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ap wire......

the cascadian trust Co was attaced by robbers who didn't take the cash.... The bank is in Franksville just 75 miles from the city of Cascadia. Several would be bank robbers came in and shot the place up. they didn't ask for money nor did they run off with the safe. But they didn mannage to shoot and kill 3 bank employes (secruity guards)

(( i don't know who cares about this but here is the ending to Cappa candle. so pleasse fill in the blanks those of you who played.....

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(( im coming to get you gabe

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(( Nice post Drain ... :smile:

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she placed the candle in a silk bag and set it in a safe place inside the lasombra haven.
She didn't like any of this business of attacking ventrue banks or killing humans just because joseph said too. And who was joseph anyway? he wasn't drain, at least he didn't act like the nossie she had come to love and respect. she even wondered if drain had anounced that joseph would be watching things for him or if joseph had just kiddnapped poor drain and pretended to have drains best intersts at heart. But the worse part was Joseph was begining to act far too much like Jules for her comfort so the sooner she was finished with him the better.

She closed the secret door, and drew a knife. She held the blade close to her wrist and made a small cut letting the blood drop in small pools on the ground. Jules had taught her this trick and she swore she would never repeat it because drawing upon the shadows of the abyss seemed like a dangerous thing to do.

"come forth my grand sires, seal this room and allow none but me to pass with in."

The pools of blood took shape, first moving as liquid does when it begins to boil. Then it began to raise as into etherial shapes, that had no more substance then a shadow but able to effect things in the real world.

she backed away with a gasp, she had done it. She had called forth from the abyss dark souls of vampires and it had worked.

"Can you..." her voice qivered as she tryed to speak to the shadowy things before her.
"can you understand me?"

the shadows moved closer, caressing her with their cold dark fingers " mmiissttressss"

she felt a sudden surge of power race through her body and her confidence returned.

"i want you to guard this vault, no one but me may enter, do you hear me."

"YYeeesssss, yyesss, yyesss, mmisstreessss..." their hissing voices filled her with a cold feeling like she had never experianced before.

she turned and moved away from the shadows guarding the vault and returned to the main haven above. nothing would dare try and take the candle now, at least until she could give it to joseph and be done with him once and for all...

The less i give them the more they want 8P

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