curled in a smile before she spoke again. "So this is all to throw me of Gabriel and Sorenti, Since I'm going to kill you anyway, No I'm not after them they were just in the area where I was wiping out vampires, they don't concern me that much, except for Gabriel .. but that's another story all in it's self, Well let's see do I have anything else I wanna get out of you." He tossed his arms forward at her as Three daggers hurled through the air towards her. "How about a death wish!" He yelled. She evaded the daggers as she leaped sideways into the brick wall, heels pressed hard against solid wall propelling her back, one dagger reached her chest while she was in midair, but was blocked by her mystical blade. She landed firmly on her feet, tossing her arm into his shoulder as the dagger ripped through his cold dead flesh, her arm then moved across his body, decapitating his neck and head from his body in one swift brush. She watched the flesh break into dust and scatter across the ground, her eyes fell back on the young girl.

"So young .. I'm so sorry." She placed her hands in the sign of the cross just like when she was twelve in sunday mass, showing her respect for the poor girl.

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Kathy walked away from the bar, the two mortal drinks that she was growing very fond of in her hand, the ultraviolet flashing lights hitting the glass making the blue drink glow (cider and VK )
she raised her eyebrows in annoyance as she returned to where her and Trav had been stood, watching the kine dancing.
"damn you Trav...cant you stay put for once" kathy banged his drink down on the ledge as she kept hers in her hand and started to walk around the club, hoping he wasnt causing any trouble.

Trav was only a young torrie and had trouble understanding what was right and wrong, he had got into a lot of trouble in paris and her sire had sent him to kathy just for a few weeks while the trouble blew over.

Kathy eyes narrowed as she walked around the club, she hadnt wanted to come to the club tonight,but Trav had said he would just come on his own and kathy couldnt let him do that.

Kathy pushed her way through the crowd , trying to see above their heads for any sign of him.
"I swear im going to lock you up from now on Trav, at least I will know where you are then"

Kathy paused as she took a sip of her drink and her eyes felt drawn towards a figure in the crowd.

Kathy eyes looked her up and down, the lights shone of the hair as pale as straw that hung down her back almost to her waif like waist. the tight black leather trousers hugged her small pert bottom and skimmed down her slender legs.
A tight cowl neck blue soft wool sweater clung to her contours,not leaving anything to the imagination.
"oh sweetie " kathy whispered as the girl turned briefly and kathy gazed at her high cheekbones and ruby red lips , her face had a strange sort of appeal, it was very sensual and kathy felt oddly pulled towards her.
Before kathy could approach her to see if she could be tempted to join her little parties, the girl turned and walked towards the exit.

Kathy put her drink down and moved across the dance floor following the girl.

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She placed her hands up through her silken locks, golden almost alabaster tendrils caught up by her weaving fingers, she pulled her arms down as her hands stayed together, palms dragged across her neck and rested at the nap, almost touching her shoulder. There was nothing she could do for the girl, She had died before her battle with the vampire was over. Hunting vampires was a life that was even harder on someone like her because when it came to seeing the innocent dead, their lives stolen, ripped out through their blood it was emotional. It made her work at the Cascadia Herald alittle easier, because she had contact with a lot of the cases before even the police. She turned about cautiously and headed towards the exit door again. Her hands rested at her sides now swaying slowly, she caught her breath as the door opened and the music blasted towards her. The crowd had died down alittle since she had left, giving her a perfect path through them without the hassle of saying "Excuse me, your girlfriend's large ass is in my way, tell her to stop shaking it and move." She reached the staircase on the left side of the club, both hands placed down on the parallel banisters, gliding up along with her during every step, The loft was dark, and it over looked the whole club this was definitely a good place for vampires to live, sleep during the day and wake up with a room filled with meals dancing their hearts out without a care.

Looking down at the crowd she noticed a man his appearance was quite odd, he was dancing freely like the rest but his moves were carbon-dated, this guy had to be a vampire. Then her turquoise oculars fell upon a woman, she had seen the woman before she went outside, she was beautiful but she continued on her trail to the vampire that was stalking her and didn't think about it.
She walked back towards the boxes that were against the wall of the loft and sat down. Her hand rested on an object, lifting it in her digits she released it was a candle, it would be smart to light this get some idea of what was up there with her. She reached for a match in her pocket and pulled her foot into her lap, brushing the match swiftly across the heel of her boot. The little wooden match ignited and she fed the fire to the wick of the candle as a glow filled the area around her, tossing the shadows out into the their hiding places.

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