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It had been about a month since that night when Nathan had been summoned by a Prince Dekker, to come to his city to add in an investigation that was taking place. He didn’t realize it then, but apparently this was some sort of test by Valek. Apparently this Prince Dekker was an old friend of Valek, so Nathan went, along with two others, a Ventrue named Sorenti, and a Setite named Kiya. They all arrived in the city, to be escorted to a traveling vampire club, owned by a Omar A’tall. Thieves had stolen a shipment of diamonds, which Omar used to fund his club, and he wanted them back, and the thieves punished. Of course the coterie had found the diamonds, and after a battle, slew the seneschal Wendell, who was plotting to kill Dekker.

Nathan sat in his favorite chair, in his apartment, thinking back to that night. He flipped through the channels on his television, knowing that it was almost morning, and that he would soon retire to his coffin for the day. He had just gotten to his feet when there was a knock at the door, he cursed wondering who would actually be knocking on HIS door, he checked his pistol, making sure it was loaded, then walked over to the door. Peering through the peephole, he saw a mousy man dressed in a suit, wearing glasses. With a sigh he swung the door open, and looked down at the small man, “what?” he said, allowing an edge of menace into his voice.

“ah! G…g…Good day to you sir.. Nathaniel?” The small man stuttered, peering up at the large Caitiff. The hair on his forehead damp with sweat.

“Yeah, I’m Nathaniel, how do you know my name?,” the caitiff asked, flicking the safety on his pistol off, behind his back.

“ah! Good! I’m Leon, ghoul of Razreal of clan Tremere, I was sent to retrieve you, it would seem that your request to Dekker has been… finished. I’m ordered to pick you up, and escort you back to his city,” his confidence growing as he mentioned his masters name.

“my request? Oh! It is? That was faster than I expected,” Nathan let a smile creep to his face, realizing that finally his dream was coming true.

They left within the hour, leaving the apartment building, and into a large limousine with tinted windows to stop the sun from intruding into the darkness of the car. The driver pulled out just as the sun broke over the horizon, sending streams of light through the entire city. Nathaniel leaned back, and allowed himself to rest during the drive.

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((nice post :smile:

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((yup LOVERLY!

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((more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more !!!!! great stuff keep it coming!

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(( Very nice hun ... as always :grin:

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It took the entire day of driving before they finally arrived and then another hour to drive through the city, to the outer limits. As the driver pressed the brake, Nathan awoke, checked his watch, and looked to Leon. “you snored,” Leon said with a self righteous smirk, feeling much more confident now that he was at home.

Nathan rolled his eyes, and looking out the window at what looked like a monastery asked, “this the place?”, seeing Leon nod, Nathan opened his door and stepped out onto the monastery grounds. A few men in robes roamed the grounds, the well-manicured lawn silencing the footfalls of their sandals. A nearby pair, speaking quietly, turned as the door to the limo opened, recognizing Leon, but unsure as to who the large man with him was. They shrugged, figuring that it must have something to do with Leon’s master, Razreal. After throwing another glance at the pair, they went back to quietly discussing the previous day.

The sun had fallen an hour before, so the grounds were no longer bathed in the sunlight, that would have proven deadly to Nathan, feeling rested from his sleep, he immediately headed for the main doors, Leon scurrying to keep up. Upon reaching the large wooden doors into the monastery, Nathaniel turned around and looked towards Leon, “well?” he asked.

“No no no! Not into the monastery! Razreal’s study is beneath it, come come, this way,” Leon spoke, walking around to the side of the monastery, following a small stone path that Nathan hadn’t noticed while he was walking to the doors.

They made their way around the side of the building, and found a set of stairs going down next to the monastery. At the end of these stairs was a rough wooden door, as if it hadn’t been replaced in ages. Leon stepped past Nathaniel, and reaching forward, and opened the old creaky door. Inside was another set of stairs, leading farther down, almost like into a basement, or wine cellar of some kind. They walked down the flight of stairs, and to another door. Leon knocked, and a low, grating voice from behind the door asked, “what?”

“It’s Leon, master Razreal. I brought the Caitiff with me,”

“Oh! Well then come in! come in! don’t dawdle!,” the voice replied excitedly.

How many Tremere does it take to change a light bulb?
Three. One to do it and two to confuse the issue.
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