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(( Very nice post :smile: as always :smile: ))

-As Angelica and Valek finished reciting the ancient chant of Los Demonis the Pope wasn't moving anymore , just like if he was dead , but he wasn't .

Angelica smiled evily , here eyes reflecting only hate ..

-Angelica- " Soon .. very soon , the humans will witness their religion crumble ... "

Valek smiled evily at the words of his Sire ..

" And final Death will be upon the heads of all who dare stand in our way ... "

At this moment a knocking noise could be heard of Angelica's haven ...

Angelica frowned and took out her sword as she went walking toward the door ..

She slowly opened it .. noticing a Cappadocian handing a envelope with the Cappadocian emblem ...

The Cappadocian bowed low to Angelica , obviously knowing who she is ..

Angelica smirked and closed the door .. Angelica then slowly opened the letter and red it ..

After reading it Angelica ripped it off into pieces ... she then screamed in a demonic way , whatever was written on this letter made her angry beyond imagination ... [/i:d7b19b09bc]

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- Valek looked at his Sire questioningly (sp)

-Angelica- " So ... they finally found out ... "

-Valek- " Found out what ? "

Angelica smiled evily and said

" Long ago .. i killed a kindred ... but she was of no use ... to much on the ligh side .. the cirlces of elder in London just found out ... "

-Valek- " By whom ? "

-Angelica- " My sire ... seems he his still alive .. ::smirks:: "

Valek frowned and crossed his arms ...

-Angelica- " I have been asked in this letter to show myself in front of the circles of elders of London ... like if they could do something ... NO ONE can stop me .. NO ONE !! "

Valek noded ..

-Valek- " Will you go Sire ? "

Angelica smiled evily as her eyes turned white and her voice changed to one of a demon ...

-Angelica- " I will .. and every single kindred in the world will hear about it ... "

Valek smiled evily ... knowing what Angelica had in mind ... " And i will be coming ... "

Angelica smiled evily at the words of Valek .. [/i:a383b0123d]

Over signs and seals the sorceress prayed ..
To Death , to rend the slender veil ....
That Ancient Ones might rise again ....


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She stood suddenly, looking around somewhat stunned. Her hand reached down and scooped the pendant into her hand. Her eyes studied it ... trying to find any other clues there may have been as to where Valek was to no avail.

"Damn, Valek's going to kill me ... " Kiya walked swiftly to the closet, grabing her wrap and made her way to the security room. "Frank, keep an eye on me. I should be back before sunrise, if not, weeeeell ... don't worry about it."

Frank looked up at her .. confusion crossing his face ... "Ma'am, can I go with you this time?" Kiya shook her head slightly and looked down at the floor. Her voice sounded shaky and wavering ...

"Frank, no. I have to deal with this alone." Kiya smiled to him slightly, his face was unwavering. She turned slowly, and headed out the door.

Her mind was filled with questions ... she was a Setite, yet, it seemed as though Valek was doing the corruption for her, why is she so against his evil? Kiya's head felt as though it was going to explode as she pulled up outside Valek's haven. She looked the building over ... sighing slightly ...

Kiya swung her legs out of the car ... and walked to the entrance. An immense feeling of evil overwhelmed her. She reached for the handle, her hand shaking uncontrollably.

"Ow! FUCK! What the hell does he do to this place when he's not here? Set fires under all the fucking doorknobs?" She looked down at her hand, her fingers slowly swelling. "Bastard ... He won't kill me .. but I can guarantee this place will ... "

The door began to creek slightly, the mighty doors opened as if beckoning for her to enter. She waited momentarily ... looking around to see if any eyes were on her ... before making her way in. Nothing had change, nothing visably anything. She was going to find something, and she was going to stop Valek, no matter what it took.

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(( Nice post :smile: ill post something on that as soon as i come back from work :smile: ))

- Angelica left her haven in direction of Xalara , her hometown , while Valek was tormenting and torturing the Pope ...

[b:54332a6529] - Nights after - [/b:54332a6529]

- Angelica finally arrived to Xalara ... For a long time she's been planning along with Valek to unleash Midian (Lucifer) on this Earth .. The rituals already began quite a few years ago ... but they were stopped by the Archangel Andarielle , but now with the Archangel out of the way ... and dead ... NO ONE would be able to stop it from happening ...

As Angelica reached the unholy ground that is to be the gateway that will lead Midian in the land of the living once again ... like it was ages ago ... demons were and shall be again ...

As Angelica continued the ritual ... some of the demons were escaping from the Gate ... all of them were going to stand right behind Angelica ...

[b:54332a6529] - Minutes later - [/b:54332a6529]

A good part of the demons were now arrived .. only the first circle ones ...

Angelica smiled evily at them and said

" Ahhh welcome my childrens ... "

The demons were screaming and damaging themselves (carving themselves stuff on them)... hate was filling all of their eyes ..

-Angelica- " Arkamar kouroious , asdama kouroukour notoriouss .. gamech ... "

Angelica spoke in Los Demonis to those demons ... they noded and turned back ... all of them were directing themselves to Cascadia ... a deadly white mist was with them ... hiding their coming to Cascadia ...

[b:54332a6529] - Nights later - [/b:54332a6529]

The demons finally reached Cascadia , for the moment they hid in graveyards ... digging out and reviving the dead ...

Killing started ... the Church of St-Michel in Cascadia was the first to be destroyed .. by those demons ...

Some of the kindred of Cascadia seen those " things " those Kindred were ... Sorenti , Drain and Nathaniel ... their expression was strange .. as it was obviously the first time they seen such " Things " ... some of the demon then left to go back to Xalara ... the 3 kindred followed them ...

When Sorenti , Drain and Nathaniel arrived to Xalara , they quickly seen that this was no normal place .. demons were all over the place ... the very few humans that were living there were strange ..

They then got directed at a church .. where a human nun named " Andaria " told them the legends of this town ... this human knew about the kindred and yet she was still living ...

Then came Alyth .. who sent Andaria away as she was starting to say to much ... Alyth explained to Sorenti , Drain and Nathaniel the rumors of this place ... Angelica always thorned down and burned to ashes every single life in there .. and that with a sick and hateful pleasure ...

A near Death Cappadocian primogen was laying on the altar of the church ... the name Angelica was carved on his forehead ... many questions were brough up ... Sorenti was the first to look at how the Primogen was going ... when he touched him ... Sorenti images of Angelica and Midian and in the background was Cascadia ...

By seeing this the Kindred left the church in direction of wherever they could stop this ...

In their quest in Xalara they slayed many demons ... and heard legends about how the Kindred " Batgirl and Porter " once got rid of those things ... but yet evil never dies ...

Angelica made an appearance in front of the kindred and attacked them ... turning all of them into stone statues ... she then said to them " Go ....... Away ... "

This was her warning and left them ... as soon as she left they became normal again ... no more into stone statues ...

Right beside them were strange demons sealed in some sort of a gate ... after some thinking the kindred entered the gate and slayed some of the demons ... as they died a HUGE Earthquake could be felt ... the most powerful one in history ... and a big BANG could be heard right after ... just like if something came out of somewhere ...

The kindred ventured in what looked like a dungeon ... once they arrived to the end they met " Angelious " Angelica's sire ...

Angelious didnt attacked them ... he on the contrary(sp) talked to them ... mentioning how he was not against them ... that the reason he was looking like a demon was because Angelica placed a curse on him ... his words were

" I went against my own childe Angelica ... and she won easily over me ... tearing me down to ashes ... i tried to change her ... and she nearly killed me ... she didnt ... for only one reason ... she trapped me here and i will stay in this place for eternity ... otherwise ... she would have ended me ... "

Angelious explained to the kindred how Angelica succeeded in fooling them ... as Alyth was the very own sister of Angelica ... and that the huge Earthquake and bang they heard was Angelious doing .... it was Angelica's doing ... she finally succeeded in releasing Midian ... Lucifer himself is on this Earth now ...

The kindred then returned to the church as Angelious told them to ... once they got there they saw Midian ... and the sister Andaria ... Midian left ... and was going to Cascadia ... along with Angelica ...

The kindred took the sister Andaria ... and took her out of this cursed place ... she explained to them how this whole thing could be stopped ... they would need a kindred ... a kindred named " Dani Dawn " he was dead ... but yet someone could bring him back to life ... but who ?

They then left the place ... Sorenti making sure that nothing happens to Andaria ... [/i:54332a6529]

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Sorenti watched Andaria sleep as they travelled back to Cascadia, the car rocking gently with the turns in the road. He cradled her head in his lap and softly stroked her hair, hopefully calming her sleeping thoughts. They had dropped the other Kindred off at various places and it was as they pulled up towards Blenheim, that Sorenti carefully shook Andaria awake. He quickly explained where they were and that she would be safest here until they could pull together a small force to escort her to London. He held the door for her to get out of the car and led her up the stairs into the fortress-like building.

Introducing her rapidly to Bill Tanner, Sorenti hurriedly took her to his study where he sat her down, his face turning to an expression of ice...

"Andaria, my dear, I am taking a huge risk with KNOW what I am, your knowledge already far exceeds even those dedicated to study of our kind. I must insist that it stays with you, you must NOT tell anyone of what you know...ever! I am breaking a rule of our society in a way, but I believe that the other knowledge you have will save far more mortals, Kindred and other beings....than my misdemeanour could ever harm. So, I am prepared to take this risk, in order that what you know may save countless lives...what I must ask from you is the bond of your word, that you will never reveal the existence of our kind to anyone. In return, I will protect you and ensure you are not harmed by the forces we are dealing we have a deal?"

Andaria smiled and nodded...

"Of course sir, I would never, ever have so much honour, pride and is just a shame it is so rare in the human race these days. But don't worry sir, I assure you of my confidence and that I will do all I can to help end this pain, suffering and death. I know these will be difficult times ahead, but I have the protection of the Lord, his rod and staff my comfort still."

Sorenti just smiled, hiding his amusement at the hopeless faith mortals put in God...

"Good, I am glad we understand one, as your host, anything you would like, just name it and I'll do my best!"

[b:cde0059917][i:cde0059917] "Be careful who you're talking to....they might just have the upper hand and Evil will always triumph, because Good is dumb!" [/i:cde0059917][/b:cde0059917][url][/url]

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((nothin like creatin mortals to boost yer ego eh? "Sorenti, you're so wonderful....and handsome...and smart....and witty..." lol :P

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- Andaria was glad and at the same time very afraid in the precense of the kindred around her ...

-Sister Andaria- " I ... i would like to be alone for a second ... im .. so sorry for asking this .. "

Sorenti frowned while she was not looking and said " If you must ... "

Sorenti left the room and closed the door slowly ...

Andaria stood up and looked at herself in the mirror in front of her , she then placed her hands together and closed her eyes as she started to pray ..

[b:c327dab427] - The prayer -

" Oh God .. please protect us against the forces of Evil ... I pray and ask for safety , i am in precense of kindred , and am very afraid ... the other kind scares me as well , the " Demons " ... oh please protect me ... and please forgive me to ally myself with the kindred ... as they are the only kind able to save us ... Oh God please place your holy protection on us ... " [/b:c327dab427]

Andaria then slowly opened her eyes to look at herself in the mirror ... but what she seen wasnt her .. Angelica was there , like if she was inside the mirror ... Angelica did a "slit throat" sign to Andaria ... just as if to say that she will die soon ..

Andaria went close to the mirror to touch it ... as she was about to touch it ... the hands of Angelica grabbed her and Angelica said

" Die .... "

Andaria screamed in fear ... Sorenti came back in the room and looked at her ... seeing no one else then her ... she was obviously having visions ... or hallucinations ...

All of a sudden Andaria was thrown back against the wall by an unknown force ... she curled herself in a ball as she said with her shaking voice ...

" Please ... die Angelica ... for as long as your here we're not ... "

All seemed calm now as Andaria started to shake uncontrolably ... crying .. [/i:c327dab427]

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((lmao Gabe..that never even occurred to me...she was talking about the Kindred she had met, ie. Drain, Sorenti and having read it again, it did give me an ego boost hehehehe :smile: :smile: :smile:

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Sorenti returned from seeing the Prince and found Andaria in a much lighter mood, her fears from earlier obviously now dissipated. He smiled warmly and informed her of the Prince's backing over the risk she presented, adding that she would be safe at all costs. He did not mention the fact he had been granted the right to embrace her if the need arose, even if that need should just be the Masquerade. Andaria nodded and thanked Sorenti warmly as the Priest called for her attention again.

Sorenti had to hide his feelings very well at the fact a Priest was actually in Blenheim. He hadn't been back long, but the place had already re-grown in his heart, he felt safe here and what's more, it was his and it felt right. Sorenti snapped out of his thoughts and looked back at the priest continuing with his preparations. The priest was the third unusual visitor already to see Andaria. The first had given her a charm to wear around her neck at all times, Sorenti could sense its weak power, but it might prevent an attack from something or other. The second, however, had annointed her in a ritual that Sorenti could feel vibrating through him like the bass at a nightclub. This one he was sure held some serious strength.

As he watched the priest, Sorenti figured that every little ounce of protection would be of help...everything relied upon the survival of Andaria, for she was the only one who knew where the body of Dani Dawn lay. Finally the priest finished and left the room, Sorenti could almost see the glow of pure faith emanating from Andaria, it hurt to look at her for too long, let alone get near her. He smiled reassuringly as the last of her visitors entered the room, hooded and foreboding. Andaria looked at him, scared of the new person, but Sorenti winked and assured her it was ok.

Sorenti was stood just inside the door of Andaria's room and the new arrival moved to stand beside him. As he did so, Sorenti heard the voice in his mind "This will have strange effects at first, but it will work absolutely!" Sorenti merely nodded as the figure began to sway in rhythmic motions, a purple circle pulsing outwards slowly, growing ever bigger. The circle formed a dome and the dome crackled with electricity, lighting the room in flourescent blue flashes. It continued to pulse and grow, the figure's swaying became more violent and it began to moan hoarsely.

With a flash, the purple dome exploded outwards, sticking to the walls, ceiling and floor of the room like glue. Sorenti looked in wonder, a strange floating sensation overcoming him. The he realised he really was flying backwards, but it was too late to brace, he crashed into the corridor wall, collapsing in an untidy heap on the floor. He looked round to see the other figure laying in a similar position, yet Andaria still knelt in the centre of the room, totally unaffected.

"What the..?" Sorenti started to say, but the voice came into his head again...

"I did say some strange effects, but it is done, she cannot be touched by any evil, only the purest of souls may enter her room. She may come and go as she pleases, but she will not be protected outside of the room. My work here is done, I wish you luck."

Sorenti nodded, still a little awed by the power of the protecting ring, but when he looked back at the figure, it had vanished. Picking himself up, he moved closer to the entrance of the room and spoke to Andaria...

"Well my dear, you are protected from just about everything, but remember..."

"Yes, I got it, I am only protected while inside this room" she smiled sweetly and a little cheekily

"Ok, good, anything you wish will be brought to you......Pray, do not leave the room under any circumstances, we will fight off anything that tries to attack, but nothing evil can get in here, even me" He chuckled and put a small notebook on the floor outside the door, "Here, keep this safe, they are the words I will use when it is time to go."

Andaria nodded and walked over to the door, reaching through the shield like it did not exist and retrieving the notebook,

"Don't worry sir, I shall not leave this room until I hear these words from your very mouth and thankyou for your protecting me." Andaria said

Sorenti just smiled and turned down the corridor, his mind already troubling over other matters.

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(( Nice post man :smile: ))

- After the meeting with Sorenti , Valek returned to his haven ... after what Sorenti told what
Valek already knew ... that Midian was now released by Angelica ... Midian (Lucifer) was now free ..
THIS was the plan that Angelica and Valek been working on for decades ... even centuries ....

Valek faked to not know when he was told by Sorenti ... and he even had to fake to go help them fight it ...
Valek will go alright ... to make sure the plan of Angelica and himself goes according to their plans ...

Valek and Angelica been waiting for a long time for this moment ... they succeeded and wont let ANYONE get in their way ...

Valek knew that he had to plannify his every moves carefuly ... for if someone finds the he his tied up in all this ... he would most likely get unwanted problems ..

As of now everything was fine ... no one knew about him and Angelica been invovled together in the whole thing except for him and his sire Angelica ...

Valek was laying on his coffin , motionless ... only the evil smile on his face knowing that Midian is now free ... Valek suddenly stood up going down in the dungeon that there is under his own haven ...

Once down he walked through the maze of passages to finally arrived in what was looking like a ritual room ... Valek smiled evily as he entered ... bodies of dead priests and nuns hanging on the ceiling ... blood dripping on the floor ...

Valek drew his sword and cut off the head of one of the priest ... and slowly placed it on the ritual altar ...

Valek then took an axe and slammed it on the head making it exploding in pieces ...the blood that flyed(sp) in the air layed now motionless like the time stopped ... Valek then mouthed a few words in Los Demonis which made the blood come all together again .. creating some sort of a gate ...
Valek walked through it ... and arrived right in London ... inside the haven of Angelica ... the gate then closed ... everything was safe ... no one could know where he was since no one knows the location of the haven of Angelica ...

As Valek entered the Haven of Angelica by the portal he made ... Angelica turned back and said

" So .... is everything going according to our plan ? "

Valek noded and said " Yes ... only one thing may be a problem .. "

Angelica frowned and said " And it is ? "

-Valek-" Alyth didnt had the time to kill Andaria ... Andaria is still alive ... "

-Angelica- " Hmmmmm ... She must die ... "

-Valek-" Indeed Sire ... she will die soon enough "

-Angelica- " Good ... she knows to much about our kind ... and also knows about Dani Dawn ... " (( For more information on Dani Dawn go to Angelica's web page at this link " " there is very little info and thats how i want it lol since im planning on unleashing a mass of infos in my next chron :smile: ))

Valek noded ...

[b:7c09a7b94a] Valek then told everything about the meeting him and Sorenti had earlier this night ... [/b:7c09a7b94a]

-Angelica- " I see ... ive seen him back in Xalarious along with a few other kindred ... he his a powerful kindred .. "

Valek noded slowly ...

-Valek- " I will return to my haven by the same way ive came here so no one notice anything ... and i will come back in London with the kindred Sorenti found to stop us ... just so they dont know that i am involved in it ... it will help us greatly in the end "

Angelica and Valek smiled evily ...

-Angelica- " And i will see that my sire Angelious dies ... in a painful way "

Valek smiled and so did Angelica ...

Valek then returned to his haven by opening the " Portal " again ...

[b:7c09a7b94a] Angelica then turned and walked down the stairs of her haven ... leading in a gigantic room ... Angelica walked in it until she reached the middle of the room ... she kneeled on one knee and said

" Master ... here i am ... "

Midian ( Lucifer himself ) slowly appeared ... a HUGE and GIGANTIC winged Demon ...

-Midian- " StAnD uP " He said in a demonic voice ...

Angelica stood up ... Midian slowly extanding his wings around her ... Angelica slowly looked up ... looking in the eyes of Midian himself .............[/b:7c09a7b94a] [/i:7c09a7b94a]

We live to die...and die to live...And whom so ever beleiveth in me...shall never die...and shall live in eternal life as the undead..


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((thats a cool post!!!!

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(( Thanks man :smile: ))

[b:065170fd97] Meanwhile in Cascadia .... [/b:065170fd97]

- Demons were now roaming the streets , for the most part they were hidding , like if they were preparing
themselves for a big invasion ... roaming in cemetaries , killing whoever enters it ... the ones peaceful humans cemetary of Cascadia were now filled with demons ...

[b:065170fd97] - Meanwhile at the Gate of Midian - [/b:065170fd97]

Demons were going out in the world of the living ... all of them under the order of Midian (Satan/Lucifer) , the order of Midian as of now was to wait ... wait for Angelica and Valek to have everything ready for the invasion ... but some of them didnt wanted to even listen to Midian ... those who didnt listened ... got KILLED ..

But strangely some of them escaped , causing and wanting only to go against Midian orders ... causing destruction ... putting their plan in great danger ...

Midian then gave the order to end of the unlife of those who went against his wishes ...

Demons were sent to kill the demons who went against Midian's orders ... [/i:065170fd97]

We live to die...and die to live...And whom so ever beleiveth in me...shall never die...and shall live in eternal life as the undead..


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- Angelica kept looking in the eyes of Midian as he spoke ..

-Midian- " ReMoVe YoUr HoOd .... "

Angelica then slowly removed the hood on her head , letting her long pitch black hair now visible as she removed the hood on her long black cloak ..

- Angelica - " Everything is now ready , some demons judged good to oppose us as they sat foot in the world of the living , very little opposed us , but yet some did , and it got taked care of , some remains in the streets of London , eventually they will be slain as well , they thought good to join the other side , the light side .... THEY WILL DIE like the others before them who opposed us ... "

- Midian - " ExCeLlEnT , I HaVe SeEn a SmAlL KiNdReD ReSiSsTaNcE BaCk In XaLaRa ... HaVe ThEy BeEn TaKen CaRe Of ? "

- Angelica - " Valek is to lure them into their own death ... he will take care of it ... he his coming back with them , so we can have the element of surprise , because they have absolutely no idea that Valek is now against them ... "

- Midian - " PeRfEcT "

Angelica smiled evily and said ... " The kindred will never turn their back on me and Valek like they once did long ago ....... "

[b:1244064dde] - Meanwhile back at the house where Sorenti and Andaria were .. - [/b:1244064dde]

Andaria opened to book to see the " words " ... so she would know when to get out .

Andaria sighed as she looked outside by the window , the night was dark and obviously cold , suddenly Andaria saw something moving in the distance , more specificaly , part of the ground was moving , just like if someone or something was trying to get out .. Andaria rubbed her eyes not believing what she was seeing ... as she opened her eyes again , she could clearly see a few demons coming out of the ground , there was about 10 to 15 of them .. all of them looked around standing where they were , and their glare stopped at the window of where Andaria was ... All of them lat out a huge and peircing demonic scream as they ran toward the house where Sorenti and Andaria was ...

Seeing this Andaria screamed " MR. SORENTI !! " she than quickly ran out of the room and quickly returned back in as she remembered what Sorenti told her ...

- Andaria - " SOMEONE PLEASE !! Theres DEMONS outside !!! " [/i:1244064dde]

Over signs and seals the sorceress prayed ..
To Death , to rend the slender veil ....
That Ancient Ones might rise again ....


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