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Nathan cursed himself for not finding out about Sorenti's little.... party earlier, damnit, they were probably all out of town by now. Even though they were probably gone, he still had to go, and make sure.

He pulled up to what he had found out was where Sorenti held it all, and saw the gates had been broken, someone had left here, and obviously their exit wasn't expected... since the gates hadn't been opened. He stopped his car, and stepped out, looking for any sign that whoever it was may still be nearbye...

His eyes quickly turned towards a car, parked nearbye, with both doors open.. As he walked nearer, he noticed on the ground, two teens, both of them very pale, and obviously... VERY dead, they had marks cut into their skin... by a sharp blade, most likely a knife of some sort.

Cursing under his breath at what could have caused a ruckuss with the police, two bodies drained of blood, left outside a building.. well, this he could fix. Nathan walked back over to his car, digging out a couple explosive charges he kept... just for such an occasion. Stepping over to the car, he rigged them up, inside the engine, so the intense heat from the flames would remove all traces of the bombs.

He lifted the bodies, setting them in the back seat, laying their bodies so it would look like they were in the back, getting frisky, when the car exploded. He checked the sidewalk, after a moment discovering what appeared to be a trail of blood.. possibly from when the vamp had fed, he stepped back into his car, and drove down the block a bit.

He looked out his windows as he triggered the explosives, the brilliant flash lighting up the area, followed by the boom as the car was ignited, and reduced to a pile of wreckage... Nathaniel drove down the road a bit, and parked in a nearbye lot, and stepped out.. He would have to track on foot, he placed his sword in the scabbard on his back, checked his pistols, and started jogging in the direction the blood trail had gone.....

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Rea walked down the road, her eyes watching the lights of the car approaching her...Alek she thought...have you come back for it passed her she sighed, it wasn't the car he was in . her thoughts turned back to the one who had put her in the position she was in now.
" you want me dead so badly sorenti you will have to do it yourself, you pathetic ventrue" rea said harshly " why must you hide behind others"

Rea stopped and looked around as she heard an explosion,the flames of the car she had just left filled her vision momentarily.
Rea frowned,how could that be possible, there was no reason for the car to explode.

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Sorenti had meant to go back to the prison compound in the early hours of daylight, so that Imo-rah could retrieve the money box and just make sure everything had gone to plan. But he had so much business to attend to when they got back, it was important for them to not be at the scene too quickly afterwards. Sorenti knew full well that the newly appointed Scourge would be along at some point, eager to please as all new promotees are. He had been exhausted from the effects of the necklace, even though he had fed twice, it still left him feeling lethargic. So it was not until a while after dark that the sporty black car had crawled its way along the dirt road up to the prison.

The Alfa Romeo gurgled away like a large dog happily gnawing on its favourite bone, its lights out. It stopped a fair way from the broken gates through which Alekz had burst at dawn and stayed with the engine ticking over. Sorenti stepped out from the passenger side, pulled his jacket around him and walked swiftly into the grounds. He began to look around, replaying in his mind the details Alekz had given him. His eyes swept the area picking out the things he sought.

A very black patch with grey streaks nearby, obviously the Assamite, Sorenti tutted, it was a shame, he could have used her for a few jobs. But he didn't let his mind dwell on it, he saw the corpse of one of the mortals and grabbed it in one hand, dragging it along with him like a rag doll. The other was exactly where Alekz had described, still partially hiding behind the remains of the now sunkissed Brujah, the stiletto still sticking out. Sorenti smiled in slight despair at what people will risk for money and lifted the corpse, throwing one on top of the other.

He left them there, wandering through the rest of the rooms. Scorch marks and a very dusty floor he guessed to be the other Brujah, where in a side room, dust on the table was definitely the Lasombra male. Sorenti knew for sure, because his legs still hung from the chair, the sun obviously only catching his top half. He picked up the legs, still with their boots on and threw them out of the window for the sun to play with and walked back into the main hall.

He was amazed to see that not only was the table still upright, but that there was still wine in his glass, he chuckled slightly as he turned the long table upside down. Now flat on its back, Sorenti placed a small square lump right in the middle, then threw some more into each corner of the room. He placed the mortal corpses on top of each other over the small lump, each one a small radio detonator encased in a thin covering of C4. Lifting the bag from his shoulder, he took out a plastic sachet, opened it and poured the gasoline over the two bodies, then he took a small pouch and sprinkled magnesium over the now wet bodies.

He stood looking at his handiwork, also giving the gasoline time to soak in, when he began to wonder exactly where Reannag's remains were. Being far quieter now, he quickly searched every room, figuring in here was her best chance of avoiding the sun for at least a while. Sorenti grew more annoyed as he found nothing, but the last room, he looked at the two moth eaten matresses that lay like they had been used to hide something, or someone his mind quickly added.

Sorenti shrugged, if she had got away, she had got away and good luck to her. She had made him money, he couldn't really care less whether she had survived or not, but it annoyed him that the group he had assembled had been far too worried about the money and not about the whole point of the exercise. Still, he would contact the Scourge and let him know of her last known position, Valek had clearly told his guard that not only was she in the city unannounced, hence illegally, but she was also definitely NOT welcome.

Sorenti returned to the bodies on the upturned table, lit a cigarette and threw the match on top, backing off very quickly to escape the searing heat. He turned and walked back to the gates, stopping to retrieve the money box, pleased to see all the money still in it. Approaching the waiting car, he threw the money box in the back and got in the driver's side. He turned the car round slowly and pulled away down the track. Sorenti braked gently and pulled the aerial up on the small black transmitter, he flicked the switch and it sprung into life.

The button on top began to blink red as he rested his thumb on top of it. Just as he was about to push down, an explosion shattered the silence off to their left, in reflex, Sorenti hit the button. The several explosions came in one sound, almost perfectly matched with the echo from the first. The bases of the supporting prison walls blew out in unison, the entire structure collapsing inwards on itself, burying many ghosts and many secrets. Looking to the other occupants of the enormously engined sports car, he saw his own thoughts reflected in their faces. Sorenti pulled away, guiding the car back down the track and onto the road, his lights blazing eyes in the darkness, heading in the direction of the first explosion.

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As the blast from the first explosion died down,another one ripped through the silent night, Rea had turned away and begun to walk down the road towards the city. As she heard the second explosion, she looked around and watched as the outline of the prison seemed to crumble, plumes of dust and smoke filling the night air, as the walls gave way and fell to the ground.

Rea looked around warily..maybe someone was covering their tracks she thought, Rea pulled the leather trenchcoat tightly around her slender body and turned back to face the direction of the city. Pulling the collar up on the coat she headed down the road.

((okies guys...rog is home so wont be around much till whatever anything major see ports he can get hold of me if need be :smile::):)

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Sorenti drove the Alfa Romeo hard, its tires spitting gravel from the edges of the road, it didn't take him long to find the source of the first explosion. Just off the road, near a wooded area, a burnt out car sat, still in flames though heavily charred. Concentrating hard, Sorenti scanned the woods very carefully, he reached out with his mind as well as every sense he posessed. Satisfied nobody was nearby, he jumped out of the Alfa, its engine left grumbling as he hurried over to the burning vehicle.

There seemed to be two bodies on the backseat, almost molded together in the heat, he couldn't see their sex, but from the position he figured one male and one female. There was something odd though, when people are caught in any type of blast, instant reaction is to throw the hands up to protect the face, yet both seemed to have their arms at their sides, or what was left of them. Considering that someone or something had planted the bodies that way, Sorenti figured that Reannag had stumbled upon these two, needing to feed badly.

The problem he had was that it seemed doubtful that Reannag would go to this much trouble to hide her tracks. Surely she would have wanted to just get away from the prison compound, perhaps contemplating coming after Sorenti. He shrugged as he walked back to his car and thought it was about time this was ended, he couldn't afford any of this to come back on him. He powered the car away from the burning wreck and headed into town, heading for the bank as he had two deposits to make.

He parked right outside the elegantly architectured building and ran up the steps. By the side of the great double doors, he pushed an intercom button, stating his name and a code word he was then asked for. The buzzer sounded and Sorenti pushed the doors open, walking inside to the beaming face of the bank manager. He smiled and greeted the manager, saying he had two deposits to make as usual. The stout, ruddy faced bank manager rushed to get the forms while Sorenti excused himself to make a quick phonecall. Picking up the phone in the manager's office, Sorenti dialled the number of the cellphone the new Scourge had been given with his position.

"Yeah, hello? Nathaniel?.......yeah....yeah it's Sorenti....fine thankyou, listen, I have something you need to know. I don't know what you know of the renegade Lasombra Reannag, but I assure you she is not to be trusted, is in the city illegally and is to be "removed"....ok yes...fine. Right, my little scheme...well...let's just say it didn't quite go to plan. Yes, yes, yes she got away. We found a car burning with two teenage....oh that was you was it? Oh ok, well I am figuring it was Reannag, she would have been desperate to feed and you can see what a risk she is by just leaving them there. Yep, uh huh.......well my guess is she'll be heading back into the city, probably going to dig up some old allies or such...anywhere that will shelter her. You have to cut her off, she could cause Valek and our kind, some serious harm if she remains on the loose. Hmmmm....only name I can recall is Damien Vryce...yep the Brujah, I read somewhere they used to be real close, might be worth a shot. Ok....good, if you need any help, just call me...ok good luck, bye"

Sorenti hung up the receiver and looked up, he smiled a little and then went into the next room to the eagerly awaiting bank manager. He placed the money box on the desk and handed over the key.

"Fifty usual" Sorenti said quietly

"Of course sir, of let's see..." came the manager's babble as he hurried to see the money.

Sorenti sat thinking in a comfortable leather armchair, pretending not to notice the slightly disappointed look of the bank manager at finding only $150,000 in the box. When all was finished and in place, Sorenti signed for the deposits into the different accounts, shook the manager's hand and disappeared out of the double doors back to his car.

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(renegade am I huh? :grin: lol
Rea smiled as the city approached ever nearer, the many lights creating a halo in the night sky. Sh had walked for miles,only hiding behind a tree as car had approached her from behind, she had watched as the black car had sped by its wheels screeching as it spun around the corner.

Rea knew that she would probably be high on the wanted list now, sorenti would have some back up plan thought out, she knew him too well and he always had everything planned our carefully,not liking to leave anything to chance.

Her pace increased as she entered the downtown area of the city, her mind racing trying to think where sorenti could be.As she rounded the corner,the tower hotel loamed in front of her,the ventrue hotel, perfect she thought. she stopped and paused, maybe Alek would be there.

"hello darling...what you doing out on your own?" a hand touched her shoulder and she turned around her eyes flashing briefly before forming a false smile on her face.
She looked him up and down, he stood about 6ft4" his black hair cropped short. he wore jeans and a tight black vest top,his muscles bulging .

Rea grinned, she could use him, it would be useful to have someone causing a distraction for her.
"im on my way home....are you on your own too I could use some company, perhaps you wouldlike to walk me there?" her eyes smiled at him as she spoke her soft voice washing over him as he watched her intently, his eyes looking her up and down .

"I'd love to darling" he said wrapping his arm around her shoulders
Rea shuddered slightly as he did " its this way then and you are ?" Rea asked as she pointed down the street.
"im ben im in town for the bodybuilding competition" he smiled as they walked down the street.

Rea stood looking down at him, her blood still wet on his lips, his eyes opened as she put her finger onto his lips.
" your like me now" she smiled at him her white fangs shining in the streetlight.
" bit me " he muttered his hand touching his neck.
" I gave you the gift of immortality, your one of the undead now"
Ben nodded, he felt so much different, as the hunger took him he moaned in pain.
Rea smiled " you need to feed, come let me show you how it is done" Rea took his hand and lead him into a nearby bar.

"its so easy " she whispered " you just bite and drink their blood" Rea neglected to tell him that you should always cover your tracks when feeding,wanting Ben to cause as much trouble as possible, giving her time to figure out what she was going to do .

Ben smiled as he looked around the crowded dance floor.
"look I will show you " rea grinned as she led him onto the dancefloor and sidled up to a girl dancing on her own.
Rea wrapped her arms around her neck, her body moving closer to hers.
"well hello there" the girl said feeling Rea pushing herself against her.Rea smiled and kissed her neck.Ben watched as Rea opened her mouth and saw a flash of her fangs before she sunk her teeth into the girsl neck.The girl stumbled and Rea pushed her up against the wall,motioning for Ben to come over.
"here take her Ben" she whispered moving away allowing him to step in front of the girl.bens arms wrapped around the girl as Rea watched him,a wide grin on her face.

"ben I have to go ...feed as much as you want,after all theres enough of it about"
Ben looked up grinning as Rea walked away from him.

Rea sat in the dark apartment,it had been untouched since she was last here, some of her clothes where still piled up neatly on the dresser.
Rea took the leather trenchcoat off, and grimaced as the dust fell off her clothes.
a shower she thought, then down to planning her revenge. she was sure that by now the scourge would be on the streets looking for her,hopefully bens feeding spree wouldkeep him busy for a while.

Rea walked to the bathroom, shedding her clothes as she did. Turning the shower on, she watched as the water gushed out, filling the room with steam.Her slim body stepped into the shower, letting the water wash away the grime and dirt that clung to her.

((ok alek knows where i am ...sorenti may do im not sure:)

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Nathaniel put the phone back into his pocket with a curse. So the one he was tracking was a Reannag, he hard heard a bit about her, she used to be the Lasombra Primogen... If Sorenti was right, she could also cause some major problems, if she hadn't already. Pulling out the celphone again, he dialed for the current Lasombra Primogen, the one called Adrianna.

As the phone rang, he concentrating, using a portion of his blood to use the disciplines of Celerity, and Unseen Presence, and while he waited for Adrianna to pick up, set off at an incredible speed, the lights of town getting closer very fast...

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Sorenti pondered the situation as he sat behind the wheel. He hadn't been hellbent on killing the Lasombra, he had just seen a way to make some spending money and taken it. After all, they may be some other Ventrue in need of money somewhere, at least there was now a fresh $75,000 in the account, on top of the rest. Sorenti tapped his fingers on the steering wheel, in time to a drumbeat he had heard passing some nightclub and thought back over the previous few nights. He remembered every detail and then a conversation almost exploded into his mind.

He still wasn't sure why, but his hatred for Setites appeared to be growing, apart from that one incident. He let his mind replay that night like watching a film. He had ended up at Gabriel's place, chatted a bit, Gabriel had informed him of his supposed past, then that Kiya had come in. He skipped his thoughts forward to when he left Gabriel's and what Kiya had told him, he took her card out from his pocket and studied it. Kiya had written the name of a place on the back of the card, he read it out to his passengers....

"Anyone know where it is?" he asked,

"Yes sir, it's about 3 miles or so from here, that way" came the reply from the backseat.

Sorenti nodded and eased the car backwards out of its parking space, then gunned it in the directions from behind him. Minutes later, he slowed to a halt outside the now familiar gates with the very long drive behind. He let the headlights stay on the gates as he searched for a way to open them, finding nothing, he closed his eyes and concentrated hard. Unsure of his movements, Sorenti got out of the car and walked over to the right of the furthest gatepost. He ran his hand lightly over the bricks in the wall, jumping back slightly as one brick slid smoothly inwards. He looked into the hole but could see nothing so slowly edged his hand into the slot.

The scanner lit up and silently took his palm print, then a quiet voice asked for the retinal scan. Seeing no other slots or compartments, Sorenti knelt down and looked into the hole. The brightness of the green beam hurt his eye, but before he could react, the gates were opening with a hydraulic hiss. He hopped back into the driver's seat and squealed the tires in his hurry to get through. As the Alfa sped between the huge posts, the gates began to swiftly resume their closed positions. Sorenti drove rapidly, but carefully, up towards the distant building, as he neared it, the size began to dawn on him, the place was simply massive.

Still nodding his approval at the elegance of this fortress looking estate, Sorenti almost didn't see the man who stepped out in front of them. Throwing the car into a bumpy slide, Sorenti pulled hard on the handbrake and stopped six feet short of the twin barrels of the man's raised shotgun. Quick to escape confrontation, Sorenti got out with his hands raised saying,

"I'm here to see Bill, don't shoot!"

The man stepped forward two paces, lowered the shotgun and started babbling...

" God, I errr, I'm so s..sorry s..sir, I didn't expect it be you, forgive the gun...I errrr......BILL!"

A much taller and heavier built man appeared out of the shadows. As he walked forwards slowly, his jaw dropped and a look of surprise soon faded to a hearty chuckle...

"Well well, Sorenti, don't call, you don't write, in fact no word at all...then you just show up out of the blue!"

He walked forwards, a huge grin on his face as he clapped Sorenti on the back,

"Damn good to see you again sir, come on in, I've made some refinements I think you are gonna like..all your cars are still in mint condition, a few new horses....hell a few new faces on the staff too...come on, I bought a special brandy for your return."

He looked at the guard who still stood in apologetic shock...

"See to the car and bring the others in..V.I.P. ok?"

The guard straightened up, nodded and assumed his alertness once again, heading over to the Alfa. Sorenti let himself be led by the man he assumed to be Bill, as they approached the doors, Sorenti stopped Bill and whispered to him,

"Look...Bill, I errr, well I had my memory wiped, or so I believe...the reason I haven't contacted you is because I simply didn't know who you were, or even that this place existed. It's gonna be awkward and maybe difficult for a while, if you could treat me like I know nothing it would help. Oh and not a word of my memory to anyone else ok?"

Bill chuckled,

"Not even the slightest bit of a problem, we've been through far worse than this" he laughed again at Sorenti's blank expression, "it's'll see, we can get down to business tonight if you like?"

Sorenti smiled for perhaps the first genuine time since his arrival in Cascadia,

"That would be great, but I have a problem"


"Yes, the Lasombra Reannag, she is back in Cascadia right now, she threatened me and I understand she is most definitely not welcome."

"Ah I see, so she came back" Bill smiled wryly "she always was foolish, still, again not a problem, she can't get in here, that's why I repaired the gates, it's only set for you and I...but sure, you can tell me all about it over a brandy and we'll deal with it ok? Once again, it is damn good to see you again....the place just hasn't been the same without you"

Sorenti chuckled and followed Bill as he unlocked the great oak doors, he looked up at the castle-like structure...

"So this is Blenheim" he thought as he walked inside the great hall.

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((great posts everyone :grin: :::thinks how to answer nathaniels phone call, giggles::: ok as i've only given one number to anybody IC, this is what he hears on other end...)

:::the phone rings, when it's answered after a couple of rings. a female sighs deeply and speaks in a breathy voice:::

"MMMMMM... i'm soooo glad it's you, i've been waiting all night for you to call. just hearing your voice makes me sooooo hot, you wanna know how hot just enter your card number and i'll tell you all the things i want you to do to me..."

:::the number you have just reached is 1-900-hotbabe. giggles:::

((soory nat but i don't know how you would have gotten a number for me unless it came from mr.croup.

The less i give them the more they want 8P

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Rea sat on the roof of the secret haven, freshly showered and dressed in her usual tight jeans and cropped top, her still damp hair hung loosely around her shoulders.Her elbows rested on her knees as she looked out over the city.

She had heard on the radio about the disturbance at the club and hoped that would keep the powers that be off her back for a while.
Her mind drifted back to Alek, she had watched him die, had held him in her arms as the blood had drained from the wound on his neck.Rea was sure it had been Alek she had seen at the prison, but if it was him, how was he alive? Rea frowned and sighed softly knowing that the ventrue had their fingers in many new things.

ventrue, the word rebounded in her head, the word filled her with hate, where once it would have filled her with love and desire.
The only thing that seemed to please them was money and plenty of it .
Her eyes widened, maybe she couldnt hurt sorenti physically, but she could take from him what he treasured the most, his money.

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Sipping the exquisite brandy, Sorenti tilted his head to one side as he listened to Bill Tanner, his old head of security so it seemed. When Sorenti had disappeared without trace, Bill had diligently looked after Blenheim, its contents and everything of Sorenti's he knew about. He had kept Sorenti's land clear of all trespassers, tightened security to almost an extreme, yet he had never doubted Sorenti would return someday. Bill let his training take over him, reeling off the information Sorenti asked for like a robot, while his mind and heart warmed to see his boss back in one piece.

The Ventrue side of Sorenti was coming back to him faster and faster with every night that passed. He no longer believed he was The Great One that El-Assli had foretold of, instead he now pondered how exactly to let the cult know. For now, he had too much to be concerned with, that would all come later, maybe he could use the power of the cult to his own advantage, but again it would have to wait. As Bill's narrative of details moved on to financial matters, Sorenti perked up and listened carefully, his eyes shining at the amounts Bill was describing.

Vast sums of money, stocks, bonds, shares, businesses owned and partner in....the list went on and on, with Sorenti taking in every word. It seemed he had been using the wrong bank, for Bill explained that Sorenti actually owned the main bank of Cascadia outright, though it had recently moved premises and was not due to open for another three days. "Damn mortals and their staff holidays" Sorenti thought as Bill continued,

"units, trusts..oh and of course the contents of your safe sir"

Sorenti looked up...

"My what? where? what's in it?" he rushed out

Bill chuckled as he replied...

"Your safe, it's here in Blenheim and absolutely no idea what's in it, would you like to go to it now?"

Sorenti nodded vigorously and was out of his chair, waiting for Bill before Bill had even moved. Bill shook his head with a smile and led Sorenti through several dark passages, a keycoded door at each turn. Bill pushed the buttons carefully so Sorenti could clearly see the combinations, they were old, metal keypad locks, but Bill explained that no computer device could crack them. Sorenti was taking it all into memory when they came out into a dusty room, huge in area but only about 7 feet high. Books, manuscripts, tomes, ancient and lost texts where everywhere, Bill explained that obviously this was Sorenti's private library and also the location of his safe.

Sorenti looked around, beaming with excitement at all the written treasures as Bill walked over to a panel in the wall. He pushed the panel in and it slid back to reveal a computer screen, he motioned Sorenti forwards,

"You have to do this bit sir, first your palm print, then a retinal scan and finally this combination on the keypad"

Sorenti stepped up to the screen and did exactly as Bill instructed, culminating in a smooth, clicking hiss as a large portion of the floor slid into itself. Sorenti looked down at the steel trapdoor and Bill nodded for him to lift it. He smiled and bent down, grasping the handle firmly and pulling, getting somewhat of a shock, he found he could only just lift it, even with every ounce of strength he had.

"See why I couldn't do it?" Bill asked with a grin,

Sorenti nodded through his strain as he let the door down as gently as possible. The two of them descended the revealed stairs and approached the air-tight, seemingly solid titanium wall.

"Wow, I am very impressed," Sorenti said, "ok now what do I do?"

"Errrr.....I don't actually know's your safe, nobody else has ever been in, let alone known how. Damnit, through all my ensuring you got the codes for the doors, I plain forgot you'd need to know how to get in the vault itself....I do apologise." Bill replied as he mentally kicked himself.

"Hmmm, ok then we get in a locksmith, or a diamond-edged drill perhaps, that is unless I can find a way of restoring my memory"

Bill shook his head slowly,

"The memory is the only real way...this thing is unique, nothing like it in the world, you were very specific in its design. No locksmith or thief would ever be able to help here....and certainly no drill or explosive is getting through it. The whole vault is the same as this door, cost you $37,500,000 to have it made and put in place. I don't think there is any other way to get in, we must get your memory back somehow."

As Bill finished speaking, the alarms sounded above them, Bill listened and then indicated it was the trespasser alarm. They ran back up the steps and Sorenti closed the trapdoor, hydraulics helping it to close quickly. As it clicked shut, the floor began to slide back, bringing the persian rug on top of it as well. They returned the way they had come, the doors automatically locked upon being closed behind them. Eventually they burst out into the main hall and Bill barked orders at a guard. It turned out to be nothing, just the dogs getting jumpy, evidently something in the air was wrong, Sorenti also figured it might be coming his way.

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Rea looked up at the imposing building, its many floors towering into the sky.
"very nice sorenti...very nice indeed"
Rea had at first gone to where the original bank of cascadia had been, only to find out from a notice on the door that it was relocating to a new building and would be open in 3 days time.

Rea sat on the steps , her eyes watching for any sign of movement down the street. she knew that by now someone would be trying to track her down.Biting her lip she looked back at the building, she could get in no problem, but once inside the alarms would trigger and the place was surely patrolled by guards.

A smile spread across her face, she didn't need to get inside to get at his money.
Standing up Rea walked down the street heading to the residential area of the city, and back to her apartment.
Rea read the note pinned to the bedroom door
"Rea Ive had to go back to san francisco,will be in touch ...Darius"

he never did stay around long, he hated to be in one place too long.
Rea pushed the bedroom door open and reached under the bed, pulling a laptop from underneath it. setting it on the desk she plugged it into the telephone point and watched as the screen flashed to life.
opening a drawer she flicked through the floppy discs till she found the one she wanted.Darius spent hours hacking into different things and had shown Rea exactly how to get any information she wanted.

Her nimble fingers tapped on the keyboard, her eyes watching the screen intently.
sliding the floppy disc into the laptop, she sat back and watched as lines of numbers appeared on the screen, the programme finding its way into the banks computer.
Perfect she thought and then frowned , where could she send the money to? who would make good use of it, and not squander it?

walking to the other room she picked the phone up and dialled a number.
"Is mary there, yes I know its late , could you tell her its Reannag please Im sure she will come to the phone" Rea listened to the sound of footsteps and muffled voices.

"Reannag my dear, how nice to here from you, you havent visited in ages now, how are you my dear?" the familar warm voice of Mary drifted down the phone.
"hello mary, yes I know ive been very busy, you know how it is, how are you for funds mary, I have someone who would like to donate to a charity and I thought of you" Rea said

"Reannag we are always in need of more funds, we want to extend the orphanage but we cant afford it"
Perfect Rea thought smiling to herself.
"oh I think you will be able to afford that now Mary, if you will just give me your bank details and the money will be with you shortly"

"that much money Reannag, that is so generous, please thank whoever is donating the money to us, may I ask their name?" mary said the shock of the amoung clearly heard in her voice.
"Im sorry Mary, they wish to remain anonymous, but I will pass on your thanks to them dont worry about that"
they chatted for another 20 mins before Rea put the phone down and walked back to the laptop.
Grinning widely she tapped away on the keys, transferring the money from sorenti's account into the one that she had set up under a different name.
Her eyes watched as the balance of sorenti's account went to zero.
All of a sudden awarning flashed on the screen.

Rea unplugged the computer quickly.damn darius had always told her not to mess about, get in do what you want then get out, but she had been too busy gloating over sorenti's money or rather lack of it now.
Rea still had to get the money out of her account into mary's but she didn't dare turn the laptop back on.

Putting it in the carry case she walked out of the apartment and headed down the stairs to the street.keeping to the shadows she headed to the internet bar that was open all the time, she would have to use that to transfer the money, it would be easy,just get access to her account and transfer the money across.

As she sat on the chair she glanced around the bar,it was almost empty now, just a few teenagers in arguing over what chatroom to go into.
"your money has been transferred" flashed on the screen of the computer.
Rea smiled widely, wishing she could see the look on sorenti's face when he realised his account was empty.

Rea turned the computer off,maybe she could see him,she thought, wondering if he would be at Blenheim.
Her eyes closed she loved Blenheim, had always felt so safe and secure there, the whole atmosphere of the place was strangely calming, it seemed to wrap itself around you as if to protect you from who or whatever troubled you.

Rea snapped back to reality , her eyes opening, maybe it would be foolish to go there, she would have been welcomed once but she doubt she would be now.
A phone call she thought, she dialled blenheims number, it had been awhile since she had used it but it was etched in her memory.Rea leaned back in the chair as she waited for it to be answered.
"Blenheim, please state your business" a curt voice said
"could you get a message to sorenti for me, it really is very important, it may sound a bit stupid but its a code of sorts"
"name miss?"
"your name do have a name dont you ?"
Rea thought frantically not wanting to give her name, a thin smile slipped across her face.
"just say its from star, he will understand, and the message is this, the children will sleep well and be happy thanks to you"

He read the message out to her again and rea said yes that was correct and put the phone down.

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Sorenti and Bill sat at the large office table, they hit the brandy again as one of the phones began to blink silently. Bill picked up the internal line, listened and then replaced the handset as his face went grey. He looked across at Sorenti, slight confusion on his face,

"A message for you...."The children will sleep well tonight thanks to you"...from a Star or something...mean anything?"

As Sorenti shook his head slowly, one of the computer screens burst into life with an incoming video call. The portly red face stammered, asking someone to respond as Bill calmly sat on the chair in front, his fingers typing fast, connecting the service. The face explained that there had been a problem at the bank, due to the move, security had lapsed slightly and a hacker had gained access. As the details continued, Bill grew furious at the man on the other end, but Sorenti seemed indifferent. It appeared that the sum of $7.2 million had been transferred from Sorenti's business account directly to another account, then on again.

Bill demanded to know how this had been done, especially with all the new measures he had advised the bank to take. The poor chap on the other end was trying not to make excuses and just kept blaming himself, insisting he took full responsibility. As they argued, the trace came in with its results. It seemed the Lasombra had been clever, or stupid, depending on one's point of view. She had transferred the money to her own account and then on to an orphanage in the city. The two addresses from which the connections had been made came out on the printer, as well as bank account numbers and a lot of figures. Bill continued to bark at the man,

"So? undo it! Cancel the transfer! Ok, if you can't just do what she did in reverse, come on you employed the best hackers there are for the very reason of stopping this kind of shit! What do you mean illegal? shut up! What she did wasn't legal, you are just correcting your mistake of not catching her quicker! No, this isn't good enough! When I get down there, you are gonna wish...."

But Sorenti interrupted quietly...

"'s ok, leave it, let the children have the money, I have much fortune I brought back with me, in several accounts....just see to it that the Orphanage and the Press are fully aware of who the benefactor is ok? Might as well put this to some good use...did she get all the money from the account?"

Bill looked shocked, but regained his composure quickly...

"Err no...not quite, the automatic hacking system started to reverse the transfer, but those fools caught her so late that she got most of it. There's about $1.3 million left or so"

Sorenti smiled as his mind started to work..

"Ok...then this is what I want you to do, contact all of the other Orphanages in the city and divide the remaining money up between them, then close that account. We'll make the bank sweat a little before I open a new one. Oh and get as much press coverage as you can for all of it, I have an idea."

Bill shook his head and chuckled quietly,

"I can see you are already becoming more of your old self sir, you always did astound me by the way you handled things.....well ok, whatever you say..I'll get it done"

"Thankyou, now what do we do about this little pain?" Sorenti asked

"Right, well the bank have sent the police and FBI round to both addresses, the first was a private residence, a Haven she once used I believe, the other was an Internet Cafe, so public and probably not much luck with either. So, I've sent a few cars down to the general areas, they'll patrol carefully, if they spot her, we'll be contacted and she will be tracked."

"Excellent, so all we do is wait...I like it, ok how about you give me the tour so I can start getting to know this place well again?"

Bill laughed heartily,

"Sure no problem" he grinned as Sorenti got up, still nursing his brandy and thought how good it was to have the boss back.

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((ty for posting ray ,just one point lol the account that the money was transferred to was not in Reas name ,it was a false one that she had set up before she came here its in her first ic post,nm though , you still have the adresses:)

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Rea placed her mobile in her jean pocket, and smiled, a satisfied look on her face. The bank transfer had been successful and hopefully it would hurt Sorenti badly. Rea knew how much the ventrue loved their money, how foolish of them she thought.

She leaned forward in the chair, turning her attention back to the computer screen. Her fingers moved nimbly across the keyboard and she watched as www.budgetflights homepage loaded.
Resting her elbows on the desk, her hands cupping her delicate pale face, she looked at the screen, trying to find the next available flight out of Cascadia. She imagined that by now Sorenti would have been told about his account been hacked into, and she didn’t want to be around for him to find her.

“miss would you stand up and put your hands on the table please?”
Rea looked around at the source of the voice, her deep blue eyes looking the FBI agent up and down, her face showing no sign of fear.
“can I help you ?” Rea asked her voice calm as she looked past him and saw his partner stood at the doorway.
“yes miss..I want you to stand up and put your hands on the table” he said once again , his hand reaching into his jacket.

Rea looked around, the group of teenagers that had been arguing earlier now walked towards her, eager to see what was going on.

Rea stood up and put her hands flat on the table “am I under arrest then ?”
The agent frisked her ,his hands feeling for any weapons.
The agent didn’t say anything, satisfied that she had no weapons concealed anywhere.
“turn around please miss, do you live at apartment 1044 on 32nd street?” he looked her up and down as he did, she fitted the description that they had been given perfectly.
“ I may do..please what is this about?” Rea smiled widely trying to keep calm, damn they had been too quick for her.

“just answer the question miss! “ he waved his hand at his partner and Rea watched in panic as he reached into his jacket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.
One of the teenagers who had been watching carelessy put his hand next to Reannag on the desk. Taking the only chance to escape that she had, she grabbed his wrist quickly squeezing it tight.
The boy howled in pain as she increased the pressure, she could feel his bones cracking.
The agents backed off, “ now miss there is no need for this we just need to ask you some questions , now let the boy go”

Rea pulled the boy in front of her and whispered in his ear” I wont hurt you just need to get out of here”
The boy nodded his face filled with fear and pain .
“if you dont let me out of that door, who knows what I may do to him” Rea smiled at the agents her teeth curled back revealing her white fangs.
“what in christs name, shes one of those devil worshippers” muttered one of the teenagers
“love the teeth baby” he said to Rea she looked over at him, her eyes flashing red, he stumbled back and fell over the chair.

Rea advanced to the doorway, the agents had now pulled their guns out, but with the boy hiding her from view there was little they could do.
She kicked the door open with her foot and backed into the street, the boy still held firmly against her.

“Im going to let you go in a minute when I do I want you to stop them from escaping, she that bracelet on my wrist, undo it its yours,its worth a lot of money they are real sapphires”
“ wont hurt” he undid the bracelet and slipped it into his pocket.
“good boy now on the count of three.....”

Rea ran down the street the FBI agents in pursuit of her in their car, slipping down an alley Rea paused, she had to get back to the secret haven. she looked around the alley and saw that it was a dead end.damn she thought. To the left of her a rusty fire escape clung loosely to the wall,grabbing the rails firmly in her hand she began to climb, only pausing to hug the wall as the FBIs car passed the end of the alley.

Rea dropped down the wall and looked around her. she knew this place well it was where Damien had been left to greet the morning by the garou.
In the distance she heard footsteps, three maybe four sets of them.

“thats her!” a guttural roared out “ I smell her shes lasombra”

Rea looked around and saw a group nearing her.
dear god she thought and ran as fast as she could, her blood pumping to her legs that now grew weary. as she looked over her shoulder she stumbled over the litter laden pavement, her arms stretching out to prevent her from hitting the floor fully. her feet scrambled against the ground and her eyes searched frantically for some sort of cover as she ran.

Rea heard a car screeching around the corner and she increased her speed, the footfalls behind her catching up with her.
The grey audi TT pulled upalongside her and the door flew open as the car carried on moving slowly.

“miss get in now” Rea stopped and stared.
“Alek is that you ?”
“miss “
Rea moved towards the car and slid into it just as the group caught up with her.

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