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(( Ok ... just topping this for Gabe .. I don't want to let this one drop ... I do it all to often ... so GABE ... GET OFF YOUR DUFF AND POST pllllllllllllllllease ... *smiles sweetly* lol .. just messing with ya ... Thanks :grin:

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The weight of the cell phone felt familiar as it slipped back into his pocket. The cryptic, somewhat unnerving message from the doorman put Gabriel's hair follicles on end. He looked to the rest of the city's Kindred, who stood lined in neat little rows just before they were to be sitted at the large ornate table.

"We have some unwelcome guests I'm afraid ladies and gentlemen." Gabriel said, his voice resonating with level, "So if you'll all follow Fredrick, we'll move you to a safer location."

The "safer location" was three rooms over and across the hall from the pomp, cushy room they currently resided in. It's walls were thick pillars of cement and any structural damage to the building would leave the center room nonetheless in tact. Gabriel watched as his most trusted Ghoul Fredrick began hearding the cities most prominant Ventrue out of the room.

As the last Ventrue exited, Fredrick nodded to Gabriel just before disappearing through the doorway. A snap of the fingers and two Ventrue thugs appeared, their eyes hungry with vengence and anger. They followed obediently, but Gabriel could feel the heat from their bodies as the blood spurred it's way through them.

They made their way through the hallways of the hotel, towards the elevators. The distant POP POP of gunfire rang out, and Gabriel's highly tuned nose could pick up the scent of gunpowder. He snarled angrily as they approached the elevator, whose reflective doors remained closed.

"You two take the elevator, I'll use the stairs." he said, thinking he could reach the trouble quicker by stairs, but wanting his henchmen to guard the elevator entrance. The two portly figures nodded and hit the down button, which lit up like Christmas wrapping paper. Gabriel took several steps towards the stairwell entrance, and shot a glance back towards the henchmen just as the door chimed open.

An flash of light filled the hallway and the deafening sound of high caliber gunfire rang out. The guards shrieked and flew to the ground, their bodies decimated by buckshot. Peering through the smoke, Gabriel made out the form of a man holding a shotgun, his bright smile barely visible.

He turned in midstride and paced towards the elevator, inwardly seeped in rapture at the look of shock on the attackers face. The world narrowed as he took control of the attackers mind, causing him to loosen his grip on his weapon. Gabriel passed the awe-struck attacker, whose vacant and blank eyes stared into the abyss. He snatched the shotgun from the assailents gloved hand and emerged on the opposite side of the smoke, neatly stepping into the elevator.

Two men stood, weapons drawn, within the travelling cube. Their faces drew back in horror, as the reality set in. With a flash of movement, Gabriel arched the butt on the shotgun across the jaw of both men, who in turn dropped their weapons to the floor and clamped their recently broken jaws.

Screams of agony shook the first man away from the warm comfort of his awe, and he returned to the world just in time to feel Gabriel's vice grip pull him into the elevator....whose doors suddenly closed.

Gabriel stepped out of the elevator and into the Tower Hotel's expansive lobby. Immediantly, ghouled hotel workers in janitorial clothes rushed forward with an "Out of Order" sign and blocked off the elevator. As Gabriel made his way towards the front desk, the janitors stepped into the elevator and gagged at the sight.

The three able bodied men had been reduced to a thick, vile paste which coated the walls and ceiling of the elevator chamber. Strings of blood stretched from the ceiling, joining the immense pool that carpetted the floor. Shreds of clothes and jewelry floated by their feet.

Outside, at the desk, Gabriel struggled to regain his balance as a violent rumble emminated from below. Quickly he made his way towards the basement.....

((not the best i know, but i'm worn down this week :evil:

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((you too? yeah but yours was 10X better than mine. (Excellent post btw)

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