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Kathy listened as gabe explained briefly how mark had staked a torrie and the fought with gabes men.
"hes no animal Gabe" kathy said sadly her eyes looking at mark, his face streaked with blood and his hair hanging limply over his face.
Her face looked back between mark and Gabe as she stood and walked over to them , her hand touching marks face softly.
"finish it Gabe, at least give me so honour driving the truck over the edge or stake me..just finish it now!" mark said as he bowed his head, his eyes full of sorrow and defeat.
He looked up " kay..I think youd better leave us now"
Kathy shook her head.." no mark you cant do this I wont let you..theres no need for all of this.."
mark frowned as he looked at her delicate face.
Kathy looked over at Gabe " the body has gone"

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Kathy looked between Gabriel and mark, both of them looking at her intently.
" I was trying to find mark, and I ended up in a derelict building on the other side of town, I found a staked body, his name tavros and well he's fine now, no harm done, my ghoul is driving him out of the city....I hope I did the right thing, the masquerade is intact" kathy said quietly not sure her actions would be met with approval from Gabriel.

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Mark’s body relaxed and he hung limp, his head looking to the floor. He sighed heavily. A mix of relief and of fear. Relief that the kindred he had been accused of attacking was no longer in the city and fear that Kathy’s actions to help him may cost her dearly if she two became a target.

He opened his eyes slowly and glanced towards Gabriel. A pleading look filled his eyes.

“Please Gabriel. Don’t do anything to harm her… just, ill do anything you want”

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He cast a wary glance between the two, Kathy standing helplessly at the entrance of the truck, and Mark hanging hopelessly within it's iron bowels. Slowly he turned, his eyes cast downwards, and walked towards the cast blue moonlight.

As he paced slowly, each step seemingly measured, his mind was seaming with activity. He walked with poise, his hands entwined loosely behind his back. Heavy eyelids dropped over his emerald eyes as he inhaled the very essence of the night, allowing it to fill his dead lungs.

Slowly, Kathy's gentle weeping brought him back to reality. She was truly worried about the Malkavian, and to his credit, she was a good judge of character. He placed one gloved leather hand on the side of the truck and slide down gracefully to the cement below.

Kathy stood, hands clasped on her arms for support, her face layered with blood tears, all cried for the Malkavian. Gabriel took her chin gently with two fingers and met her gaze with compassion.

The soft brush of a winter's breeze combed through his hair, draping thin strands of blonde across his face. Kathy's tears gradually stopped, her undead heart unknowingly beating.

"Please Gabriel...." came the whimpering plea. Gabriel closed his eyes and nodded wordlessly. He turned to Mark, whose head hung limply, rolling along his shoulders.

"Malkavian...I believe you." he said, with each word, he knew that Mark's hatred grew stronger, "But it must be proven to all. We will take you before a Council of Elders and will find the truth from you and you alone."

He raised his hand and snapped. From the depths of the fog, Clyde appeared, his eyes honed on the figure within the truck.

"Clyde, ride in the back with Mark...release him from his chains." Clyde knew better than to dispute an order. "Treat him as a friend Clyde...I want him treated well. Find him some blood, make sure he is comfortable, I'll treat him as a prisoner no more."

Kathy chirped as her tears returned, streaming down her pallid cheeks again. Gabriel took her tenderly in his arms and led her away.

"He'll be alright Kathy...he's telling the truth....I know it."

((sorry bout the wait for the post :smile: if you have a different idea please just write it out here in live action! :smile:

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Kathy smiled weakly at Gabriel as he led her away from the truck,his arm draped over her shoulder gently.
"Im sorry...I should have called you when I found the body,but I panicked, I didnt know what to do,I perhaps too impulsive for my own good" she said, her voice barely a whisper as they walked towards Gabriel's car.
Gabriel stopped and touched her lips softly with his fingers,tracing the outline of her thin red lips.
"It's ok kathy,you did what you felt was right"
He opened the backdoor of the car and kathy slipped into it, her eyes watching the truck as it pulled away.
Gabriel waraped his trenchcoat around him and sat next to her.
"Im going to take you home kathy, you should rest"

((woohooo im back lol had a fab weekend..didnt we zakkie ?lolol

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Mark let out a sigh as he felt the bonds around him loosen. He slid down the side of the truck until he was standing on his feet, leaning against the truck for support. After rubbing his wrists he spoke to Clyde with a smirk on his face.

“Hey Clydie… now we are buddies how about you let me freshen up and get a spiffy suite like yours before I go see the big bads?” peering over Clyde’s shoulder he looked towards Gabriel “ Don’t worry Gabby I have nothing to fear or hide, I won’t go anywhere. You have my word. But if I’m going to see the elders I cant go looking like this. Ill upset the torries” Mark let out a little chuckle.

(( i had the best weekend in a looooooooooong long time. I mean where else can you go to stay constantly drunk for several days, get great food, a bed and a chance to talk to the nicest people in the world :smile: oh and did i mention i stole the Falcon! oh wait damn no i didnt :: sighs :: poo.

((thanks for the great time Mandiessss :smile: ))

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