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((hey valek...i thought you werent into Demonology and shit, in RL...and all this hatin shit.....

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- As Valek opened the door of the crypt , a [b:e18dc0c9a1]BRIGHT[/b:e18dc0c9a1] white light could be seen coming closer to him .

Feeling the burning sensation of this white light Angelica turned back to look at this " light "

The light took shape and turned into the form of an Angel ....

-The Pope- " The ... the .... Archangel Andarielle .... "

This female Angel appeared in front of Valek and lat out a tear that was crystal blue ...

Angelica looked at the Archangel that long ago placed a curse on her ...

-Angelica- " YOU ..... again .... "

The archangel Andarielle looked up slowly ....[/i:e18dc0c9a1]

Over signs and seals the sorceress prayed ..
To Death , to rend the slender veil ....
That Ancient Ones might rise again ....


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[i:9cb7a9d967]Andarielle looked up slowly , looking at Angelica .

-Andarielle- " This must stop , didn't you learned your lesson Angelica ? I dont know how you got free of the curse i placed upon you . "

-Angelica- " Keep talking ..... while you have the time ....... Angel .... "

Angelica smirked and took out her sword ...

Andarielle sighed and said " This evil needs to stop , i CANT let it go further ... "

-Valek- " We'll see .... "

At this moment Andarielle mouthed a few strange words that made a bright white light come out of her hands toward Valek ... Valek dodged it and used plague wind on her , Andarielle dodged it as well , Valek smirked sightly as he saw it ...

The fight continued for a good 30 minutes , Andarielle then casted a spell that lat out quite a few rays of light from her , the target was Angelica , Angelica was dodging most of them , but the rays were all coming back , so she had to dodge them non stop , Andarielle smiled and turned her head in the direction of Valek , Valek was looking at his sire dodging all of those rays coming toward her , Valek frowned as he turned his attention to Andarielle .

-Andarielle- " I do not want to do this , but you left me no choice .... "

Valek smiled evily .

-Andarielle- " You ... even tho you are one of the seven son's of Lucifer , you can change sides , do not make the mistake your sire Angelica did ... "

-Valek- " My side had always been the one of my sire Angelica , it is now , and it will forever remain like this ... now BURN AND DIE !! "

The two of them started fighting .... [/i:9cb7a9d967]

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(( i like this story keep it up..

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(( Thanks man :smile: ))


- Angelica was still dodging those light ray's that was coming non stop toward her , she tried to keep an eye on the fight Valek and Andarielle were having , obviously feeling worried about her own childe , as she did turned her head to look at how the fight was going a beam of light got trough her , a scream of EXTREME pain came out of her mouth , another one got trough her , she kept screaming in pain as blood was flowing from her mouth , this Archangel was obviously someone VERY strong , one of a kind for sure .

The screams that Angelica lat out made Valek look at her , Valek was obviously worried about his Sire , as he did the Archangel Andarielle took the opening chance of a hit on Valek , Andarielle took out a strange looking dagger that was emmitting a very bright and blinding white light and stabbed Valek on his chest once with it , at this moment Valek lat drop his sword and felt like if an holy precense was trying to take control over him , Andarielle then lat out a beam of white light from her hands shooting it at Valek , making him fly a good 10 meters in the air and crashing hard on the stone wall behind , the white rays that were around Angelica then headed toward Valek , passing through him , the screams that Valek lat out would most likely kill any human hearing them .

Angelica was on the ground , but she lifted her head up very slowly and looked at Andarielle in a sick and evily way , blood still flowing out by her mouth Angelica stood up , at this moment Andarielle went next to the nearly uncouncious Valek and tied a metal chain around his neck .

-Angelica- " I am YOUR pain ..... and i know you cant take me .... " Angelica said it to Andarielle ...

Andarielle then made her white feathered wings come out of herself as she took the chain in hand starting to float in the air , chocking Valek with it .

-Andarielle- " I will let him go if you let go the Pope Angelica .... Its all about your decision here ... "

-Angelica- " No ... its all about the pain and who's gonna make it ... "

Angelica smiled evily .... [/i:5d3bfd1ce5]

Over signs and seals the sorceress prayed ..
To Death , to rend the slender veil ....
That Ancient Ones might rise again ....


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((neat! i'm excited man...what's gonna happen?! oh wait...i already know...but can't wait to read it anywayz!

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(( lol thanks man :smile: ))


- As Angelica ventured foward Andarielle tightened the chain around Valek's neck , making blood come out of his mouth .

Angelica frowned as she said " I will say it only once , YOU let my childe and you will die in no pain , if you dont , you will endure torture , a slow a painful death ... "

-Andarielle- " I was sent to stop both of you , this evil MUST have an end , if you kill the Pope the reaction in the whole world will bring anarchy ... "

-Angelica- " Perfect , for this is what we want . "

As soon as Valek was trying to put hisn hands on the chain , Andarielle pulled it with a huge ammount of power , making Valek remain still .

Andarielle took out a strange looking " Dagger " in a shape of a cross and brought it on the back of Valek .

-Andarielle- " Think about it twice , this is your last chance . "

As Valek was still hanging by the chain around his neck , he slowly said

" Kill .... her .... "

Angelica noded slowly ...

As Angelica walked foward Andarielle said

" You asked for it ... so be it "

Andarielle stabbed Valek with this cross shaped dagger , and lat him fall on the ground , strangely this dagger seemed to drain Valek's unlife energy slowly , making him move very little .

As Angelica looked at Valek , she frowned in anger seeing what Andarielle just did .

Angelica felt a huge ammount of anger and hate ... she stood up and looked at Andarielle and screamed

" YOU WILL DIE !!!!!!!!!! " [/i:c54764a8a7]

Over signs and seals the sorceress prayed ..
To Death , to rend the slender veil ....
That Ancient Ones might rise again ....


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((YAY! go Andarielle!!! save the world and kill angelica lol.

((No need to kill valek you silly bint cus that will just get our city pissed at you so just kill angelica and seal the gate to hell and ill personaly buy you some flowers okay?

((woo hoo sounds good to me. oh and Great thread. enjoyed reading it :smile:

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(( LOL !!!

I will never kill Angelica or Valek , those are the two characters i worked the most on , both of storyline and other stuff web page etc lol

The story ain't done yet lol , more to come soon enough :smile: thanks man :smile: ))

We live to die...and die to live...And whom so ever beleiveth in me...shall never die...and shall live in eternal life as the undead..


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-Angelica had so much hate and anger inside her that she blindly rushed toward Andarielle to end her , Angelica used celerity and arrived next to Andarielle quite fast , Angelica grabbed her by her wings and threw her on the brick wall of the graveyard , Andarielle coughed some blood , Angelica smirked as she sat her foot on Andarielle's throat .

Angelica had so much anger and hate in her that her eyes were flickering from the color white to bright green ... an insane look was on her face , Andarielle pushed Angelica with all her strenght making Angelica fly off the ground and landing about 20 meters away ... crashing hard on a tombstone .

Angelica slowly turned her head and looked at Valek , he was moving VERY little , blood flowing out of his mouth ...

Angelica screamed loud and clear " NO !!!!!!!!! "

Angelica mouthed a few words in Los Demonis making her eyes turn white , her voice changing to one of a demon , scars appearing on her face .

Angelica spoke in a demonic voice as she said

" YoUr TiMe As CoMe , DeAtH aNd tHe FlAmEs Of MiDiAn AwAiTs YoU !! . "

Andarielle's eyes and mouth opened wide as she started to walk backwards .

-Andarielle- " Angelica ..... "

-Angelica- " DiE .... DiE .... "

-Andarielle- " Angelica ... come back to reason , you .. y .. you can change sides .. "

-Angelica- " DeAtH , CoMeS FuLl CiRcLe , BeFoRe YoU KnOw It , It WiLl Be On YoUr BaCk .... "

Adarielle heard much about Angelica's past , on how she owns the soul's of the demons , on how she owns the very soul of the Demon Angelus , Andarielle knew she couldnt handle such and/or fight such a power , so Andarielle then said

" Your childe , it is him .... or me ... chose wisely , he his dying ... "

Angelica screamed in a demonic way , as she eyed Andarielle ..

As Andarielle said those words , Valek said in a weak voice ...

" I died once ... ::coughs:: i can't die twice .... KILL THE ANGEL ! "

As Valek said those words Andarille threw her sword in Valek's chest ....

Angelica quickly took the change and jumped on Andarielle , ripping the wings off of Andarielle's body , Andarielle screamed in pain as Angelica ripped them off , Andarielle fell on the floor ...

Angelica sat her Andarielle's stomach , and started to punch her in her face , the sound of bones crushing could be heard , Angelica then gripped the throat of Andarielle ripping off and taking out her spine ...

Angelica lifted the spine in the air over her head and screamed in a sick and demonic way , letting the blood drip on her face .... [/i:4f022249f7]

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(( lol ))

- Still having the spine in hands , Angelica stabbed Andarielle's with it right in her mouth , making the spine enter the soil half way , locking Andarielle's body on the floor .

Angelica stood up slowly and mouthed a few words in Los Demonis making the soil swallow the entire body of Andarielle ...

Angelica smiled evily looking at it , Angelica then slowly turned back and looked at her Childe Valek , he was now laying motionless on the ground , Angelica ran toward Valek and stopped right next to him , she looked at the eye's of Valek , the flames of Midian flickering in his eyes , and slowly fading away at every second .

-Angelica- " Valek ... "

Some blood was still flowing out of Valek's mouth as he said

" Sire ... "

-Angelica- " The Archangel is history , part of the never dying past . "

Valek smiled evily , but the smile seemed weak , just like if he was fading away slowly , Valek slowly looked at the dagger that was stabbed in his chest , Valek slowly put his hands on it to take it off , strangely it burned his hands , a huge pain passed trough Valek's body , just like if he drank tons of holy water , Valek remained silent , keeping the pain inside him ... he only frowned ..

Angelica than put her hands on it , and took it out quickly feeling the dagger burning her hands she threw it against the brick wall , breaking it in pieces ...

Valek eyes started to close slowly ..

Angelica shook him to keep him awake and said

" Dont you dare dying on me .. "

-Valek- " Wheres .... th ... the Holy bastard ? "

-Angelica- " Still in the crypt , but not for long , he will meet his final death soon enough ... after im done using him to corrupt as many souls as we can ... "

Valek smiled evily and said " Perfect .... "

Valek's eyes slowly closed ....

Angelica shook Valek again , but to no avail , he was not moving anymore .....

Valek died , the dagger that Andarielle threw him and stabbed him with obviously had a HUGE AMMOUNT of POWER ...

Angelica kept her eyes on Valek , not believing it ....

-Angelica- " Valek ? .... "

No answer was given ...

-Angelica- " VALEK ?!!?!?! "

Angelica screamed in a demonic way , so loud that if anyone was near it would make them crawl on the floor in pain and torments ..

Angelica looked at the sky as she screamed in Los Demonis " ARAMAR KOUROUKOUR MIKAIIL KAMPA!! LOS DEMONIOUS ARKARIOUS !!! "

At this moment the sky turned bloody red , rain started to fall ...... a rain of blood .

Blood rained over Rome for a few hours making everyone scream in fear ...

Meanwhile Angelica brought Valek and the Pope to her OWN haven in London ...

Once there she threw the Pope in a Cell and locked him there , and she then lifted up Valek and put him on some sort of an Altar .

All kind of different sharp objects were near this Altar , knives , swords , axes and so on ...

-Angelica- " I will bring you back to life Valek , the world will remember you , ill make sure that you will have twices the demons you had in you , twices as more hate and anger ... THEY will remember ... forever .. "

Angelica then picked up one dagger after another inserting them into Valek's body , in other words stabbing them into him , she did so one dagger after another , after about 15 minutes Angelica was now done , she inserted 66 knives and 600 metal sharp needles , the ammount of sharp object were now at 666 , even in death this was a torment to would bring such hate and anger into the receiver's body that no one ever wanted to try before ...

The Pope looked at Angelica from his cell and said ..

" You are a demon .... with the face of an Angel ... "

Angelica frowned and turned and looked at the Pope and said

" The less you talk , the longer you'll live .. "

The Pope curled up in a ball in the corner of his cell , horrified and scared to death ..

Angelica then mouthed a few words in Los Demonis , the sky in London turned pitch black , more black than it could be at night ..

Lighning flash , and thunder strikes could be heard and seen from everwhere in London .

A black mist entered the room where Angelica was , this mist started to float over Valek , in this mist , images of thousands of demons could be seen ...

Angelica continued to talk in Los Demonis , making the black mist enter Valek's body ...

-Angelica- " Death is now in you my childe , let it possess you and give you back your unlife , for even in death , we live still ... "

At this moment , a LOUD and DISTURBING demonic noises were coming from Valek , like if thousands of demons were screaming inside him ...

Angelica leaned over the head of Valek and said

" Welcome back ... Valek ... "

At this moment Valek came back to life due to the ritual Angelica just performed on him , he lat out a HUGE demonic scream , more loud , more powerful and more evil than ever before ... Angelica said Valek's name once ... he slowly turned back , his eyes were like if a fire was lit in them ....

Angelica smiled evily and said

" So will end the pitiful reign of man ... "

Valek smiled back evily ... [/i:1d30173ca8]

Over signs and seals the sorceress prayed ..
To Death , to rend the slender veil ....
That Ancient Ones might rise again ....


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- Still in the cell , the Pope curled up in a ball in a corner of the cell as he was looking at Angelica and Valek talking .

He couldnt believe what he just saw , this lady (Angelica) brough back this man (Valek) back to life ...

Seeing all of this , causing major confusion in the Pope's head , the Pope said the following ...

-The Pope- " Who .. who are ... are you , or ... or what ar .. a ... are you two ? "

Angelica and Valek heard him but didn't bother to even answer this pitiful being ..

The Pope then asked again .

Angelica and Valek turned back and said both at the same time ... " We ArE tHe ThInGs ThAt WeRe .... AnD sHaLl Be AgAiN ... "

Angelica picked up a strange looking dagger , and looked at Valek as she said

" It is time ... "

Valek smiled evily as both turned to look at the Pope .... [/i:992fe60dca]


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- Valek unlocked the door of the cell , going inside .

Valek's eye were white , his voice still the one of a demon ... The Pope was screaming in fear , the Pope was terrified ..

Valek drag the Pope out of the cell and put him on what looked like a torture table ...

Angelica chained the Pope so he couldn't move ..

Angelica picked up a strange looking sword and slowly put it on the table .

Black lit candles were surround the Pope on the table ...

Angelica smiled evily at Valek and said

" With the Pope in our hands , we will cause corruption in Christian's hearts ... leading the world to a new era ... an era of SINS ... corruption ... chaos .... "

Valek smiled back evily and said

" And the Gate of Midian will open ... our kind we rule once again ... "

They both looked at the Pope and they both started to pronouce words in Los Demonis ... [/i:e6b7bd6cc6]

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Kiya sat curled up on her couch ... starring at the pendant that she had worn around her neck for the past few months. What was it about this thing that she couldn't let go of? She sighed slightly as she cupped her hands around the small vile of blood.

Her mind thought back to the brief meeting that she had in her office with Valek. What was she supposed to see in this little thing. It's blood ... lucifer's blood. Her eyes studied it closely, squinting, trying to make out something, anything, but to no avail. Frustation grew withen her as she ripped it from her neck and threw it onto the table.

"I should just break the fucking thing. It's nothing but evil. DAMN IT!!! If I know that why do I always keep it so fucking close to me?" Her eyes flashed green as her anger rose. She starred over at the table, her eyes not allowing themselves to be taken from the cursed thing. No matter how hard she looked there still was nothing coming from that damned pendant, nothing. Just the thoughts of how horribly she was treated by Valek, how this was given to her to prove how much he loved her. It was a reminder of all the pain he had caused her. Her temper exploded as the thoughts ran through her head ... "HE GAVE ME THIS TO TORTURE ME ... THAT'S WHAT HE GAVE ME THIS FOR!!!!!"

Kiya leaned over to the table, reaching for the pendant. Her hand grasped the chain as she brought it up, ready to pitch it into the fire. Her hand began to extend forward when she caught something out of the corner of her eye. She slowly brought it to her, somewhat in awe of what she was seeing.

It looked as though a little play was being acted out infront of her. Angelica and Valek were the main players. Kiya's mind wandered ... "Damn that fucking Angelica ... dragging Valek along like a little helpless puppet. Hers is coming to her, she's not going to get away with this." The picture of Valek and Angelica was there infront of her. Their wicked smiles that they always have. Their arms raised as if they were one. Light reflected off of the axes that they held in their hands. The pope lay hopeless on a table infront of them. Kiya's eyes widened as the axes swung down, taking parts of what used to be a man, and sending them across the room. Kiya cringed at the site, closing her eyes momentarily.

"This isn't happening, this is only a vision!" Kiya opened her eyes again, unable to pry herself away from the unfolding images. No longer was their a picture of Angelica and Valek, it was now of a sphere, much like the one Valek had explained to her before as being the gate of Midian. It seemed to open slowly, as demons escaped unto the earth.

"This cannot be happening, I'm going insane ... I'm fucking seeing things now!!!!" Kiya kept her gaze. She was in complete disbelief of everything that she saw. Just as quickly as before, the image flashed over, now it was only of Kiya herself, standing there with the pendant around her neck. Kiya shook violently at the site, unable to move. Her body just compulsively shook as her eyes were unmoving from the pendant. It had gone blank right after the image of her dissapeared, but that image was more then she could bare. Her mind raced. What did this mean? Is this happening now? Does she contact anybody? Whatever she wanted to do, her body wouldn't allow it. It was frozen from fear, and for a few moments no matter what ... nothing was going to be done.

(( Sorry this took me so long .. there it is ... sorry it's not so good but I'm tired.

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