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((Heeeeeeeeeee's BAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaack....

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James deGriz looked at the letter he had just received and shook his head. It seemed that his master Cain was in a spot of trouble. Walker Boh had written that Cain was in some town in Egypt and was being "hunted". Shit he thought what the hell was he supposed to do. Cain had told him to watch over things here and to keep an eye on Batgirl and here she had gone and decided to put her self to ground so to speak. He still did not know how he was going to explain that one. Now this what was he supposed to do? He considered going to Valek or Gabriel, but it seemed a lil too soon for that. What did Walker want him to do? It made no sense at all.......

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Cain looked up and down the street. It was nearly dawn. He still felt he was being watched. He had done his best to lose the watcher but still felt thier presance. He walked down and side steped into an alley. Quickly he moved to the end of the alley, at the back of the alley he knocked on the door. A man opend it and usherd him in. Cain was in the back of a small store. He moved to the back wall and ran his fingers over the corse material. He found the pressure switch almost imidiatly and part of the wall swung in. He steped threw as the wall swung shut, and faced the machine. He slid his hand in and waited, he hated this part it always took so long. After a few minuts the floor slid back in one corner. He walked down the stairs as the floor slid shut overhead. He was in a long hall he started down it. At the end of the hall he entered a room, there were several others in it they looked up as he enterd but quickly looked away.

Cain walked up to one of them "Who told him I was there?"

The man looked up and said "What do you mean?"

"Dont play dumb with me fool. They knew exactly where I was."

"I have no idea what you are talking about." the man said.

Cain looked down at him " Oh realy well then this will suprise you even more then..."

The man looked at Cain as if to say what.

"He has hired on of us and when I find out who it is they are dead ........" Cain turned and walked away.

The man watched Cain walk away thoughtfully. One of our own was woking with this man Cain was here to find. He had now idea there were others in the city save the ones in this room. He would have to find out who else was in town soon. He did not want Cain pissed off, becase if Cain was pissed then his Sire would be furious and that could spell trouble for all of them......

We are always watching ................

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((Just topping

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Cain looked around him double checking everything. He was sure he had not been followed and had left no word with anyone where he would be. He was not taking any chances. He had to find out where Sorenti was. It was the only thing left undone. All his other missions were compleat, he was almost ready to go back to Cascadia and home to his love. He knew that Los Requis had something to do with Sorenti disappearing, but had no idea wht had taken place. He had confront Los Requis some how and make him talk. The question was how? Los Requis and his Sire had been fighting for hundreds of years..............

(more to come later yes I know Sorenti is back in Cascadia but I dont know IC)

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((one more IC post to come and it will be up Sat night sometime))

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