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As a newcomer in Cascadia, Maximilian didn't knew what was happening around him so he began to focuse on his inner-self. He decided to go outside of his mansion and sit on the stairs. Then he realized that he was so alone in the universe... he only has Igor (his ghoul servant) on his side. He took his notepad and began to write a poem about his feelings. He thought that a part of himself was empty ... uncomplete. He tryed to writte but his tears were dripping from his eyes and the sheet was recovered with blood. Maximilian threw the bloody sheet down the stairs and put his hands on his face and began crying his loneliness. He cryed all night long ... he did not feed this night and when the sun began to rise,he returned to his coffin , wandering if someone heard the eternal scream of his heart.

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((sorry to butt i on your ic post:):) but I cant email you because I havent got your details...Im the only other torrie in the city, pleased to meet you :grin: :grin: :grin:
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