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Reannag ran harder, too little feeding stopped her shadows from protecting her. She crossed the busy Soho streets, her blood burning as her body drove itself faster, panic scolding her throat as instinct told her to breathe hard. The Kindred that chased her, probably the Scourge’s aides drew closer, among their ranks were a Gangrel pup, little more than a year old, his fellow pursuer a Caitiff. She tripped crossing the trails of debris that littered a fallen trashcan, her fear stopped her from staying still too long. The Gangrel shredded the steel can as he swatted at the space she had lain in so briefly. As they rounded the street corner they heard an unfamiliar, unnatural roar as the powerful engine of an approaching car revved. The wheels shrieking to a standstill the left wing slapping the Caitiff into the air, sending her sprawling as the opposite door popped open.

Reannag gasped, shock briefly overcoming her fear.

“Alekz? It [i:ec0ad67f7e]is[/i:ec0ad67f7e] you?”

He smiled, that old struggling smile that had warmed her to him before. He spoke once and to the point...

“Get in! Hurry Miss!”

She slid in beside him, his eyes at once turning their focus to controlling the sport scar he sat in, the bucket seat throne-like as he gunned the car into bullet-like motion.

Skidding, he sat silent, wheeling the car around numerous street corners, shaking off her pursuers, slicing along the dark city streets like a dark-grey sword.

As he drove silently she studied him. He looked almost identical to the last time she saw him alive. His long black hair pulled tightly, framing his leonine face, his icy eyes cold at first, but once she had reached past his facade they were molten. His face looked a little more weathered, but he’d seen death, or had he? She couldn’t believe it. Yet here he sat, once again her saviour. The tight sweater he wore hugged the angular muscles of his torso, flexing with the effort of keeping the car upright as it rocketed along the increasingly derelict streets.

She saw the building slowly rise above the horizon, the car purring contentedly as it drew to a graceful halt. The sleek curves of it’s shell loping into the alley, hidden from prying eyes.

Alekz slid from the car, a pistol in his hand as he motioned her to follow him. As she climbed out the car automatically locked, he reached a blind arm in, carefully withdrawing what looked like a business card from the dashboard near the ignition switch. A coded card perhaps? She closed the door, jumping slightly as it locked itself, the windows encased suddenly in a thin carbon-fibre sheath as the car secured itself from attack. Alekz grunted, attracting her to the haven she’d already set up base in. He stepped in silently, the pistol arcing out in front of him as he scanned the dark rooms. She followed closely behind, feeling her hands tug at his sweater sleeve.

“ it safe?”

He turned. His eyes losing their iciness.

“Yes Miss, it seems to be.”

She sighed at last, collapsing into him. Machine-like, almost like a granite figure he held her weight, eventually holding her gently, leading her weakened frame to the worn out couch in the largest of the three rooms. He sat there, cradling her as she regained her composure.

“Alekz....” She sat up, pulling her legs up, cocooning herself...”I...I saw you die..”

Alekz looked at her, his brow heavier as he strained for a reply...finding one he replied...a strangely pleased smile on his lips....

“To quote Mark Twain....News of my death has been greatly exaggerated.”

“The Facility retrieved me, repaired the damage Deredeo had inflicted. It is my understanding they had him tracked to New Orleans and destroyed. I was reassigned...sent to locate and continue fulfilling the parameters of the mission Sorenti had set me. By that I mean....protecting you..”

His face looked almost gladdened, the sight made her relax further.

He had “died” in her defence, to have him on her side again made her feel safe for the first time in months.

Alekz looked around the room, as she moved to speak again he placed a solitary finger against her lips, shushing her.

“Miss, you need to feed, you need fresh clothing...wait here.”

Standing he walked to the galley-style kitchen, opening the refrigerated container, lifting a vial of blood from it’s interior. Pouring a wineglass he returned, handing it to her as he selected a clean shirt and slacks from the wardrobe. They weren’t ideal, but they were better than the torn scraps she wore.

“These should do the trick Miss.”

She smiled, swallowing the cool, but strangely warming vitae. Raising her head she took the clothes from him, standing as she unfastened her belt.

The motion called for embarrassment if the illusion was to be maintained, Alekz thought as he forced his face to redden, turning his back on her as the clothes she wore slipped to the floor.

“Oh come now Alekz, you’ve seen me naked before, don’t you remember?” Reannag smiled cheekily as the young Ventrue stood shame-faced. She walked forward, her cool, pearlescent skin pressed against his back as she willed him to turn.

The action activated the hypnotic, nay, programmed switches in his mind. He turned, his face no longer red, his eyes piercing, insistent as he spoke.

“Miss Reannag....Reannag...” He fell silent as she drew his lips to hers, her blood salted tongue pulling at his own. He “flipped” another switch, kissing her in reply, pulling her hard against him. Lifting her he carried her to the mattress that lay against the far wall, her fingers tugging at his sweater, pulling it over his head as he lay her down.

What at first began as delicate probing licks, and the sensual running of fangs over soft exposed flesh soon graduated into a more passionate biting and sucking as they began to feed on each other. Never taking more than a mouthful, then licking the wounds closed as they slid over each other. The scene soon becoming lubricated, wet and sucking as blood flowed from their lips.

Alekz’ mind had locked itself off from outside influence, leaving it intact from the roused emotions the beast brought to the fold. Reannag groaned, and moaned under his mouth as she fed from his shoulders, his fangs curving into her, now bloodstained breast, licking the wound closed before opening it again. As the tide of lust ripped through her, surer than any canine she growled, her gasps throaty and blood chilling. She fell exhausted, his now burning body trailing off of hers as they slept.

Inside his head a post-hypnotic timer began a countdown, measuring the time as Reannag fell into deep slumber. After several hours had passed the timer sent a silent signal to his brain, awaking him.

He slid from her side, lifting her arm gently so as to keep her undisturbed as he climbed to his feet and showered in the bathroom, the dried blood painting the shower walls as the influx of heat and water revitalised it. Stepping clear he dried and got dressed and returned to the room. Unholstering his heavy pistol he quietly slid the hammer back, chambering a round as he stood over her sleeping form.

Reannag dreamed easy, no bad memories or nightmares chasing her unconscious. She purred slightly in her sleep as her thoughts turned to her dark saviour. The thoughts became audible as he spoke to her, his voice at first cooing, then losing its warmth, becoming more machine-like.


She muttered incoherently, then sighed as her dreamscape fluttered as she awoke..

“Ohhhh still want more....? Haven’t you had enough?....”

“There’s no such thing as enough Miss. Not for my clan.”

She opened her eyes, groggy as his voice turned hollow.


He stood over her, fully clothed, he pointed an arm down at her, her blood-crusted eyes widened in sudden realisation as her mind recognised the weapon that terminated his arm.

“But came back to help me!! You told me...”

He replied coldly, emotionless again.

“Only lies Miss Reannag, nothing more.”

She bunched her muscles, refreshed by the blood and rest and pushed herself up. Only to be pushed down by his foot, and pushed down harder as the pistol emptied it’s barrel, tearing into her chest. Her heart spasmed as the carbonic round slammed into its core, paralysing her as effectively as any stake. Holstering the pistol he dragged her onto the floor, rolling her into a sheet and dragging her out to the waiting car. As he approached the cars sensors read his skeletal imagery, unlocking itself as he reached for the boot, dropping her unceremoniously inside.

In the boot, Reannag’s mind reeled as the realisation of her defeat became prevalent. She lay, trapped in her own body as the cars engine purred to life.

Alekz lifted the carphone from it’s housing, speaking clearly and efficiently.

“Yes Sir, the Lasombra female has been incapacitated. I will return with her forthwith.”

“Of course Sir, as you command.”

He replaced the phone on its set and slid his card into the slot near the ignition. Although the engine had started upon detecting his approach it still wouldn’t move without the key-card. Hitting the ignition he drove off, heading out of the city towards his waiting Superior.

Sorenti paced the floor of his study, once so familiar to him, the room now felt fresh and partly alien. He turned at last, facing the door as Bill pushed the heavy oaken doors open.

“Sir! The Ventrue Thain is here! And he has a....package.”

Sorenti nodded, lifting his suit jacket from his chair as he followed his loyal retainer to the cellar.

As he heard the cellar doors open, and the subsequent steps descend, Alekz looked up.

“ you requested.”

At his feet lay the naked, crippled form of the Lasombra Reannag. The sight made Sorenti hiss through his teeth, a low disgusted grunt escaping him. Alekz pushed her head to face him, she looked up crudely aiming her gaze upon Sorenti. Inside her beast shrieked like a caged animal, anger bubbled through her paralysed frame as he stood over her.

“Well little star, it seems you have struck pay-dirt.” The words made him grin, his fangs glinting in the low light. He turned his head as Zefeng stepped closer.

“Is she worth keeping old man?”

Zefeng smiled darkly. “Oh I think she’ll have her uses.”

Sorenti nodded, dismissing Alekz...

“Well done boy. You have repaired the faith you broke in allowing her to escape.”

“Yes Sir. As you wish.”

Alekz left, the sounds that rose up from the deeper bowels of Sorenti’s cellar growing hushed as Zefeng had Reannag brought down to the vats Sorenti had had installed.

Two weeks had passed since Reannag’s capture.

Deep within Zefeng's catacombs Sorenti waited as his Tzimisce companion entered one of the vat chambers. He crossed his arms, listening as a sickening, wet thud preceded Zefeng's voice.

“Yes...yes that’s it....good. Now follow me....good...excellent my pet.....”

Sorenti frowned. The wet sound permeated by a foetal stench, as though something trailed afterbirth as it crept. Hissing through his nostrils he watched as Assli came into view again. His reversed course followed by the groaning, heaving sound of something much larger than himself. As the vast bulk of the creature rounded the caverns corner Sorenti’s eyes widened.


The Tzimisce turned to his master and smiled. Pointing at Sorenti he spoke again to the monstrous bulk.

“This is your new master little him your loyalty.”

The creatures eyes swivelled, one eye turned disc-like to face the suited figure, the other strained in its socket. An unnatural deep blue glinting in its centre as the bulk moaned in obvious pain as its taloned spine creaked. Two vast simian arms dragged the chitinous body forward, sores and welts weeping between the armour plating. It scraped along to Sorenti’s feet and stopped, moaning again as its cavernous, leeching mouth drooled. Looking up it studied the face of its master. Something familiar drew it nearer. It moaned as though speaking then seemed to choke back tears as its throat convulsed with the effort.

Sorenti felt the creatures stare, its sudden familiarity uneased him. Stepping back to avoid its drool he looked up at Zefeng.

“What is this thing? Is this what I came down here to see?”

Zefeng smiled darkly.

“Forgive me Great One, I merely wanted to re-imprint the beasts mind with your image.”

“Turn around my pet, let your master look upon thee!”

The vast, crab-ape dragged itself 180°. Groaning as its weight creaked with the motion. Sorenti watched in awed horror as the back of the creature filled his view. Almost super-imposed on the spiked plates a single word shone out in raw red...


His eyes rose from the sight as El-Assli directed the vast beast to return to its vat.

[i:ec0ad67f7e]“That..that thing is Reannag?”[/i:ec0ad67f7e]

Zefeng nodded slowly, wary not to look too pleased in case his master disagreed.

“Yes Great One. Like I said, she has had her uses.”

Sorenti looked angry, his face reddening as the thought washed over him. Silence filled the corridor as the two figures stood, then......

Sorenti threw back his head, laughing, his face creasing unnaturally as he roared. A terrible mocking laughter drifted out of the corridor into the vats as the creature lay suspended in the viscous, “amniotic” bath.

As Sorenti slapped the Tzimisce’s shoulder he continued to chuckle as they walked up through the catacomb that lay below his wine cellars.

As the sounds faded the creature rolled in the pus filled, shit-soaked scum of its vat. Its mind fixed on the face of its master. A deep gurgling came up as it purred with the alien affection the image filled it with. It rolled over, facing the base of its vat as the rudimentary gills opened and closed. Pawing at the glass before swivelling its disc-eye to face the light source to its right. It caught its own reflection in the glass and whined, bubbles breaking the surface like froth as a deep mental pain travelled through its unnatural shell.

Far above in his study, the Ventrue Sorenti sat. A glass of brandy decorating his left hand as he took an undead lungful of the cigar he held in his right. Zefeng sat opposite the “Great One”, his face broken with a look of satisfaction.

“Excellent Zefeng...Excellent!”

"True nobility is exempt from fear."

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*Topping* There ya go Billy;)

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((np Nathan I get that too at present :( Oh btw, better luck getting your target next time Scourge :P hehe j/k.....Great writing peeps! ;) ))

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((Why the HELL would you send a Gangrel "pup" after her ahving a perfectly good, experienced and loyal City Gangrel right here! oh..wait..Thorp wouldn't do it unless someone like Gabe, Valek or Sorenti asked him to...also Bats..ah,ya did good))

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