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Ryan Night pulls up in his viper and walks into the Elysium bar. He notices the Malkavian, Echoe in the corner, and goes to the bar.. getting his usual from Max. He hears Echoe chuckling quietly in the corner.

He looks over at Echoe... "Whats so funny?"

Echoe smiles broadly. "Poor... poor Shin... Shin..."

Ryan spoke to Echoe from the bar, "Yes.. I understand you know one of his secrets... do you tend to keep it?"

Echoe Grinned. "Who? Me? I dont understand... I'm just a stupid Malkie. Keep it... keep it..."

"You laughed at him for caring, whats wrong with that?"

Echoe laughed... "No.. I laughed at him for another reason." Echoe Mimicked Shin's voice perfectly, trailing off, "You're just a stupid malkie... you wouldn't understand... wouldnt understand... understand." The similarity was like a tape recording... very disturbing.

Ryan turned his barseat towards Echo. "I must agree... once I thought the same thing. but look, you somewhat outsmarted me." As a result of one former oversight, every Malkavian in cascadia, and a few from other clans had access to all of Ryan's secrets. "I have changed my opinion, thats for sure."

"Poor... poor Shin.. Shin..." Echo trailed off, smiling.

"Poor Shin what? Well?? Out with it."

"Out with it... Out with it..."

Ryan stood up and moved towards Echoe's Darknened table. "Why should we pity Shin?"

Echoe simply continued grinning. "He will learn.. will learn... learn."

"Learn What?"

Echoes voice turned to ice. "You learned, Didnt you?"

Ryan stood right in front of the grinning Malkavian. "Learned to respect Malks? Yes I did... Somewhat. For the most part I did."

"He will learn... will learn... learn..."

Ryan's cellphone rang. Important business. He could hear the Malkavian laughing as he walked out of the Elysium. And the laughter echoed in his mind as he got into his car and drove away.

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((Cool if I join in?

"Yeah, you want me. Piss me off and I'll fucking kill you."
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(( Echoe dont be giving away the all the secrets just yet or ill have to inact my plan on you instead:P lol

we need to do it in gameeeeee before we post it on the MB.... :: smiles innocently ::

Tea PArty in 3 hours!))

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((Yeah summer. jump on in :smile: btw, are we still going to cover those walls with ketchup?))

((Dont worry mark.. im not giving away any secrets... just well... foreshadowing a bit.
I want him to know hes in trouble.. just not what sort. hehehehe.))

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(-Topping, and will post something on it tomorrow.. as shin suicided last night... got to sleep lol-)

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((Geez that conversation was quiet a while ago. Do you right every thing down while in the elysium?That was word for word :eek: !

((btw I'd like to be more apart of this lesson of Shin's.....::curses his computer::...therefore when you take this in game if it is at all possible I'd like to be there.

((Oh and Echoe more ketchup... :lol:

If it wasn't for the sunlight I'd swear I was dead!!

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((ooo.. well we fixed the problem with some pliers.. i thought you were there ryan))

At the weekly meeting, Mark and Echoe took their usual places, Mark in his designated seat, and Echoe leaning against the door. Everything went normally, until the Tremere Shin entered the room.

Mark nodded to Echoe, then glanced to Shin. The meaning of this nod was understood, and echoe grinned, then vanished like a cheshire cat. He followed three paces behind Shin, occasionally tapping on his shoulder.

Mark was asking around for a pair of pliers, and eventually he found some.

Prince Valek looked at Shin. "There are some people at this meeting that should not be here. I suggest that they leave." Shin stayed, defiant.

When the meeting became adjourned, Mark walked over to Shin, and poked him in the chest. "Dont touch me, crazy malkieeee," Shin taunted.

Mark looked him in the eye. "I have something for you, come outside."

"OK," shin replied. they waked out of the meeting hall, Mark ahead of the tremere, Echoe behind.

Once outside, the Malkavian primogen spoke. "We have something to discuss, I believe."

Shin nodded in response.

"We seem to have gotten off to a bad start, you and I. You remember that night..."

"Yes. And I apologize.. surely there must be some way I can make up for it.."

"Sure," Mark smiled, "There is."


"This way," Mark said, pulling out his sword and striking the Tremere before he has a chance to react.

Echoe shot the Tremere from behind with a burning crossbow bolt, sending him into torpor. Then mark set to work with the pliers, pulling out his fangs.

"I'm a Dentist!"

Echoe grinned. "dentist.. dentist.."

When Mark was finished, Echoe awoke Shin. The tremere stood up.

"Feeling a little toothless?" Mark asked him, holding all four of the tremere's fangs in his open palm. "Now you will help me."

"No!" Shin walked away, thinking of suicide.

((err ok mark or ryan take over lol))

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((umm....I was sorta there in a matter of speaking.....I knida crashed and when I got back it was over.

((but I'll post .....something......but MARK take it away for now

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Mark looked down at the fangs now clenched tightly in his right hand before emptying them into his right trouser pocket. He then glanced down at the blood covered pliers. Shins life force was seeping down the metal and forming a second skin over marks hand.

Shin was muttering under his breath, almost like a crazed beggar walking the streets alone at night. He started to walk of in a direction that was random in his choosing.

Echoe once more, seeming to spend more time in this state than any other, activated his obfuscate powers and vanished from the minds eye. He followed behind the crazed tremere.

Mark smirked and shook his head slowly then took off after shin.

"Hey…" Mark called out in a friendly tone

Shin stopped frozen in his tracks not turning round to face Mark. Mark walked round the side of the tremere and stood in front of him.

"You will help me."
"NO… Move aside and let me die."

Mark shook his head slowly. "First you have to patch things up with me and my friend Echoe. Then we will give you back your baby fangs."
"What do I have to do?" Shins spoke in a distressed voice. The blood that was leaking from the gaps in his gums was running down into his mouth and face.

"All I want is some books."
"Ryan has the books. I don’t have any books!"
Mark raised an eyebrow " You are a tremere. You will go into the chantry and retrieve one of those little spell books"

Shin answered Mark’s question by raising his weapon. The blade struck Mark across the chest. Mark fell back surprised by the blow and fell to the floor. The blade cut deep into his skin. A long cut ran across his T-shirt and the wound behind could be seen leaking blood. Mark clutched his hand over the wound and began to use his blood healing powers.

Meanwhile Echoe reacted immediately. He rammed the hilt of his crossbow into shins stomach. Shin bent over in half as the rush of pain ran through his body. Echoe then brought the weapon up striking Shin’s head. As the tremer fell to the ground Echoe let of another magnesium bolt sending him back into torpor.

Echoe offered a hand to Mark who used it to pull himself up. Echoe once more used a awaken scroll on shin.

Echoe and Mark both turned to face the tremere in the eyes and spoke in unison.

"We will never let you die."

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.oO(never.. never.. never...)

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((only we did let him die.... grrr lol
:: gets on the batphone ::
Batty come bring this annoying tremere back to life so we can torture him for longer. K thanks. BYE!!!!!!

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(("at the next tone the time will be... one forty-six and eight seconds... am... DING..."


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((topping cus those crazy people on icq asked me what happend to hsi fangs :P

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((mind if i step in?? anything, just tell me and i delete it))

orion woke up, looking around. damn, how much time has he been in torpor?? antonio really wasn't pleased when he heard about the money deal. the malkavian sat down, looking around. a kindred in a expensive suit came to him, and tossed him his things. the old leather wallet, now empty, and his trench coat.

[i:1c7cef95f6]"antonio gave you one month to get the whole ten thousand. now get lost"[/i:1c7cef95f6]

orion got out of the small dusty room and found himself in the middle of a completely unknown street.

[i:1c7cef95f6]"no need to ask, bastard, i'm already lost"[/i:1c7cef95f6]

he stopped for a quick drink in an alley, and continued walking and mumbling.

[i:1c7cef95f6]"no gun, no cash, no contacts and lost. this just gets better and better..."[/i:1c7cef95f6]

he let out a desperated laugh. not much to do. he continued, still thirsty. there was dry blood all over his clothes, and he didn't know who it was from. he kept going straight ahead, and then saw another bum. he seemed a little depressed, poor guy. well, orion would just help wouldn't he?? instant relief for sure. however, as he approached, he heard a second voice. looking around, he saw the fella who was pointed as the malk primo from the town he was supposed to be. and the other one. there was something familiar in the other one. he looked around. it seemed important business. he stopped far enough to leave some privacy to the trio and leaned against the wall.

[b:1c7cef95f6]"Yeah, you could say I've got a pretty fucked up mind."[/b:1c7cef95f6]

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((omfg echoe, you're back.... hey, how are you... could you e-mail me please... :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

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