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((ok... cairo by night is released... any day now, i'll be able to bring isis back :grin:

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((more written on this later, like tomorrow. :grin:

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AWWWW poor Isis. She's got the Blood Bound Blues......... BTW good for you sweety,good work. :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

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The Jeep rolls into Cairo amid the noise of a million other cars. They are in the southerns part of the city known as Heliopolis, for the temple of Ra that used to be here when Set walked the Earth.
She shakes her head and thinks, "Ra! Bah! What a pointless waste of a god."
She steps out of the jeep in front of a smoke bar. She takes a deep breath. She breathes in the aroma of Egyptian tabacco. The bustle of mortals around her. She notices that she's feeling a bit peckinsh. She smeels the scent of blood around her.
She heads for the nearest bar, the nearest bite.
She enters the club and hears the sounds of al-jeel fill the room. She heads for the bar and looks every one over. She notices an attractive woman sitting in a corner. She approaces her.

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((postponed for a while

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((isis shall hit the tarmac very soon. so enjoy your favourite vice in celebration, and remember to share :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

fear those of us who have found knowledge far beyind our years. Set has blessed me so. I shall go forth and do his bidding.

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She thinks about the actractive woamn for a second, then remembers that she's in a muslim country. She continues to scan the bar until she comes across this beautiful Egyptian male. She licks her lips seductively and makes her way over, with a seductive swing to her hips. She puts a hand on the bar next to him. She takes in his aroma of alcohol, tabacco and musk.
"Hi there.," she says, "Mmmmmmm... i think i might need a guide. i'm new to this city. could you help me?"
He looks her up and down and grunts approval.
"A guide? You sure you need one. A girl like you should be able to find plenty of 'guides'.", he says coyly.

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She smiles back at the guide. SHe puts a hand on top of his. She moves closer to him.
She whispers in his ear, "Did you know that you could judge a person in bed by the way they dance?"
His eyes widen at the question. She backs away from him and dances seductively. Her hands deftly winding their way around her body. Her hips sway in time to the music. He licks his lips before he joins her in dancing in time to the music.
They dance for a bit before she says, "I want you to show me something intersting in Cairo?"
He smiles cockily as he leads her out the door.

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She smiles at him seductively. HE leads her to a small truck.
"I'll take you to one of the most breath-taking sites in the world.", he says suggestively.
"You going to take me to Nile at night?", she asks.
"No, but your not far off.", he says as he sits down and starts the ignition.
Isis hops in and they head off away from the Nile.

He stops in front of a modest apartment building in downtown Cairo. He cuts the ignition.
"What are we doing here?", she asks.
"Oh, I need to get something first. If you'd follow me...", he says.
She smiles seductively as he walks in front of her.
"This is easier then i thought.", she thinks.
He arrives at his door and opens it. Isis walks through and he closes the door behind him.
"Now for the breathtaking sight.", he says as he turns on a light.

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(sorry I haven't said how much I am enjoying this sooner, just got my comp back like 5 days ago, but keep it up, I am very much enjoying it. Actually end it soon, and come back to Cascadia. There is someone waiting there for you.)

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((oh, jensill... i hope to come back in two weeks.

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Isis hisses as the brightness burns her eyes. The man looks confused.
"What's the matter?", he asks.
"Turn off the light!", she hisses.
He turns it back off and Isis smiles.
"Nice place.", she says as she licks her lips.
He nods and says ,"Please have a seat. Make yourself at home."
"You don't want me to make myself at home.", she says as she smiles seductively.
"Why not?", he asks coquettishly.
"Mmmmmmm... unless you want me running around nude...", she starts.
She sees the look on his face as she says that. She sees a big smile cross his face.
He approaches her. He wraps his arms around her. She smiles seductively.
"You don't mind this do you?", he asks.
"Of course not. I was actually hoping for this to happen.", she replies seductively.
She can feel his manhood hardening in his pants. She giggles seductively and puts her hand through his hair.
He kisses her lips deeply, passionately. She returns the kiss with the same fierceness of emotion.
His hands wander down her back and cup her buttocks.
She pushes him away and backs towards his bedroom. He follows her predatorily.
She lies herself down on the bed. He lies down next to her and cups her breasts in his hands.
"You ready to have the time of your life?", he asks.
"You think you can show me the time of my life?", she asks.
He nods and takes her shirt off exposing her vulptous pale breasts. He grabs them, massages them, takes one in his mouth.
She smiles seductively and her hands run down his back. Nails occassionally raking his back.
He abandons the breasts, and his hands fumble with the button on her pants. He's more intent on getting her pants off. He finally manages to free her of her pants.
he notices that she's not wearing any underwear. He smiles and says something in arabic.
Isis unbuttons his pants and removes his underwear. SHe sees his manhood. Not quite what she's used to, but hell, why complain. He's only dinner.
He mounts her, plunging his manhood in and out. She moans and slowly forces herself on top of him. Once she's on top of him she claws his chest.
He has this huge smile on his face. Isis bends down and kisses and licks his neck. She then bites down. He tenses momnentarily, but then succumbs to the pleasure of the moment.
She feeds from him until he finally cums. She realizes that she hasn't fed in a long time. She can't stop herself. She continues to feed. She continues even as he claws at her. SHe drains him dry, licks his wounds closed, stabs him and gets dressed.

She leaves his apartment finally sated since she first arrived in Egypt.

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(( damn))

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((Drain just popped a link in his chain mail bikini

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(( and you got a stiffy LOL

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