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Damien watched as Chaz stormed out the door. He caught the glimpse of what seem like a women get sent rolling as Chaz stormed out. He laughed at the thought of Chaz turning his back on him. He thought" I believed he was more then just the rabble that walk the streets claming hold to the Brujah name, he was the most promising warrior i have seen in years. But death has changed him,he is not the same Chaz i once knew." Damien laughed again to himself"Very well Chaz you have made your choice and you shall feel the recourse that comes with your decision." Damien walked to where Brujah's Vengence laid atop its case. He sheathed in its brilliant scabbard and grab up his trench coat. He summond a guard," I want Chaz followed and i want reports on his every move. He is not allowed acess to this haven and shall be delt with accordingly if he trys to enter, Do you understand!". The guard nodded and left the room. Damien knew that Erin was coming to stay and he was worried as to why she had not arrived yet, he had hoped to introduce her to Chaz, but that plan was now out of his mind. Damien called the guard in once more, " I am going to look for my childe Erin, if a women comes let her in and give her every respect you give me, and If Jensill comes back let him know i need to see him as soon as I return." the guard nodded again and left the way he came.
Damien turned to the door and was making his way across the foyer when the door came busting open. Damien drew his sword and prepared himself for combat and just before he struck the man jumped up," Hiya Boss". Damien lowered his sword and looked at what he now saw was Jensill.
"What the hell did you come bursting in here for Jensill, what the hell is going on now?" Damien stood there sword in hand waiting for Jensill to answer.

What should be done and what will be done, to things that must be accounted for.
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"What the hell did you come busting in here for?" Damien demanded. "What the hell is going on now?"
Jensill realized that he was in a little bit of hot water and that Damien expected an immidiate answer. But instead of being able to come up with something witty so say, or anything at all for that matter, Jensill found that he was now feeling more like the court jester than the Brujah Clan Whip.
It took him a moment to gather his thoughts, and he decided to start with the simple answer to Damien's question.
"Well in all honesty, I busted through the door with the intention of killing you."
Damien's blade shot back up to the ready and was again poised to strike when Jensill began rapidly backing off with his arms raised.
"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!" He said. "Be calm, relax, be at one with yourself. Take a deep breath...or not, it's your preferance."
"You have once chance to explain yourself before I send you to hell." Damien hissed through clenched teeth.
Jensill, realizing that his approach to answering his Primogen was poorly worded to say the least, slowly put his sword away. He saw his night rapidly tumbling down hill as he had now broken in the door to the haven, drawn a weapon on Damien and had threatened to kill him, all in less than a minute. And the worst was possibly yet to come.
"Settle down, party foul on my part. Look I didn't know it was you in here. I thought we had an intruder."
Damien relaxed slightly but the tight look remained on his face. He brought the blade down slowly but kept it ready to strike down the young Brujah if need be.
Jensill lowered his arms and took several steps forward to put himself within striking distance of Damien. He wanted the Primogen to be at ease and the easiest way to do that was to be non-threatening and to show Damien that he had no reason to strike him down, hence the closness.
"I was checking into the security issuses that you'd asked me to. I was on my way back to the haven when I saw a lone figure approaching and head up the steps to the house. I recognized him as the newly returned Chaz, and thought I should see what was up. So I slipped into some shadows across the street and waited."
Damien nodded and relaxed some more as Jensill's tale began to unfold. He thought he could see where this was going but wanted to make sure that everything was on the up and up before letting his guard down.
"I'm sitting there for a bit,and the next thing I know is that this sweet little dish comes walking up the street. I'm thinking 'Dinner' but then I realize that she's one of us, which was rather disappointing, and that she's headed to the house. Well, right about the time she starts up the steps the door flies open and Chaz storms out knocking her on her ass. He helps her up, and they start talking. She says something about looking for her sire, and he says there is no one there except a Ventrue. Well that immediatly put me on alert. Who the hell is in our house without one of us, and where are you? Next thing I know, she's headed off with him because he says something about him being a Brujah, and she'd be better off with him, blah, blah, blah, whatever. So as soon as they are gone, I make a bolt for the house, and I think you can guess the rest."
Damien visibly relaxed and momentarliy smiled at his young and overly zealous Whip. "Does the word 'subtlety' mean anything to you?"
Jensill smiled. "Not a thing. So are we cool?"
"Yes we are."
Damien's mind returned to thoughts of his childe, his questions about her were abouts answered. Now he wondered about what Chaz might be trying to fill her head with and knew he couldnt waste anymore time and that he needed to find her.
"I have some things that need to be taken care of immediately. Hold down the fort while I'm gone."
"Sure thing, Boss." Jensill replied.
"Oh and one more thing, the door is coming out of your salary."
Jensill moved aside as Damien stepped out of the door and into the night.
"Better that then my ass I guess." Damien turned and smiled and then was gone.
Jensill turned to one of the guards and was about to tell him to stand watch until someone came to repair the door when it hit him. The girl was looking for her sire, and the only prson home was Damien.
Jensill bolted out the door after the Primogen but when he got outside he could see no one in either direction.
"Son of a bitch!" He cursed loudly. "Well.. you could have asked for some help, damnit." Jensill found his level of frustration rise as he headed back into the haven. He relayed orders to the guard and made two phone calls, one for the door repair, and the other was a trans-atlantic call to a private number.
Jensill spoke for several minutes and when he got off the phone he was angier than he was before he'd started the conversation. He rapidly gathered up his things and walked out the door just as the van with the repairmen rolled up. Donning his jacket and equipment, Jensill headed off into the darkness.

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((Nice posts :smile: ))

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Having heard Jensill's story Damien's anger grew in him with a passion he had not felt in many years. Never, since the peasent revolt against his sire's and his position in Turkey wich led to his sire's death, had he felt such a fire inside of his soul. Damien left without much of a word and headed off into the night with the only intention of bringing back his promising childe that he had missed for so many years now. She had returned to him and he was not going to loose her to a rogue Brujah with god knows what going on inside of his thick skull. Damien went into the shadows and was gone. Only a blur of his movement was left to be seen as he disappeared into the night.

(( Well now where just waiting on Chaz and Erin to post again. Woohoo this is getting more and more fun :grin: ))

What should be done and what will be done, to things that must be accounted for.
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((Nice post too man : ))

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(( Now why would I want to be Brujah when it seems as thought they're all turning against each other? Hehehehe ... I have three more Setites on the way BTW ... so you all better WATCH OUT!!!!! MMMMMWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAHAHHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Great posts you guys ... it's getting good!!

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((Bet ya saw my name on the "Most recent post" and had to rush right in here to see what new troubles the Brujahs are gettin in to. Well, I'm sorry, but yer gonna haveta wait till tommorow cause I am so incredibly tired and even a bit hung over and I'm goin to bed. :( sorry kids.... see ya soon

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Gets up suddenly and looks across the table at chaz..." I'm sorry I have to go...Can you tell damien please..that I'm sorry..I can't stay in the city no longer, tell him if he needs me..I'll be in Chicago" Erin said

Erin walked out of the city and hitched a lift to her new unlife.

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Chaz watched her leave, one eyebrow raised. He looked around the bar curiously. Seeing nothing unusual, he lifted his arms and sniffed his pits. Giving a shrug he slammed his beer and grabbed hold of what was left of hers...after all... free beer is free beer

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(( sorry i haven't posted anything in a day on this, it started out as my biggest creation in SoC since i have been here. But most of the stroy line is now washed down the drain, I will post more as soon as I figure out what i want it to be. And Chaz feel free to play around with this, it may get my mind rolling again,lol. Anmd thanks to everyone who has perticipated in this you guys are the ones that kept it going :smile: ))

Never underestimate the power of an educated Brujah!

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((::nods to Damien:: Sorry about that, you can blame me for it :cry:

btw, lol @ chaz's description above his avatar!!!


~Practice safe hex~

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(( i'm so glad i found this lying around in the back of the am about to bring this back up to par just as soon as i get finished writing broadband wire got chewed up by my cat and my conn. is on the frits as soon as i get it fixed i'll post more...Just getting tired of losing my conn in the middle of writing it lol. Gots to go for now..but i'll be back soon...muahahaha :beer:

What should be done and what will be done, to things that must be accounted for.
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((I just read the whole thing again, it's too good to let it slip away :smile:


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