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((stop cluttering up poor Isis's thread with OOC bologna

-A Warning from your Seneschal

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(( OK

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((there's a good man, nice writing Isis. perverted...but nice :smile:

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((and btw, isis isn't going to loose humanity... she's on the path of sutekh. :P

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Isis hops back into the little truck and drives back to the bar. She parks it in the back and re-enters the bar. She looks for her fellow follower.
SHe walks up to him and whispers in his ear,"Let's go now."
He looks at her sceptically.
"Where's the mortal?", he asks her.
She places a finger over his lips and lets an evil smile slip over her lips.
"Let's just say, he's had the time of his life.", she hisses seductively.
He looks at her, eyes wide. He then shakes his head.
They both walk out hte door and head to the Jeep.
They take off towards the Setite temple in Cairo.

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On the way to the temple the jeep was stopped by a small group of people, or at least what they thought were people.
Isis hops out of the Jeep and asks them to move, using her natural sexuality, but to no avail. She tries her serepentine eyes, but that doesn't work either.
"Who the fuck are you?!?", she asks.
"We were created to ensure your kind doesn't survive.", he replies.
Isis looks back and sees the look of fear upon the preists face. She shakes her head out of confusion.
They look at her stoically.
"They are the Children of Osiris.", a voice says behind her.
She looks back to see that the preist was the one to utter these words.
"What do you mean?", she asks him.
"We're not getting out of this without a fight.", he replies.
Isis prepares for a battle. Her eyes become serpentine. Her flesh that of the scales of the snake. Her tongue lashes out, much like a serpents. Her clawed ahnds bared, ready for battle.
The Children of Osiris approach her, bastions in hand. Isis lashes out at them using her tongue. She lands her tongue around the neck of on of them. SHe tightens until she lops his head off.
While she's doing this, one of the Children takes a swing at her, but she manages to dodge it.
The preist jumps off the Jeep and turns into a ten foot cobra. He starts attacking the Child who had attacked Isis.
Isis turns around to see him helping. SHe smiles evilly.
She approaches the last child. SHe walks closer and closer. She mutters some words in ancient Egyptian and pulls his heart from his chest.
She holds it out. She keeps speaking in ancient Egyptian. She tells him to impale himself on his weapon. He does so and lies prone on the ground.
She puts his heart in front of his face and asks him in ancient Egyptian, "You want this back?"
He nods.
Isis grins evilly. She takes his heart and bites into it. The child grimaces and gasps as he feels her teeth enter his heart.
She pulls away from it having almost drained it of all of it's blood.
"Any last words?", she asks in ancient Egyptian.
"I hope your kind dies like the snakes you are.", he mutters in the same tongue.
Isis then bites down into his heart and drains his soul.
She throws his heart aside as she watces his body whither to dust. She balls her hands into fists and feels a new strength flow through her veins.
She relaxes a little and her skin starts to go back to it's normal pale tone.
She hops back in the Jeep.
"And who exactly are thesssssse Children of Ossssssirisssss?", she asks looking at the preist with serpentine eyes.

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He looks at her and says, "It's a long story. It dates back to the days of ancient Egypt."
Isis nods.
"You're sssssssssstill going to tell me, right?", she asks.
"Uh, of course.", he replies.
And he tells her the story about the creation of the Children of Osiris.
Isis nods in the appropriate places. SHe realizes that she knew more then she thought she knew.
"Strange, I shouldn't know any of this, but it all seems familiar.", she thinks.
She shakes her head and tries to ignore it. She's never diablerized before. She never realized what effect it would have. She didn't think she could capture someone's memories...
She is intent through the entire thing, as they continue to the Setite temple.

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((and he continues to wait))

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Isis puts a hand on the preists arm.
"Actually, I would like you to make a little 'detour'.", she says with an evil grin.
"Yeah? Where to?", he asks her.
"A bar two blocks from here.", she answers.
"Ok...", he says skeptically.

He gets to the bar so colourfully titled"In the Heart of the Wild". Isis giggles to herself as she steps out of the Jeep.
"You might want to wait here.", she says as she turns around and walks into the bar.

He watches her with predatory eyes.
"Why would a Setite want to talk to me. They have nothing to do with the Camarilla.", he thinks.
He shrugs and continues to "sip" his drink.

Isis spots him and walks up to the feral looking man.
"Hello, and thanks for meeting me here.", she says in great reverence to the beastly man. He is obviously of great station.
"Well, when I hear of massive breaches in Camarilla protocol... It just raises my hackles.", he says growling.
"Once again, I do truly appreciate this Karsh.", she says reverently to the Camarilla warlord.
"Do you have your evidence?", he asks her.
She nods and pulls up her bag.
"Of course.", she replies as she pats her bag, "This has been gathered by myself and a trusted friend."
He nods as she starts to unpack tape after tape. She sets 15 total running eight hours a piece on the table.
"How did you manage to compile so many tapes?", Karsh asks.
"I have a Ravnos friend who works with a lot of security. He wired everywhere for me.", she smiles evilly, "And this is just the beginning."
Karsh nods and gathers the tapes.
"If you'd follow me. I'd like to have you watch these with me.", he asks.
"Of course, my liege.", she replies.
He shakes his head at that sort of statement. He's not used to being thought of in a high manner.
They walk into a back room that Karsh had secured before Isis's arrival. It had a VCR and a monitor.
Isis smiles, thinking, "I think I've done the right thing."
Karsh pops in the first tape labled "Eye of Ra Security Tape. Bar." It is dated the same night as the grand opening of the club.
Karsh watches as he sees a Kindred kill a mortal in celerity.
He tsks.
He continues to watch them one by one as he sees numerous breaches in the masquerade, but more appaling, a Gangrel with obfuscate. He growls deeply as he sees that.
"SABBAT!", he growls.
Isis smiles evilly as she watches Karsh's expression.
"I have many more tapes with this sort of thing. Blatant sharing of disciplines, even none Camarilla ones. Multiple breaches of the Masquerade, and even better... breaches in Elysium.", Isis says evenly.
"I thank you Isis. I think that the Camarilla can be a great help to you, as with the help that you have given us.", he says more eloquently then she could've imagined him being.
He walks over to the table and pulls out a parchment scroll and begins to write.

After a couple of hours, he finishes his decree. He puts the Camarilla seal in wax on the scroll sealing it. He hands it to Isis.
"I'm sure you won't read it. I'll tell you what it states.
It says,'It has been brought to the attention to the Inner Circle of several breaches in Camarilla protocol. I will personally visit the city, and report back to the Inner Circle. However, i will not say when.'
'sincerley, the Camarilla'
I will arrive about the same time as you. Actually we'll take the same plane. I want you to insight something. Feel free to do what you want. If anything happens to you, I will account for it. And I'll ignore the black veins in your aura.", he concludes.
Isis nods and smiles back.
"Thank you Karsh. I shall talk to Hesha about possibly aiding the Camarilla further for this great favour you did for me.", she says and she bows. She puts the decree in her bag and
walks out the door.
"Do you want your tapes?", Karsh asks before.
"No, keep them. Show them to the Inner Circle. I think they might be very interested by all of this.", she replies.
He nods and Isis nods back.
"I will see you before I leave Cairo.", Karsh and Isis say at the same time.
They share a laugh and Isis exits the bar, feeling Karsh's eyes on her as she leaves.
Karsh smiles feeling he has done his duty.
Isis steps back into the Jeep and smiles at the driver. It's the first time she's been truly happy since she's left her precious Jensill.
"Everything go well?", the preist asks.
"Yes, very well.", she replies as he turns on the engine and heads back to the temple in Cairo.

fear those of us who have found knowledge far beyind our years. Set has blessed me so. I shall go forth and do his bidding.

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