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Gabe's lack of acknowledgement and mendacious look about him impressioned syd to go on about his business.

Many of Cascadia's finest Ventrue were on the prowl tonight. Syd however was awaiting his own herd to be arriving soon, accompanied by his loyal ghoul Maxwell.

Just as his thoughts drifted on about his feed Maxwell's broad sholders brushed his own. "Sir" is all he uttered in a subtle and respectfull manner. Syd nodded and continued listening to the speaker. A few moments later Maxwell excused himself and began walking towards the lobby. As he left three women with hair to match their dresses began to reveal themseves. Sandy the darkened auburn hair past her upper back, Veronica with shoulder length midnight blue, and Jessica whith long curly golden hair.

Jessica stood next to Syd with a sedulous look towards him, she just stood and stared in awe, as he eventually turned his head to her the locked eyes. Her hand slowly made its way up to his arm and took hold and they began walking slowly down a long corridor to the lobby where Maxwell had disappeared to. Her silken black dress clung loosly against her thighes, with every step you could momentarily see her slender figure perfectly only to descend from vision a second later. Veronica stopped momentarily and the exchanged wanting looks. Veronica wanted to give into his needs and her own, which unknowingly to her were different.

She began walking backwards to the door they had just passed holding Syd's hand now and smiling seductively. She bit her lip slowly as they neared the door.

Syd knew he needed to feed soon, he didnt know how long he would be able to uphold the masquerade otherwise. He opened the door and they both slid into the room. Aside the wall she began to caress his chest, she kissed him slowly at first then pace quickened. His hand slowly began caressing the side of her breast beginning to slide down past her midsection down towards the curvature of her lower back, she grabbed his hand and guided it slowly to her spot of warmth, upon first touch she broke from his kiss allowing her head go placid to release a sigh of ecstasy. The smooth pale perfections of her neck now lay susceptible to his agressive impulses. His fangs came through like a switchblade when the light pooring in from the corridor into the darkened room gave way to reveal movement on the bed, looking harder he noticed a male and a female, the woman with very familiar red hair straddled him as he sat up connected to her neck. Syd told Veronica to wait outside for him, and as she left he closed the door behind her. The two on the bed continued giving no notice to Syd or his pryor company. Syd then grabbed Sandy by the neck, both her and the man she straddled gave an exhale of shock and she quivered in fear. Syd licked her wound on her neck shut, tasting the blood nearly made him frenzy, but he held himself together. He made Sandy forget everything and had her await him outside with Veronica. Syd's Sire had taught him never to feed off another herd, and he wondered why the young Ventrue who sat in front of him in shock, had never learned of this. "Recite your linneage!" Syd said in a stern voice. The young Ventrue did and Syd nodded in approval. He was feeling the hunger and knew a rebuke for feeding from his herd would suffice, he did so and left the room now accompanied by to woman, Maxwell was left taking Jessica home while Sandy and Veronica went back to Syd's appartment.

((ok obviously greatly shortened since and far less vivid, oh well, that was the gest of the previos post

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Alekz lay under the surgeons knife. Dr. Astercees cut through the muscle and gristle that protected his organs, just beyond the rib shield. The scalpels invasion, although as gentle as it could be, still violently pierced the Ventrue flesh. Alekz didn’t show any outward reactions to the pain, but Dr. Astercees being a toreador could feel a slight flare of torment emanating from a miniscule part of his patient. If his mental probing could penetrate deeper he may have found the essence of a 5 year old boy shivering and huddling in the recesses of Alekz’ mind. However Alekz’ own mental wall prevented anyone from getting in too deep. He pulled back the layers of flesh, finally using forceps to pull the chrome cylinder from his chest, the network of connecting arteries and veins simply closed for future use with tiny silicon caps. The cylinder pulsed once before Astercees switched it off. Returning to his patient he began to layer the tissues over each other, he injected Alekz with his own specification of Vitae and washed the wound as the Ventrue killer began to heal the injured flesh. Fingers of undead flesh grasped across the torn flesh, pulling it together, knitting it into its former self. As Astercees washed the gore from his table, Alekz pulled on a dark grey sweater, the wound now completely sealed, invisible save for a faint pale line.

“The cylinder performed perfectly Mr Thain. Surprisingly for such an invasive device.”

Alekz nodded, taking the cylinder from the Doctor he slid it into a carry case with a hissed “Whump” as the magnetic case took hold of its cargo.

“Yes indeed. Thank you for your time Dr. Astercees. You will be paid in due course.”

The doctor smiled, not at the thought of the money soon to be transferred into his account but with satisfaction that his “art” still allowed him the power to heal. He pushed open the door to his “surgery” and watched as the young Ventrue climbed into a dark grey Audi TT, glittering in neon light like a street-hugging scarab.

The car purred to a halt, Alekz locked it as he walked up the steps. The carbon-fibre window panels slid up encasing the glass as the engine shut itself off. He carried the case, stepping up to the door and pressing the buzzer for attention.

The insect-like voice buzzed over the com.

“Yes Mr Thain. Mr O'Brien is delayed, he will be with you shortly.”

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The door swung open allowing the tart mixture of scents to reach Gabriel's nose. Sanitation, metal, and blood. He smiled slightly, remembering the Tremere labrotories that had smelled very similiar, only adding a stench of decay into the mix.

The two figures in the room shot their glances towards him. Gabriel stood tall and thin, a form fitting black suit hugging his rugged frame, his heavy black trench coat, now moist from the evening mist that had rolled in, draped casually over his arm.

The nearer of the figures, removed blood stained gloves and stepped up.

"Nice to see you Mr. O'Brien." he said, extending a hand. Gabriel took it firmly, adding a beaming smile with it.

"The pleasure is mine Dr. Astercees. Did the procedure go well?" Gabriel watched as the Toreador doctor reacted in a bit of insult.

"It went FLAWLESSLY Mr. O' always." Gabriel chuckled.

"Of course. Alekzandre." he spat, casting his gaze over the shoulder of the Toreador and inspecting his property. The Ventrue stood rigidly in a dark grey sweatshirt and jeans. All creased to perfection.

"Yes Mr. O'Brien." he said, his somewhat hollow eyes meeting Gabriels.

"There's a car out front waiting, I'll be along shortly." Alekz complied and quickly exited the room, only stopping to grab a few personal items he had placed on a table, a thin black pistol being among them.

Gabriel turned to the doctor once they were alone.

"Shall we discuss the operation in a bit more detail?"

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