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Joesph smiled from underneith his robe..and thought. yet anouter one to pull around By the nose.
"Yes i know of the Cappadotions, The currently hold the seat of power here in the city.. that bit of information is free. May i ask your name?.. Im a bit old fashioned that way?"

Joesph already knew the strangers name Acidface had told him.. but in true sewwer dewllers fashion didn't tell him everthing.
Mundug was the Vamps name.. and he had appently been in Cascadia before Drain. which is saying a lot. this was not a person to be taken lightly.

"and what it is that you are wanting to know about the Princes clan?"
Joesph then made a small sound from the back of his throat.. seconds later a Rat ran up to the nosferatu.
Joe snatched it up and bit off its head.

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(i do not get to the point this quickly but for the sake of the MB ill jsut state my request for payment LOL

"Tit for tat my animailistic friend.. There is also something you could do for me. and if the we agree to help each other then" :Smiles
What im asking will take only one night of your long and elustious unlife span..."" I know the Werewolf population outside of town has been recently raiding Trucks. All i want to know is Why.. I don't really care that they are doing it. but it does seem strange that they would after so many yrs of relative peace."
is this acceptable to you?"

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((lovely posting as previously stated, just so you know Mundug, Joseph is FAR uglier than the normal Nosferatu, he's actually a walking corpse of sorts...that is he looked like a shredded corpse when Drain met him, when Drain EMBRACED him, his hideous face increased so that now he looks to be the corpse of a disfigured person wtih fungal diseases :smile:

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The young wolf was running freely thru the trees.

Two hrs earlier..
Mark looked into the large side mirror and watched as the truck began its slow decent into the River. He was instructed to take it here and Dump it and so he would. The elders were pleased with the packs hauls lately.. several trucks of steros and a moving van filled with furniture. But he didn't care about the money value of the hauls .. it was the thrill of the hunt that he lived for.

back to presant time........

The woods were his home and the smells were all familier to him. He bounded down the trail in his adopted wolf form. As fast as he could run. He felt as if he could catch the moon befor it fell out of the sky.
He was heading home as fast as he could. He was not running in fear. he only loved to run.. to feel the wind up his nose and the earth under his paws. He was the fastet in the tribe and well known in the other calns as well.

The clan lived in a small town outside of Cascadia. It started out as a trading town many many yrs ago, and hasn't changed much. The elders of the town can't abide change and it always comes very slowly to the Werewolves. But such is the life that Mark was born into. and he was happy to be so young and powerfull.

He figured he could make better time if he ran along side the road. so out of the cover of the trees and into the ditch along the cascadian blacktop.. It was then that he saw the man coming out of the trees. but Mark was running too fast to stop so like a grey streak he darted past and back into the trees.

(( im not proofreading this so sorry if it sucks LOL

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