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Tobias eased the suit up on to kathy's arms and stood back smiling at her. The skintight leather catsuit fitted her like a glove, clinging to every curve of her body.
kathy stood and looked at herself in the mirror, her hands running over her body as she did.
"I should wear this more often " she laughed as she walked over to her desk and pulled open the bottom drawer.
Tobis brought over the belt and attached it to her waist, pulling it tight. The belt had small pockets hanging from it, and each one held a tool of some sort.

Kathy sat in front of the mirror as Tobias stood behind her and pulled her long hair into a ponytail, wrapping it around to form a tight bun at the nape of her neck and securing it tightly with grips.
"you don't have to do this mistress, I mean are you that desperate that you will risk yourself like this?" Tobias frowned as she smiled widely.

"do be quiet Tobias, Ive done it many times before, this time its just a bit more harder, which makes it all the more fun" kathy said as she stood up and pecked him on his forehead making him blush.

"are you going to take your mobile with you in case you get into trouble ?" he asked as she walked out of the room and to the door,pausing only to grab the plan that she had been studying earlier that night.

Kathy turned to look at him her green eyes sparkling with excitement, it had been along time since she had done this.

"No Im not, I'll be fine, if Gabriel calls tell him im out on business, nothing else you hear...I mean it Tobias" kathy glared at him slightly before a smile slipped across her lips.


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Kathy sat in the bar, her eyes carefully scanning the building across the road, then looking back to the plans that she had hidden between the pages of a magazine.
One by one the lights in the building went out and kathy leaned back on the soft leather sofa and waited patiently.

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Tight cat-like suit an .....UTILITY BELT!?!? She's catwoman!!!!

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((hmmmm what're you up to lil kitty?

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((I think I filled the cup.

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Kathy had spent years trying to track Mr. Wisemuller down, at one point in her life it had become an obsession with her, he had effectively taken something that was hers by right, and now as she sat sipping her drink she felt her skin crawl with excitement and partly fear. He was a fierce adversary, he wouldn't take kindly to her stepping into his home.

Kathy had found out he was in Cascadia through one of the accountants who came to her private parties, he had happened to mention the name and kathy had felt her undead heart beat faintly. Using her charm and the promise of Free private parties she had managed to get all the information that she wanted on Mr Wisemuller. Tobias had been sent to watch his every movement and he was indeed still a creature of habit.

Tonight he would attend the opera,accompanied by one of her own girls who had been told to keep him out of his home as long as possible. Kathy slid closer to the window and watched as the white limousine pulled up to the building. Kathy checked her watch and smiled, bang on time she thought.

Mr.Wisemuller walked out of the door ,his arm slung around Tessie's shoulder, his self confidence oozing out of him,his arrogant manner obvious even from where Kathy sat, his once black hair was now grey and kathy smiled.
He slipped into the car, followed by Tessie, who looked a bit perturbed,she was used to being treated like a lady and not left to stand on the sidewalk.
AS the car pulled away kathy stood up and walked out of the bar, watching the white limousine pull into the traffic.

((lmfao @ catwoman...I didnt mean it to read like that lolololololololololololol but it will do

:grin: :grin:
I havent got pointy furry ears though lolololol

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On March the eighteenth, 1990, The Gardner museum was robbed by two unknown persons, dressed in police uniforms and identifying them selves as Boston police officers. They had gained entrance to the museum by telling the security personnel that they were responding to a call that there was a disturbance within the museum. The security guards foolishly believed them ans let them in.

once in they abducted the guards, securing them both with duct tape and handcuffs in seperate rooms. They then moved freely through the museum, the alarm system was internal only and because the guards had not hit the panic button located behind their watch desk, no actual police notification was made during the robbery. The video surveillance was seized by them before they left the museum with works of arts which have been estimated as high as 300 million dollars.

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Kathy dodged the cars as she strode across the road and went down the side alley of the building, hoping that Tobias had been right about the security on the front desk of the apartment building.
As she watched she saw the front door open and the guard look around and then cross over to the cafe, kathy smiled,and walked out of the alley, and up the steps to the building. Before she pushed the heavy glass door open she checked the lobby just to make sure noone was around.

Reassured that there was indeed only one guard and that he had gone to fill his stomach she slipped in quietly.
Kathy stepped behind the guards desk and looked on the camera screens until she found Mr. Wisemuller's entrance to his penthouse.
The camera position was right on his door and would have the ability to pan down the corridor,kathy had already planned on that and she opened the large drawer beneath the desk, her fingers looking along the names of the marked videotapes.


"perfect" kathy whispered to herself, pulling the case out of the holder and ejecting the one that ran in the security tape, effectively swopping them over and given herself free access to his door.
Kathy's eyes caught the light above the elevator doors , signalling that it was on its way down.
damn she thought quickly closing the open drawer and hiding under the desk.

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Kathy waited patiently crouched under the desk as the couple talked quietly as they walked across the lobby, the tiptap of the womens heels clicking on the tiled floor.
Kathy checked her watch and frowned,the guard would be back in minute,he spent about 15 minutes every night in the cafe, talking to the woman behind the bar, while he filled his stomach.

There was a blast of cold air and the lobby was then silent as they left the building. Kathy looked out from underneath the desk and reassured that the lobby was empty,she slipped out and walked over to the door that went to the stairs.

AS kathy climbed up the stairs she thought back to the last time she had encountered Mr. Wisemuller,it had been at the Stewart museum in LA, it seemd like yesterday but it had been over 12 years now. It was well known among art collectors that he had in his possession some of the worlds most valuable art, most of it gotten illegally, the authorities had raided his homes many times, but could never find anything that would link him to the world of stolen art.

Knowing this Kathy had been eager to meet him,such a connoiseur(sp? of art was worth getting to know.Kathy had sought him out in the museum that was holding a special invite only viewing of some rare eygyptian artefacts that had just been discovered.
He was with a young woman,who obviously knew nothing about art, she stood next to him,her arms draped in his her heavily made up face looking bored.

Kathy sidled up to him and started chatting about the artefacts on display. Deep down she hated them but had found out everything she could about them, just so she could get to talk to him.
"Your knowledge impresses me Miss Belvadere,Its good to meet someone who has a passion such as I for rare art" his deep voice said as he pulled his arm away from the young woman's and held it out for kathy.
"and please call me Hans"

Kathy removed his hand from her waist and silently slipped out of the four poster bed. The night had gone well and it had been easy to lead him on,she had laughed at his stupid jokes and smiled widely at his suave comments and chat up lines.
Picking up his shirt from the floor, she slipped it on leaving it undone, the shirt hanging loosely down her breasts. padding across the carpet she went to lounge and began to pick her clothes up that she had dropped on the floor, smiling as she thought of the way that she had enticed him into bed, and then drugged him, so that he wouldn't touch her. she had wanted information from him there was no way she was giving him the pleasure of her body.

When they had returned to his apartment earlier that night, he had recieved a visitor.A tall man, with black short cropped hair with a narrow face and small dark eyes dressed in jeans and a tatty leather jacket. Kathy had been asked to leave the room and she had sat in the library,using her senses she heard every word that had been said.


Kathy Reached the top floor and pushed the door open and stepped out into the corridor that led to his penthouse.

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Kathy checked the corridor just to make sure that Hans hadn't any hired help lurking around. Seeing that the coast was clear she walked up to his door, while undoing one of the compartments on the belt. She knelt down next to the door and pulled out the small palmtop computer and set it on the floor.Using a screwdriver Kathy jemmied the bottom panel of the computerised keypad which sat on the door.

Her nimble fingers carefully exposed the wires and she sepearated the red, black and white wires.
Clipping the lead from the palmtop conector to them she tapped into the palmtop and sat back,leaning against the wall, as the screen flashed up all the possible combinations for the door.

december 1989

Kathy stood staring at the painting, her eyes immersed in the fine brush strokes, and the way that they seemed to bring the figures in the painting to life.she longed to touch it , to feel some connection with it, but the heavy velvet rope that hung on brass posts, effectively cordoned the painting off from her.

"Its magnificient is it not miss? the custodian of the Tate gallery asked as he walked up to her. she had been stood there for nearly an hour now, studying it and he presumed her to be either a collector or an art student.
Kathy nodded, her eyes not leaving it.
"Its one of only 35 paintings done by Johannes Vermeer Van Delf, we are very fortunate to have the privilege of showing it before it is shipped to the USA,Its only just been rediscovered, apparently it has been hidden away in someones attic for years now, I take it you admire his work, do you need to know anything else about him?" he asked as he sat down on the chaise lounge that was in front of the painting, looking kathy up and down as he did.

Kathy Looked back at him and smiled, her eyes glinting with emotion.

Johannes,or Jan as he was called was born on october 13th 1632, he lived all his life in Delft,Holland.All of his paintings are portraits, although there are a few that are of rooms, this one, comes from a series of them he did all connected with music,this one the concert was painted in 1655,he married and had 11 children, his paintings maybe very valuable now, but they led a poor life, the children often had to go scrounging for food from neighbours. He died on xmas eve in 1675, some say of a broken heart,his wife had left him, tired of the daily struggle to keep the children clothed and fed. One night while he slept she left taking the children with her" kathy said softly her lips barely moving.

He laughed " no miss, he died of typhoid, that is well publicised, its in all the books about him, I dont know who told you that but his wife was at his bedside when he died"

Kathy looked at him, her face looking oddly serene and calm.
"he died alone, I know he did, the books are wrong, believe me"
Kathy looked back at the painting and he shook her head at her, believing her to be grossly misinformed.

"you see that girl sat down in the painting,she was 15 years old when this was done,she loved her father dearly and loved it when he included her in his work" Kathy said turning back and looking at him her green eyes sparkling.

"yes thats his daughter Anna, everyone knows that though" he sighed getting up to walk away from her.

"yes she was his daughter, shes also my....." kathy paused, and bit her lip, trying to find the long forgotten words.
"shes my tof tof oma"

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the computerised keypad clicked and the door swung open,letting kathy into han's penthouse.
Quickly unconnecting the wires and the palmtop she packed them away into her belt and stepped inside.
The room was decorated lavishly. Ivory silk hung on the walls, and many antiques where scattered around randomly,as if they where trinkets. Ornate lamps lit the large room, their soft glow forming shadows on the polished wooden floor.
Kathy wouldn't have expected anything else from Hans, he always had to have the best of everything, and when he had got it , he always wanted more, his greed had no end.

She walked around the penthouse,opening doors as she went and checking each room out. what she needed was anything that listed the adresses of his other homes. she knew that he had the painting and she wanted it badly, it was the only link that she had.

She stepped into one room and smiled as she looked around, it was obviously his office . Pulling a fine skeleton key out of her belt she approached the filing cabinet and placed it inside the small keyhole, turning it carefully till she heard the lock mechanism click open.

her fingers moved rapidly over the grey files in the cabinet and resting on the last one she pulled it out and walked to the desk.
Kathy sat down and flicked through it, looking at the many household accounts that the file held.

"why kathy, if you wanted to visit you should have said, there's no need to sneak around like a thief you know"
Kathy whirled around and stood up, knocking the papers to the floor and looked to the source of the voice.
"you looked shocked,Ive been trailed many times did you not think I wouldn't notice that I was been watched, dont deny it, I know you have had me followed, and I in turn had him followed back to your house"

Hans walked towards her, his large frame dwarfing her small one as he stood glaring at her.
Kathy edged to the otherside to the other side of the desk.
"you keep very odd hours kathy, so Mike tells me, oh please excuse my manners, you havent met mike have you?" Hans waved his hand at the door and a man about 6ft tall stepped into the doorway ,his black greasy hair clung to his head and his small beady eyes stared at kathy and smiled evily.

"I can keep whatever hours I wish and you have something of mine and I mean to get it back" she said backing towards the window.

"ah yes The Concert, It is magnificient isnt it, but im more interested in the hours you keep, they puzzle me as they did Mike,ive got something I'd like you to watch,please sit down"
Kathy shook her head and edged further towards the window

Mike strode across the room and grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the chair, pushing her down into it.
Hans smiled and picking up a remote he turned on the tv screen.
"now this kathy really did puzzle us, watch" he said slyly as the video tape started playing.

As the images flicked to life her eyes widened in shock and disbelief, she tried to get up but mike pushed her back down onto the chair, his hands on her shoulders holding her down.

"cameras are amazing things are they not? they can be so small and be placed where they cant be seen,oh by the way,I love the ming vase that you have acquired, but you really should tighten your security up, anyone could walk ito your house" he smiled watching kathy carefully as she looked at the screen.
It was her and Gabriel, sat on the floor of her room, she held his finger in her mouth while licking his red blood off it, her face clearing showing the look of pleasure that she got from it, her mouth parted in a soft moan.

Kathy looked away from the screen, " so whats your point, dont we all have odd sexual urges, that means nothing at all" she said smiling at Hans,hoping he wouldnt see thought her facade.

"well yes your quite right, Im not one to judge at all, but the tape got us both thinking, the ood hours you keep had us puzzled, then when we saw the tape, well we got curious then and we just had to dig deeper."

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((NICE posting Kath :smile: out of respect for your thread, i'm not gonna have a ghoul appear in the doorway and snap these wankers necks! :evil:

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((hi gaybe :smile: well ty,but you dont know where i am, not unless youve been and got it out of tobias :smile:

Kathy looked at Hans as his thin lips formed a smile and he leaned forward in his chair and touched her knee.
"you look worried,are you scared of something kathy, perhaps you are wary of what I have found out about you, or rather what Mike has found out"

Kathy moved her knee to aside,making his hand fall off it.
"there's nothing to find out about me, I broke into your apartment though, so I think you had better call the police dont you ?" she said trying to look unperturbed.

Hans leaned back in his chair and laughed loudly, the sound echoing out through his apartment.
"oh kathy you amuse me so....why would I want to call the police, I prefer to deal with problems without involving the authorites its much more fun that way, dont you think?" he said slyly as he stood up and walked towards her.
Kathy flinched as his fingers touched her cheek and ran along it, tracing a line down to her neck.

"your so pale and your skin is so cold kathy, and yet the temperature in here is just right, yet another puzzle dont you think?" Hans said as he moved behind her his hands touching the nape of her neck as he spoke.
Kathy cursed herself for not listening to Tobias, she had been that intent on carrying out her little expedition , that she had taken no heed to his pleading with her feed.

"im just coldblooded thats all Hans, now enough of your little game, you either call the police or let me walk out of here" kathy replied sitting forward and shaking mikes hand loose from her shoulders. Mike reached out and went to push her back down into the seat again but Hans grabbed his wrist.
"you are free to go kathy, please I wouldn't want you to think that I was stopping you from doing that"

Kathy stood up and looked back at him as she backed slowly to the door, he smiled almost warmly at her.
"go kathy, Im not going to stop you from leaving" he said the smile never leaving his face.

kathy continued backing towards the door and as she reached it she turned around to walk out, anxious to get out of here and away from Hans.

Rough hands grabbed her arms and she struggled, trying to kick out with her legs.
"however I never said anyone else would prevent you from leaving,kathy please meet Adam and pete, they where most interested in you, after Mike had told them about your strange habits"

Kathy looked at him, the hate and fear etched on her fine chiseled face, her green eyes glinting with anger.
"you bastard Hans you took what was mine by right and I was only trying to get it back" she hissed at him, trying hard to keep the beast within her from coming forth.

"Adam and pete think they have met you before, Mike showed them a photo of you, perhaps you recall them kathy, please take a look at them" he said as he gripped her chin in his hands and made her turn her head to look at Adam and then at pete.

"its her, the one from the hotel in New York, she was with another piece of scum though" Adam said as pete nodded agreeing with him.
((anyone can post, this was going to turn into my bio of sorts but i got carried away posting this afternoon, blame it on the flu tablets lol, its the guys from gabes exodus thread :smile::):):)

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Kathy looked at them both as Hans held her chin, first making her look at Adam, then at the one called pete. Hans let her go and looked at her.
"well you recognise them ?"

Kathy shook her head, gabriel and her had been chased by hunters in New York but she had never seen there faces closely.
"well no matter they remember you as you heard, they work for me when I need them, hired help so to speak, but they also work for a Mr. Templar, who has a great interest in your kind" Hans backed away from her and sat back down in the chair.

Kathy struggled as Adams and Petes hands gripped her arms tightly, holding them against her side.
"I dont know what you mean Hans, you are playing stupid games with me, and they arent funny, please tell them to release me and we can talk, I can maybe put something your way that you desire greatly" kathy said , her voice almost a whisper, her eyes looking at Hans intently, pleading with him not to do whatever he had planned.

"oh please kathy, I have everything I need and more, Mr.Templar is paying me very well for the pleasure of meeting you ,so dont pretend you can offer me something that I havent got all ready" hans nodded at Adam and Pete and they began dragging her down the corridor, kathy figured that it would be best to conserve what energy she had for whatever lay ahead of her, so after a brief struggle she allowed herself to be taken out of the apartment, wanting them to think that she had given up fighting.

Adam held kathys arm while pete stepped out of the lobby door and unlocked the black mercedes van that was parked on the sidewalk and slid the sidedoor back and climbed inside.
Kathy watched him, trying to see what he was doing .
"Mr. Templar cant wait to see you little bloodsucker, im sure he will having something good planned for you, and if we are real good we may get to play with you too"Adam whispered in her ear making kathy recoil from his whiskey laden breathe.

Kathy glanced back over at pete, he was still in the van , filling a syringe, and then looked back Adam smiling warmly.
"oh yes I bet we could have so much fun you know" she said softy, hoping he fell for the bait.
Adam looked slightly taken aback and without realising it released the grip on her arm slightly.
Kathy twisted her arm away from his grip and kicked one leg out, hitting him high on his chest and sending him crashing to the floor, his eyes wide in shock and the horror of what would happen if she got away.

"pick on someone your own size next time" kathy said as she stood over him and kicked him sharply in the ribs "
Kathy leaned over him and flashed her fangs at him.
"and tell Mr templar, that he will never rid the world of my kind, we grow more stronger each passing day, as you kine grow weaker and older"
Adam gasped for breath a he nursed his broken ribs his hand reaching into his pocket.
Kathy ran to the lobby door and pushed it open, the cold night air hitting her face as it did, making her gasp with the iciness of it.

Pete was still in the van but as he heard the door open he looked up and saw kathy running out of the building, trying to push her way through the people that milled around on the sidewalk.
"get her! " adam shouted as he leaned against the door,his hands still holding his side where kathy had dealt him a heavy kick.

((okies :pistols: them lolololololol

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((ok I really wanna jump, in but I gotta make sure your in Cascadia right?

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