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The fund-raiser was being held in the Augustus, a hotel to rival the Tower in its sheer exuberance. Alekz arrived punctually, dressed in a perfectly cut black tux, he slid out of the gleaming black Audi A6 and after nodding his gratitude to a waiting valet he hopped almost playfully up the marble steps that led into the foyer. As he checked his watch for the fourth time he watched as the hotels owner, Jorgen L’ August Demille greeted his guests with his usual fervour and aplomb. He began striding with all the grace and finesse of the greatest of Ventrue knights. His pace deliberate and measured as he caught Jorgens attention.

“How are you Mr Demille?” His voice full of a warmth only a remarkably perceptive man would hear as fake.

“Ahhh Dear, dear Alekzandre. Ja I am good yes? And you? I trust you find my little soirée to your liking?”

Jorgen’s accent was thick with European descent, traces of Prussian and even Czech filtering through each carefully selected word. Like the young Kindred he conversed with, Jorgen chose his words carefully. He could be emotionally scarring, and still charm listeners with his next word. He shook Alekz’ hand firmly, introducing him to a few of his guests as his young “friend” nodded his approval. Alekz shook hands, kissed cheeks, his social graces nothing short of masterful as Demille led him to his table before the opening speech was said. He took his seat, thanking the old Prussian nobleman as he walked to the podium on the band stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming!” Demille spoke firmly but with an overpowering geniality that could have been regarded with some irritation.

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(( nice what is next/?

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The large open ballroom gittered with light conversation, occasional laughter sparking through the formality of it all. Gabriel stepped in inconsicuously enough, merely taking stride with a large group of businessmen that arrived together, all balding and gabbing to one another, oblivious to their surroundings.

Once inside he slowly quickly slipped away from them and made his way through the crowds, searching for his target. The room was full, and ornately decorated to suit the fund raiser. The walls, lined by long, seemingly unending mirrors, stretched to the far end of the building and gave the impression that many more were actually in attendance.

High above, several crystal chandaliers glittered marvelously, providing little light or service. Gabriel snickered inwardly, fake crystal obviously. Alongside the walls, buffet tables covered in white cloth and delicacies stood openly.

He brushed past several socialites with a nod and polite smile and picked up a punch glass. The liquid was luke warm at best and was blatantly watered down. Gabriel held the drink waste high and stuck a hand into the pocket of his second rate tuxedo.

Taking a moment to check himself in the mirror, he primped his hair, which was cut short to his head this evening, in a fairly unbecoming style. He wore thin wire rimmed glasses that made his face look wider than it was. Flesh coloured cosmetics had been applied to his pallid skin to give it slightly more life.

He tipped his glass ever so slightly and allowed a bit of punch to drip down onto his tuxedo, staining it properly. He smiled as he glanced at himself in the mirror, he looked quite foolish and incompetant.

He set the glass down on the table and made his way through the crowd, a dull look on his face. He would have to speak with the proprietor of this event....

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Syd set the alarm to the Casino and walked casually up to the VIP parking where his limo awaited.

The driver adressed him accordingly and submissively opened his door for him. Syd entered carefully, so as not to wrinkle his suit or bump his head, and the driver closed the door ever so gently.

As they began to accelerate, Syd poored a glass of champagne which had been chilling beside him. Moments after he had finished his first drink they had arrived at the Augustus Hotel.

The Driver opened Syd's door and watched as he got out. He tipped his driver abundantly and walked across the red carpet which lead way for the Hotel's entrance. At the door a taught velvet chain and two very well dressed men in shades, guarded his entrance. As he creeped closer one of the men began to relase the lock on the chain greeting Syd with a nod and a "Mr. Nowell", and quickly locking the chain again behind

Syd walked head strong through the croud, grabbing a glass of sparkling white wine. He looked around and noticed Alekzander Thain talking with the host of the fundraiser. It had been a long time since he had spoken with Alekz and he found it hard to hold himself back from intruding, but there were far too many full glasses on trays being carried by waiters, he thought it best to endulge, then await for his presence to be recognized.

He elgantly disposed of his previous glass and made way for another when someone brushed harshely against him. He turned around to find a man with short cropped blonde hair, wearing tight glasses and a stained second rate suit, he laughed to himself arrogantly while staring momentarily at the stain, then looked up to the mans face to find out it was Gabe.

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The speech was thankfully brief. Alekz watched the crowds crawl to the dining area then made his own way there, drawing out his chair as he sat parallel to his target.

“Dear Alekzandre, you have met Mr Fiske?” Demille spoke warmly as always, his middle-aged eyes looking at Maxwell Fiske with a knowingness that Fiske could only imagine.

“Ahh a pleasure Mr Fiske, I trust Jorgen is taking care of you?”

Alekz swallowed the rare steak before he spoke again, his icy blue eyes glittering as his “mind-switch” was flipped. His voice becoming warmer as he chatted with Fiske.

“Please call me Max, all my “friends” do.” Max’s eyes flirted as he leaned a little too close and sat back smiling at the handsome young man. Alekz replied with a trademark glance and as the dining ended they chatted the evening away. Alekz led Max out onto a balcony, handing him a glass of brandy, his movements and expressions affirming Max’s belief that Alekz wanted to get a little more personal.

Alekz drew him closer, his looks and a taste of presence made any feelings of resistance, however slight, seem intangible. He caressed the older mans hair, luring him into his trap, breathing soft erotic words into his ear before drawing him into a kiss. Max responded in kind, soon kissing in reply, his tongue arching for Alekz’ as his hands traced through his long black hair. He pushed Max’ head to the side as he kissed his neck, his lips parting to allow a fang to grace his flesh. He bit slowly, his body merely tolerating the blood as he lapped at the small wound. Max moaned, gradually moaning louder as the “kiss” set his passion aflame.
Inside his mind another switch flipped prompting Alekz to whisper a suggestion into the befuddled kines head. They walked from the balcony to Max’s room. Alekz felt his hand cupping his buttock as they stepped into his room. He tensed it, teasing Max as he began to undress. Max was now completely his. He pulled the kine over him, sucking on his warm tongue, the cylinder in his chest proving exceptional as his blood maintained it’s unnatural warmth. He felt Max’s erection dig into his now naked thigh, brushing his hair from his face he slid to his knees, pushing Max against the wall. His fangs gently traced his path for his tongue to follow. Flicking and tasting the older mans skin as he found his swollen cock, blowing over it before licking it into pulsing life, he pulled it into his fanged mouth, taking care not to hurt his prey. Sucking gradually faster he moaned in fake pleasure as Max matched his pace, pumping his hips at him. He tasted the salty sweetness as Max began to give in, his whole body shuddering as his cock jerked, emptying its seed. As Max began to relax Alekz slid up, kissing him, smearing the contents of his efforts between them.

Two hours later he rose to his feet, his body slick with Max’s sweat and come as he stepped into the shower. Max lay drained physically and mentally, his tongue lolling from his mouth, his body covered in kiss-like bruises as Alekz had ravaged his mind for information as equally as he had “beaten” him to ecstasy. He showered then dressed, taking care to lick away any bite marks he took the pills from Max’ jacket pocket. He lifted the battered mind to meet his gaze, looking into his eyes past the daze he gave one order...

<< Swallow. >>

He popped the pill cap, emptying the bottle into Max’s mouth, watching as the throat convulsed pulling the capsuled tranquillisers down.

He lifted the notes from the side table and left, the information Max had reluctantly supplied would prove useful.

The following evening he awoke in his apartment, the news page on his computer flashing with the headline.

“Maxwell Fiske, Alejandro Engineering's PR Man found dead this morning. Pills found by his hand.”

"True nobility is exempt from fear."

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Gabriel attuned ears barely registered the sounds of carnal lust eminating from upstairs. Alekzandre was performing admirably, going so far to achieve such a slight goal.

Gabriel adjusted his tie and took his seat at the banquet table. The lavender table was filled with mortal delicacies from across the world, a sure delight for those who were able to take pleasure in such things. However, for those of the night, and especially those who's intents were so striking and lethal, there was little time to enjoy the pleasantries of things.

The evening progressed slowly, Gabriel deliberatly taking small portions of food and scattering them on his plate abscent mindedly, the whole while switching his attention to various conversations. Know thy competition well.

As the lights dimmed slightly, and the soft trickle of violins wafted about the room, the guests to their leave of the table, dispersing into small groups. The thin, clumsy looking Ventrue made his way to the side of Mr. Demille, who stood merrily puffing on a thick cigar.

"Ah, Mr. Demille is it?" he said, adding a twitch of uncertainty to his voice. They met glances.

"Yes, I'm afraid you have the advantage sir..." Gabriel noticed he extended no hand in greeting.

"Ah, my name is Carr, Theodore Carr." Gabriel said, at last extending his own hand. Demille took it with slight hesitation, his eyes weighing the competition.

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(( huumm
what next

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[ This roleplay was deleted ]

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((Ummmmm no offence but firstly you weren't present and you couldn't have entered his apartment without the Ventrue guards stopping you, he lives in the ventrue haven building "Vauntmere" (Ask Sor). Thirdly if you HAD gotten into his room you would've been pinned to the wall before you reached him. Hes a machine, he sleeps extremely lightly and as the Ventrue all know he sleeps on a chair with a pistol by his side. If you had at least asked me if I would've minded you could've learned this, but as you didn't I'm sorry but you just can't walk into someones haven, let alone a thread without clearing it with those partaking.

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((P.S. Guys just to clarify, this thread was designed to show one thing. That being that sexuality, emotioh etc are irrelevant to Alekz. He has NO emotions, he is a killer pure and simple. He uses the training he does have in social situations to achieve goals. In this case rather than beat the info out of Max he used more subtle, less eye-catching methods. The fact that it involved homosexuality was irrelevant to him as it would be if he used a beretta or a glock. They're purely tools to be used.

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(( That's sad to hear but, One I tried to get authorized by your icq but it's not on, two Karl's pretty well-known by the people in SoC so getting past some guards to pay a friend a visit wouldn't be a problem, and three Karl isn't looking for a fight I was just trying to comment on his kill ))

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((Ok yes Karl is FAIRLY well known, but Alekz doesn't know him. And breaking into a ventrue apartment is frankly suicide. My point was simple, you decided to post on a thread that didn't concern you in the slightest IC, and you did so without even considering that it might upset or disrupt those already posting.

Karl isn't that well known among the Ventrue either, I think only Gabe knows you IC. In that case the guards would have "buzzed" ahead to make Alekz aware that a "friend" was visiting.

End of rant.

P.S. My icq is on.

"True nobility is exempt from fear."

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[ This is pointless to continue fighting over I deleted the post, my main reason why I posted was because lately member activity is slow and I was trying to create a way for my character to enter, Excuse me for trying to roleplay, I thought that was the point of the group. You could have pointed out these things through icq, I've been online ALL day but you choose to write it here to embareass me publicly. When infact it makes you guilty of the same understanding, I refuse to debate this anymore. ]

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((Yes this IS an RPing guild, but it's also supposed to be one that avoids stepping on another characters toes unless they've allowed it.

I did NOT post on here to embarass anyone, I did it because I don't have/or didn't have your ICQ#. I don't know you AT ALL, therefore when I read your initial post I was upset. Like I said I opened it with "no offence".

But as you seem determined to continue this debate I'll clarify this one last time. You should have asked, whether or not I replied on ICQ, you could have left an ooc message on the thread to see if you could step in. I DO appreciate you deleting your post, that was decent of you, but the problem of people "speaking" for other characters has arisen time and time again. Thats why MOST members test the water before diving in as it were.

Anyway, its happened and its finished. Gabe take it away when you're ready.

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((Well I did not get a chance to read Karl's infamous post, however, I do know that if there was an ic conflict chances are your lucky the post was deleted. My main reason for this reply however is to say GREAT FUCKING ROLEPLAY FRANK!!!!!!!!! Especially if your straight. I really must give you props. Thats all

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