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He smiled as they sat down in Syd's Office. He new he was being frank getting right down to business, but Syd struck him as the kind of guy who liked to get throught the bullshit.

"Mr. Nowell, thank you very much for meeting me. I apprecieate you taking the time. I will get right down to business. I am interested in starting a business, but I need the money to do this. I want to start a production company."

"First of all the company would start off by producing commercials, they are light and quick enought to get done. The expenses at first would be payroll of course, the rental and ultimetaly purchase of equipment i.e. lights, cameras, computers, televesions, etc. It is all outlined in this proposal." Billy said as he handed Syd a proposal out of his bag.

"We would not require a land grant of a building to do this job. We will shoot on location, and I will edit from my haven or where ever we agree upon. We will start out charging 5K per commerial. That should cover the expenses and leave 500 profit from each commercial. We can get at first probaly 2 done a week. But once the staff is increased we will get 5 done a week."

"I am looking ultimetally to move into other genre's of entertainment, such as television maybe even motion pictures. Of course bu this point both of us will need to move back from the spot light considering our um... state." Billy said with a smirk on his face.

"Do you have any question so far?"

Billy looked expectantly at Syd, awaiting his answer.
((ok Syd you can take over whenever

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Syd Began to smile in return to the young lasombras smirk. He nodded for a moment, and began to ponder off.. "This.... commercial company.... Looks to be a real investment, and I will surely fund you the money for start-up equipment, and payroll.

I will enter this as a silent partner and I want 50% of the profits.
I will fund payroll fully for 6 months, after that, the payroll should be substantiated by the profits.
I will fund all start up expenses, and the rest is up to you. My offer lies as is.

Syd looked upon the young lasombra's eyes, so much anticipation, and so eager for wealth. He should have been a ventrue.

He awaited the respectable lasombra's answer

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It was hard for Billy to conceal his smile. Finally he would be able to provide for his clan and himself.

"I accept your conditions. And I look forward to doing business with you. I understand that I must speak with either Valek or Gabriel about the business to get the final ok from them. I will take care of that than I will get back to you on what we will need."

Billy looked to Syd to see if there was any other busniess he needed to speak with him about. However he was eager to get this business started and tell Adrianna.

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Syd nodded, and turned his desk chair around, facing towards an ominous painting of Saint Peter. He lifted the painting off of the wall revealing a small digital safe. He quickly punched the 10 digit number and withdrew two stacks of 100 dollar bills. Syd closed the safe and set the painting slowly on the wall, taking carefull note to detail and straightening it out perfect.

Will 50,000 be enough to start you off with?

The young lasombra nodded agreeingly, and took the money Syd had so elegently sat on his desk.

Well then, Mr. Blade, Farewell, and good luck. Im going to send an accountant over to you so he may provide for us substantial numbers.

Mr. Blade Thanked him respectfully and walked out of his office with a smile duely noted by Syd.

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Kathy waited patiently in the lobby, apparently Mr.Nowell had someone with him at the moment, so the secretary had told her. Kathy looked at her and a smile slipped across her face, maybe she was more than just his secretary.

"Miss Belvadere, Mr.Nowell will see you now" the secretary said as she looked up from painting her nails.
"well thankyou, thats very good of him Im sure" Kathy Replied as she walked down the corridor to Mr.Nowell's office, admiring the decoration.

Kathy rapped lightly on the large wooden door and walked in as she heard him reply.
Kathy walked over the carpet to him, her heels silent on the depth of it.
"why Miss Belvadere, what a suprise, what can I help you with?"

"good evening Mr Nowell" Kathy said a small frown on her face.

"Im sorry to call in on you unannounced, but you did say any problems I could call in on you ,and I seem to have come across one, may I ?" Kathy said as she touched the back of the highbacked leather chair.

"yes please, I do apologise, Please sit down Miss Belvadere" He replied watching her closely.

Kathy pulled the chair out a bit and sat down in it, crossing her legs as she did, her hands pushing her long black her behind her ears.
"as I understand it the Elysium is a meeting place,not a place that you bring bad feelings into,Ive just come from there and I must tell you I'm deeply disturbed by what I have just witnessed in there,if there's going to be fighting in there what is the point of me redecorating it, it would be a waste of time, wouldn't it?"

((see your mail syd:)

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