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She steps off the plane in Cairo. The balmy weather causes her already form fitting clothes cling to her body tighter. She looks around for her Egyptian contact. She sees him dressed in his preistly garb. She approaches him and gives him the customary greeting. She bows her head.
"I was sent here by the Los Angeles temple.", she says, " I'm here to see Ombos."
She looks down somberly. She thinks about Jensill. She always has him on her mind. But Set must come first. Or at least that's what she'd like to believe.
She look at her ring.
"I never thought I'd be so attached to someone.", she thinks, "If only this hadn't come up. I'd still be in his arms."
She looks at the ground as she follows the priest.
"Here is your vehicle. It will take you to the temple in Cairo. Tomorrow night we will head for Ombos. If our dreams are correct, the temple should be there."
She looks up shocked.
"The dreams? How did you know?", she asks.
"We've been getting them.", he replies.
He enters the Jeep and offers her a seat next to him. She sits down and they drive off into the Egyptian night.

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((WB Isis :smile: Dont be so long next time.....

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(( Welcome back

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They approach a modest looking building in Luxor. She steps out and looks to her preistly companion. She follows behind him as he takes her on the grand tour.
As he opens the door the subtle aroma of incense caress her senses. She looks at the hall. It is lush in interior and has many Egyptian antiquities. The walk down the hall and up stairs.
"Here is our ceremonial hall. We have our prayers here every evening, first thing.", he says.
As she takes a closer look she sees a life size statue of Set standing at the end of the room. The room is decorated in gold and sand tones. There are also papyri of the tale of Osiris and Set and the war between Horus and Set; in which Isis aided Set to victory. As well as several ceremonial statues of various Egyptian dieties, all dealing with the underworld.
She walks back out and he shows her promptly to her room. It's a simple room, say if it were a room in a casino. She set her stuff down on the large down bed. She walked over to the large mahogany desk and pulled out some stationary and a beautiful silver and mother of pearl inlaid pen. She grabs a book and heads to the garden in the back.
She sighs and looks up at the moon. She looks down at her paper and begins to write:
My dearest Jensill, my love my all,
I am writing you from this beautiful location, that could be made all the more beautiful if I could share it with you. I look up at the moon and think of the last time I was in your arms. I long for that feeling, and Set willing I shall return to you. I miss your face, your eyes. I miss your voice and the tender words they would mutter to me. Such precious moments we used to share. What I wouldn't give to share this moment with you again.
Alas, it is not. And for that I feel great sorrow. But I always think of you. I know that I will always think of you. You are the one great thing that has happened in my life. Just know that I have and always will love you. These tears I shed are for you, my love.

With a love that shall last an eternity,
She cries as she pens these words. Red spots dot her paper as she writes. Her face is marked by pink rivers of her tears. She drops her pen after she signs the note and cries, covering the note in blood tears.
She composes herself and cleans her face. She steps back into the temple. She walks back to her room. She disrobes and address the letter to Jensill Black in Cascadia. She leaves it on her desk. She pulls back the sheets and lies in bed.
She looks at the ceiling and thinks, "Damn, I wish I could be in his arms again..."
Another blood tear streams down her face as she turns over and starts to fall into the weariness of the morning light.

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((nice postings Isis :smile:

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She awakes the next evening and dresses as a priestess of Set. She looks at the desk and grabs the note. She runs out and finds another preist.
"Where's the nearest post office?", she asks.
"Just down the block, why?", he asks.
"I have a note to post. Nothing big... Just a friendly post.", she says.
She tucks the letter under her skirt and heads off for the evening prayers.

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((awwww...that's sad :( where IS Jensill btw?

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((have no idea. talked to him for a second last night.

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She changes into a pair of skin tight black military pants. She pulls out a tight and one shirt. She grabs her longe vinyl trenchcoat, but thinks better and puts it back down again. She grabs her backpack and heads out her bedroom door.
She runs out the door her ankh hitting against her bouncing bosom. She rushes out to the Jeep. See bounces in and they head off north east towards Tunisia.
She looks up at the sky and notices the moon and stars. She sighs and a blood tear rolls down her cheek. She doesn't notice until it hits her hands. She wipes her eye and looks down at her ring.
"Soon enough. I hope to be back in your arms my love.", she thinks.
They approach closer to the moon as they go in search for the temple at Ombos.

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((sorry about the delay in post, but i'm waiting for my copy of cairo by night, which is now put off until 11.feburary... sorry. i need more info on ombos.

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((ok, it's still at 11.feburary for me starting this up again :(

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((ok definitely 11.februray... but beware when isis comes back... she'll have a lot more setite knowledge when she comes back :grin: lol :lol:

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((ok, well i don't have cairo by night... but i really want to continue with this... so :lol:

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The Jeep crwals along the Nile River on it's way back to Cairo. When they reach Hermopolis, the stop the Jeep. Isis steps out and starts to walk over to the Nile. She looks back at the preist and smiles. She sits down and takes off her shoes. She puts her feet on the sand and feels the sunlight radiating from it.
She stands up and says," I'm going for a dip. Wanna join me?"
He shakes his head and says, "I don't want Sobek after me."
She giggles and takes off the rest of her clothes. Soon her nude form is bathed in virgin moonlight. She look across the river at a ruined ancient Egyptian temple.
She walks slowly towards the river entranced. She dips her toe in as the light plays on the river. She continues to walk in until she's up to her waist. She feels the coolness of the Egyptian night bathe her. She dips her hands in the water and brings it up to her head. She bathes herself in the cool Nile water. The reflected light plays upone her naked breasts like a new lovers hands. She says a silent prayer to Set.
She looks up at the moon and thinks about Jensill. A blood tear streaks her cheek as hse walks back to shore.
She puts on her clothes and turns her back on the Nile. She says a silent prayer to Set hoping to see her love again. They hop back in the Jeep and head back north to Cairo.

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Isis looks back towards Hermopolis. She remembers what that old temple was for. She remembered the story of Thoth. Especially how he had resurrected Set. She gives a half smile as they drive through Beni Hasan.
"You know I just thought about where we were. That was the Temple of Thoth.", she said surprised at not thinking about it until now.
"Yes. I don't know why I didn't think about it either. I should have guessed.", he says sounding surprised.
She popped in a CD. The sounds of Laibach sprang forth. She sat back and looked at the nights sky. She thought about Jensill and closed her eyes. She tries to imagine what it's like being in Jensill's arms again. She shakes her head and just looks at the stars. The ground moves underneath her speeding her to her destination.

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