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adrianna tried to hold back her excitement, but her cheesy grin threatened to give away the surprise. She turned away from billy as he entered the haven, trying to conceal it from him as best she could. but it was no use, a fit of giggles seized her ruining her best attempt at looking serious.

"hello, your feeling good I see..." he approached where she was sitting on the couch and gave a deep bow, then he plopped down opposite her and smiled.

"yes... well..." she giggled, then forced herself to regain composer. "don't get too comfy, we're going out tonight... there's someone i want you to meet."


"yes... its time you meet valek, prince of cascadia."

billy nearly jumped off the sofa at the mention of valek's name. "the prince."

Adrianna giggled. she knew he would react like this and she had spent the last hour thinking about his expression, the very one she was looking at right now, it was a mix of fear, wonder, and excitement and all at once elation at finially being accepted into the vampire culture. there was nothing like belonging, but she had one more little surprise that she hoped would make his evening.

"yes, the prince, it's time you meet him, after all... i can't very well make you my whip until you do..."

(sorry not taking this in game... but you guys are never on at the same time. 8( anyway this works just as good i think. 8)

Money can't buy you friends, but it can buy you a better class of enemies.
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He could hardly beleive what he was hearing. He was so excited, and it seemed that Adrianna was too. He loved this moment, and wanted to remember it forever.

But one thing confused him. Whip???? Sounded very painful, but instead of ruin the moment with his newbile ignorance, he decided to just let it go. He would find out later.

((whooo hoooo

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- Adrianna and Billy got out of the haven and were going toward the Prince office ..

[b:f3904c5a7f] Meanwhile [/b:f3904c5a7f]

Valek was in his office , talking with a ghoul ...

-Ghoul- " Prince Valek ... "

-Valek- " What .... "

The Ghoul looked rather nervous ...

-Ghoul- " The .. th... the ... hu .. human .. escaped me ... but he seen nothing ... so there is nothing to worry about ... "

Valek frowned as he screamed the word " WHAT !! "

-Ghoul- " ... "

Valek stood up and lifted the ghoul by his throat with one hand ...

-Valek- " You .. mouth these words .... silence it turns . "

-Ghoul- " ::coughs:: what... wha ... does that means ... ma .. master ? "

Valek frowned as he ripped off the head of the ghoul and threw the body in the hall .. the body rolling on the ground as the doorman opened the door to Billy and Adrianna ...

The blood and the corpse were quickly disposed of ...

Deacon (Cappadocian) showed Adrianna and Billy the way to the office ... [/i:f3904c5a7f]

We live to die...and die to live...And whom so ever beleiveth in me...shall never die...and shall live in eternal life as the undead..


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((damn can nobody be nice to ghouls nowadays :grin:

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adrianna sat in the waiting room next to billy. she could feel his apprehension growing with every passing minute, but she couldn't contain her own excitement, finaly billy was gonna get to meet the prince. what a proud moment she smiled at him, paying attention to the way he was dressed, his hair, his shoes.

Valek prolly wouldn't notice that billy was wearing old nike's with a hole in the side, but she knew that first impressions were everything.

oh god, he's nervous, she thought. what if he says the wrong thing? she took a deep breath and reminded herself how much she liked billy, that he did behave like a sweet man. that seemed to calm her some. still, she had met prince Valek herself only a few times and even though he had always seemed nice to her, she could feel his presence and knew he was not the type of vamp you wanted to make mad.

"k billy," she smiled her sweetest smile to let him know everything was gonna be ok. "just remember, be polite, answer his questions, but try not to say too much, Valek is a very busy prince and we don't wanna take up to much of his time k"

"what do you mean?" he seemed tense but in control of himself, she watched his hands rubb against his pant legs as if he had sweaty palms. She wasn't helping him.

"this could be bad, is that what you mean?"

"well..." there was no easy way to tell billy the truth, that Valek was the only thing that stood in his way of finding a home in cascadia. "just be yourself... now let me look at you."

She pulled a brush out her purse and went to work on his hair trying a few things to make him more presentable. then pulling his hair back in a pony tail.

"is this really necessary? i mean..."

""of course billy, i want you to make a good impression."

"ok mom," he smirked.

the door opened and a ghoul stood in the enterance. "Prince Valek will see you now."

billy started to stand but Adrianna pulled him back down and took one last look, wetting a kleenex with her tongue and rubbing what she thought might be dirt from his cheek. he protested, but she wouldn't stop until she was satisfide he looked presentible.
"k, lets go."


The less i give them the more they want 8P

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:standing in the shadow and cloaked in magic a hooded figure watched the mother hen groom her chick..

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He looks at her anxiously with so much love in his eyes. This was his friend, his surrogate mother, this was the happiest moment of his life. Acceptance finally.

He tried to look confident as he walked into the room. He was glad that Adrianna was next to him, although she was still straightening him while they faced Valek's back, and he could feel her eyes looking for other imperfections to fix.

Before she had a chance to, although Valek turned around.

((whooo hooo

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Valek looked at them expectantly, obviously waiting for them to make the first move. Billy thought maybe he enjoyed this. They uncomfortable servitude in which people came to him. The silence was broken by Adrianna's voice.

"Valek, this is Billy, he comes from San Fransico. He is a Lasombra too. He wishes to live in the city with us."

Valek laughed what can the fledgeling not talk for himself? Has to have mommy do it for him. Billy noticed a reddish tint in his eyes as he spoke and an evil smile across his face.

"No sir I can speak for myself. I apologize I am new to this. My sire was killed in San Fransico, I don't know why, but I was told to run after my entire clan was desimated. I ran for a long time and ended up here. I am tired of running, and I wish to live here in your city." Billy replied. Oddly forward, yet submissive enought not to anger the Prince.

Valek considered his story and accepted it. "Welcome to Cascadia," he said as he reached into his desk and tossed a Elsyium card at him. "You will need this, I know that you met Gabriel already, and he approved of your being here. I trust his judgement, so you are welcome here. Now if you will leave I have other business to attend to."

With that Valek turned and didn't look back at them. Adrianna and Billy left the office quietly. Billy didn't want to say anything but Adrianna's smile was obvious enough. He knew she was proud and he would let her have her moment. But he did have one question.

"M'lady, what is a whip and what do I do to become one?" he said with a smile.

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((::thinks you got a lot of learning ic for that, nothing personal, but if you dont kno what a whip is ic, maybe you shouldnt be one

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she smiled at him and took his hand as she lead him to the car. he looked so innocent, and it made her feel what it must be like to be a sire. " a whip is... well, an assistent. kinda like a primo, in training."

he looked confused by her answer. she held a finger to his lips and whispered
"don't concern yourself with it for now billy, but when the time comes I will need your help to make our clan strong..."

Money can't buy you friends, but it can buy you a better class of enemies.
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